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  1. [quote name='TM_HOYER' timestamp='1337617218' post='4951106'] Your choice should depend on what you are looking for. If you are looking for a yardage book replacement to help you decide where to hit and the yardage to hazards and other targets, a GPS is way to go. If you are looking primarily for yardage to the pin, then laser would be the way to go. Also if you play a lot of different courses that you are not familiar with, the GPS would be the better choice. If you play the same course all the time and know what club to hit off the tees already, a laser would be your better choice. [/quote
  2. I was involved in the beta test and they did not have the shot tracking feature. Not sure if the new version will have it, but I kind of doubt it as they would probably want to test it befor releasing it. However, the unit works great! Thumbs up.
  3. [quote name='Wooderson' timestamp='1337603390' post='4949854'] That is shocking to me because I don't know much about the golf equipment business. I have never heard of Golf Town, or seen one of their stores. I would have thought Golfsmith was the largest golf retailer in America. Does anyone know how the golf equipment retailers rank? [/quote] Not sure about the accuracy, but an employee at Golf Galaxy told me that Golftown was somehow related to Golf Galaxy, either run by the people that used to run Golf Galaxy or something like that. Again, just for conversation and no idea on accur
  4. Great price. The ignites are their entry level set (at least in terms of pricepoint). Not sure with how their performance is, but my friend bought this set for $150 which is a good price. I see this set sell for $150-$300, so $99 is definitely a good price.
  5. [quote name='Nessism' timestamp='1337522708' post='4945622'] Most common grips are made by a molding process followed by sanding down the surface to create the rough texture. With use the outer surface of the grip becomes smooth as the roughness wears away and oils from your hands embedded into the rubber. To renew the grip you need to both remove the oils AND restore the original texture, which is why I recommend the scotchbrite pad scrub down. A nylon brush to scrub the grip will not produce the same results. [/quote] good tip for people with the more "rough" texture. This would incl
  6. [quote name='FLOGMR' timestamp='1337534643' post='4946260'] [quote name='Howard Jones' timestamp='1337528381' post='4945898'] Shaft Torque means ZERO to performance, so why should grip Torque ? - Get the head square at impact, then forget the rest. There is at least 50 other parameters were a serious headache might come to play, but grip torque is NOT one of them, its a "No issue" in fitting and club performance. Comfort, Traction, Size, Taper or not, or how much, and Grip weight is whats important with grips, and those parameter do influence, but grips toque does nothing at all. [/quo
  7. Westley's Tire Cleaner with "Bleche-Wite" I run water over the grip, spray with Westleys and clean with a toothbrush. Rinse well. So far, this is the best result I've had for my White Iomic Grips. Works a lot better than dishwashing liquid or soap. Depending on what type of grip you have, I don't recommend anything abrasive like the soft nylon bristle brushes or the scotchbrite pad, like the poster said, it may ruin your grip depending on what it is. I've ruined a few of my iomic grips using the soft nylon brushes and other experimental cleaning agents like Magic Eraser. To be fair, I
  8. [quote name='FLOGMR' timestamp='1337384773' post='4940072'] [quote name='turnbowm' timestamp='1337379556' post='4939778'] [quote name='craniac24' timestamp='1337345612' post='4936874'] I've never heard of a grip having torque before. [/quote] Iomic has done research on grip torque, the results of which are summarized in the link below. [url="http://www.iomicgrips.co.uk/technology.html"]http://www.iomicgrip...technology.html[/url] [/quote] All grips will twist slightly with enough force....softer ones more and harder ones less.......this is not rocket science....don't get lost in the
  9. [quote name='Zurb' timestamp='1337365258' post='4938608'] Torque from a grip? they are rating that now? Interesting. Sooo... I'm a 5 hcp with a high swing speed... I am 6'3" with relatively big hands so I use the Winn Excel in oversize. [url="http://www.winngrips.com/soft-grips/excel"]http://www.winngrips...oft-grips/excel[/url] They are soft.. and I have NO issues. In fact, I enjoy them because I don't play with a glove and the larger grip helps me quiet my hands through the hitting zone. Don't over analyze your grip choice. Pick something that you like. My only consideration is how
  10. Other than feel, does torque matter?How do you pick golf grips? Is it strictly on feel? Does swing speed matter? I used to read the different grip manufacture websites as before a lot of them had certain grips compatible with different swing speeds. The faster you swing, the less torque or twisting of the grip you want, so some of the really soft grips were only for slower swing speeds. However, I've noticed that a lot of the sites have gone away from that and do not even ask your swing speed when they select a grip for you (ie: grip selectors on websites based on certain questions). Us
  11. [quote name='JoEY C' timestamp='1335965291' post='4830898'] [quote name='idiotbox' timestamp='1335964590' post='4830836'] i have two and they work perfectly. i personally use a fine tipped sharpie and haven't had a problem. [/quote] Thanks for the reply. Which 2 do you have? Im only asking becuase ive bought the cheaper one from sports authoirty and they have came out like crap [/quote] if it comes out sloppy, it might be cause you need an ultra fine sharpie. Mine is custom and will work well with only the ultra fine sharpie.
  12. Please reply once you or anybody find out where to get those and pricing. It kind of looks like those pitch and putt tubes (usually individual tubes put together that also have a spike on the bottom so you can just stick it into the ground so it's upright). I can't tell if they do or not, but it seems to be a good idea if they did. Save a lot of time (and your back) bending over picking it up all the time. Wanted to add a link: something like this? [url="http://www.thriftygolfsupply.com/tube-caddies-p-93.html"]http://www.thriftygolfsupply.com/tube-caddies-p-93.html[/url] There is a spi
  13. I have a clicgear and would buy it again. However, if you're asking if it's definitively a lot BETTER than other carts, it's not. All the top quality ones out there are about the same and will roll just fine and with ease. Out of the two options you mentioned, clicgear or the microcart, you have to ask yourself what is important to you. The microcart's main advantage is that it folds up small, light, and most importantly, FLAT. This is huge when you try to put things into the trunk. The clicgear folds up fairly small too but because it's not flat like the microcart, you won't be able to
  14. Does GPP use Fedex? Most other sites use or have an option for UPS ground and seem to have much much better shipping rates. Perhaps they would be more competitive with another shipping option. I would of purchased many times but their shipping rates have ALWAYS held me back and made me purchase elsewhere.
  15. Tour i or Tour ix at Lostgolfballs.com AAA Quality for $5.99/dozen. Hard to beat at 50 cents a ball.
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