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    any taylormade set since your r11's
  2. I'm sure there will be, but probably nothing will be seen until early 2022. Heard the SIM name is being replaced.
  3. SIM2 irons have been out since Feb. 2021. Unless you mean the replacement for the current SIM2 iron?
  4. Your concern is real. They can say since it was not shafted by them or a authorized builder(True Spec, Club Champion etc.) the head was damaged in the removal of the old shaft. All you can do is contact TM and see what they say. Be prepared to lose your aftermarket shaft.
  5. it just keeps the screw from falling out. u could contact ping and see if the would send a new screw and washer.
  6. no I didn't receive a email. My order was place through Golf Galaxy.
  7. order date 8/13. received shipping notice 9/15. estimated delivery date is Tuesday the 21st. T100s irons 5-pw,48 gw. PX LZ 6.5 shafts.
  8. your local Ping dealer will ship it back to Ping on Ping dime. They will either replace it or remove the broken screw and reinstall a new weight.it will take about 2-3 weeks.
  9. Same order for me but my order date was the 21st and shipped today.
  10. Diamana S+, Tensei CK Blue, Tensei Raw Blue are all stock options from prior generation models. Fuji Ventus Blue w/ Velocore.
  11. if it has a plummers hosel then its .355
  12. that is true. got word yesterday from Ping. There is no time frame for delivery on new orders. If you can find them in store somewhere buy them and send them back for lie adjustment if you need that done. Repairs are taking about 2 weeks for turnaround.
  13. Titleist ferrules on the Driver shafts are notorious for creeping up the shaft. Have a repair shop put some epoxy in the gap then push back down.
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