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  1. all the F9/SZ adapters are all metal. There seems to be a small piece of plastic on the inside of the adapter that comes off when removing the adapter.
  2. mavrik max is the closest to the xr os.
  3. GG doesn't offer the playability guarantee. they still allow the demo rental. plus u can by preowned club and return it within 7 days for store credit.
  4. P790 is not a true forging. It is a cast body with a forged face welded on to the body. So the bad chatter should be very minimal.
  5. always have the tip facing down towards the ground so the epoxy doesn't run down the shaft towards the grip section.
  6. fujikura pro 2.0 tour spec 8 will be the closest that they carry. $150 upcharge.
  7. go to taylormadegolf.com and go to the custom page and build the fairway. They give you all the shaft spec of the shafts available.
  8. When you cut down the shafts 1" your swing weight will change by 6 sw points to the lighter. P790's can be bent but not that easy. since you would be going flatter then it should be easier.
  9. if you do a custom order on taylormadegolf.com it is quoting 11/3 for possible shipping date.
  10. I have talked to a Wilson Rep and he said there will be a Staff CB iron in the Spring I believe. The V6 can still be ordered by custom only.
  11. the Thump shaft is stock for the UDI not the DHY. Diamana Limited Hybrid shaft is the stock for DHY. You could always custom order the Thump in the DHY.
  12. tbone18


    it is 14g and 2g in the sub zero
  13. that might be a miss quote. I have heard all custom product is taking 5 to 6 weeks from Mizuno. They are still at half staff for their production team.
  14. you need to find a authorized Mizuno fitter that has the shaft optimizer. The shaft optimizer will give you 3 shaft options that fit your swing the best.
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