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  1. Any Callaway Sub Zero model. Cobra RAD Speed and Speed Zone are just a few.
  2. end of grip. order it at stock length 45.75" for the Alta shaft and 45.25" for any other shaft. these lengths are to the eog. The problem with Arrcos is the grip adds an extra 1/4" onto the length. So when you change from the Arrcos grip to a non arrcos you will loose that 1/4"
  3. They make a wedge specific shaft in 105 and 125. I got the 125s and they feel similar to my irons.
  4. usually if the club is reshafted outside the factory the warranty is null and void. plus was the dent on the face or on the crown of the head by the toe? that could make a difference as well if they would warranty it.
  5. typically Ping puts the headcover on the clubhead when the order is shipped. someone not doing there job very well or at all. sorry to hear about your issue. Ping should make it right.
  6. Ping Arccos grips are golf pride and Cobra is Lamkin.
  7. have you lowered your loft on the loft sleeve? -1* ( small -) -1.5* (big -)
  8. no company is doing well on delivery time. everyone is having supply issues from shafts, grips and their own heads. Go get fit and hope you fit into a store stock product.
  9. they could but don't know for sure. they are +.5" long.
  10. the easiest solution is if you are not going to use the Arccos grip then order with the stock tv 360.
  11. not so good for me. my set was ordered 1/16. Srixon said my zx5 4,5,6,7 iron heads are b/o til mid April.
  12. I was told around the first week of March. I have ZX5 on order with MMT 105s hard stepped 1x.
  13. may try acetone or blue away.
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