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  1. It will fit into the G series and G400 heads. Plus you may have a type-o, there is no G415 model heads.
  2. I believe for every inch you take off you need to add 6 grams of weight back to the head. you would need 7 to 8 grams of weight added to the 13g of weight already in the head. So most likely you will have 2 weights in the track on the back of the head. I haven't seen a single 20g weight available.
  3. it should be 1' to 1.5" bore depth. even with the collard ferrule it will still be a little loose. you may need shafting beads or a small shim.
  4. if it has a underline then it is a LH adapter
  5. stiffness yes, swing weight no. you will loose 6 sw points for 1" trim. that's if you use the same weight grip. '
  6. it plays similar to the current SZ versions that have come out since then. Great on center strikes but awful on miss hits. The more forgiving model to look at is the XR16 Pro with one weight which is in the back of the club.
  7. mizuno is quoting 6 weeks on all custom orders.
  8. kbs 610 wedge shafts are low/low. check out the specs on kbs website.
  9. The non insert head is most likely a Tour issue club only.
  10. All I can tell you is the ZX5 does have a deeper hosel bore. if you have a set of iron shafts pulled from another oem at their standard length they will measure about a .25" shorter in the ZX5.
  11. they still come with the washer.
  12. you would only need a counter balance shaft if you are going to play it longer than 45.25"
  13. you will need to call Dick's customer service not Ping. The order number is for Dick's. All G710 orders have been quoted 10 weeks for delivery per Ping. My GG store just received in some stock G710 irons which we haven't had in stock for months.
  14. once the shafts are installed into the loft sleeve and in the head measure from the playing position with a club ruler or use a bench ruler to your desired length you want the club to play. mark that spot with a marker and cut the shaft then install grip. Or take it to a repair shop and let them do it.
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