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  1. they still come with the washer.
  2. you would only need a counter balance shaft if you are going to play it longer than 45.25"
  3. you will need to call Dick's customer service not Ping. The order number is for Dick's. All G710 orders have been quoted 10 weeks for delivery per Ping. My GG store just received in some stock G710 irons which we haven't had in stock for months.
  4. once the shafts are installed into the loft sleeve and in the head measure from the playing position with a club ruler or use a bench ruler to your desired length you want the club to play. mark that spot with a marker and cut the shaft then install grip. Or take it to a repair shop and let them do it.
  5. I play my irons off a 39" 5 iron (most oems +1") plus 3* upright. I will play my hybrids at most oems stock lengths because they are at my length of the corresponding irons I am replacing. Now lie angle is the tough part. Callaway will bent to 2* upright plus the adjustable loft sleeve goes around 2* up(D setting). TM upright setting is around 2*up, Mizuno CLK hybrid is 3* up, Ping doesn't go upright only flat and PXG is the same as well. Srixon doesn't bend at all. The 816 hybrid to the TSi hybrid can up to 2* upright.
  6. great to hear. now all you need is a taper tip putter shaft.
  7. it's all OEM's. Mostly it's on KBS. all the club custom order teams are still at half staffed and most component manufactures are the same.
  8. correct on ball bearing. if you make it cold enough there might be a chance to get it removed.
  9. I think you guys got it all wrong. Look at the color way of the headcover. It is the same as the original M1. This is just a prototype HC for the R16 driver that they decided to change to M1 most likely. just my thoughts.
  10. cp2 pro and cp2 wrap come undersized as well. Super Stroke does a under size as well. Then Winn has a couple but in Ladies color ways. Pink and gray, gray and light blue. these are a few from memory.
  11. Ping has a 3 year warranty on clubs. As long as the serial number is within that time period then they should replacement, just don't know which model it would be. Plus they will be able to tell by the serial number if this club was replaced prior to you owning it. Then they won't do a replacement.
  12. you could always make them the same length as your irons with the Ping tour 85 stiff flex. Make your 3h the same length as the model 3i length and so on with your other hybrids. plus you can request your hybrids at a certain swing weight as well. D3 is a good starting point.
  13. your order isn't stock. 45.25" and arccos velvet grip is their stock setup. what you ordered would be custom. which are taking at least 4 to 6 weeks. Stock orders are actually taking longer.
  14. had the same thing happen to me. ordered 3 up got them at 2 up. ZX5 5-pw. Plus they forgot to cut my 9i and pw to my custom lengths.
  15. It doesn't make sense to make the screw metal and the screw housing plastic.
  16. the G425 is the more forgiving head and for me distance is pretty much the same. The Ventus black in the SIM2 Max helps keep the spin down. I have a KBS TD 70 Cat 4 in my G425. Good distance and forgiving combo. I am around 105 ss.
  17. i210 irons are a 10 week turnaround time right now.
  18. the whole set looks close except those 2 clubs. compared to my New Level set they look to be off maybe by a 1/8" to 1/4"
  19. finally received my ZX5 5-PW st with MMT 105 stiff hard stepped once. order date 1/8/21. one small issue was they didn't cut the 9 an pw to the correct length. they both are to long I believe. will have to double check on a club bench ruler at work tomorrow.
  20. yes. it is just takes a standard Allen wrench to remove it. it's pretty easy to remove.
  21. In your case since you had a combo set ordered they are building what they could to get you clubs as quick as possible. They knew of the back order issue on the MMT shafts. My ZX5 set is due in on Monday with MMT 105s. My order was delayed because of the shafts being back ordered. 1/9/21 was my order date direct from Srixon. Have 3h and 4h on order w/ recoil 95 hybrid shafts which are b/o as well. Could be another 2 weeks on those.
  22. 8 to 10 lbs is usually a 8 piece iron set.
  23. Got 2 rounds on mine now. I have the TSi3, SIM2 Max and the G425 Max. All great drivers. All very forgiving, but the G425 Max is the most consistent of all 3 and the best dispersion on off center hit. yes it is a louder higher pitched sound but that is a Ping driver.
  24. negative on loft. just lie.
  25. this is what Srixon told me Friday: The irons have already gotten started and will be completed by next week. hope this is hold true.
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