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  1. I would prefer new/uncut, but if it comes with a Titleist adapter, I would be open to used as well. Used shafts would need to come from a 3 or 5 wood.
  2. Like the title says, I'm looking for a Titleist 5 wood with x flex shaft or a 5 wood length shaft with Titleist adapter. I'm looking for heavier shafts, 80+ grams. Ideally looking for Motore Tour Spec 8.2 or Pro 95, but open to other options as well. Thanks
  3. How much for the ahina shaft by itself? Was this the shaft that came in the club originally?
  4. 3-5 CB 6-PW MB x100Custom ordered set of Titleist CB/MB's. 3-5 CB, 6-PW MB's. DG x100 +1/2" Clubs were used about 5 rounds, have light bag chatter, no major dings or nicks that would effect aesthetics or playability. Get these clubs before they go to ebay. $600 shipped Not looking for any trades at the moment.
  5. I would love to give a quality set of players cavities a chance. Bring em on.
  6. Wow, the Nike VR tour driver was by far the best driver I hit at a local demo day. I would love to game one.
  7. [quote name='trapsmv15' post='1879694' date='Aug 11 2009, 06:12 AM']My old position with my MacBook was that I'd never go back to a PC, but I probably would take it back, now. I could've spent $1500 more wisely, but the Applecare is certainly worth it with the old white SR C2D's... But, then again, I'd be using Ubuntu and not Vista. We'll see how Windows 7 performs shortly. I still might have Apple give it an Applecare overhaul and sell it. Anyone interested? lol[/quote] What is an applecare overhaul?
  8. If you ever set anything up, I"d love to be included. Haven't been able to tee it up with you guys since Moffet.
  9. damn, I was hoping for a set of AP2 B's. Maybe a smaller head, thinner top line, more narrow sole, and this is what we get? So disappointed. I guess I'll be looking into the ZB replacement instead.
  10. any interest in trading for a blueboard 73 x flex driver pull out?
  11. They better be making the AP2's in more of a B style. My last set of cavity back irons were 990B's and I wouldn't mind a forged club in similar looks and specs.
  12. when playing in a tournament and using my own bushnell laser, am I required to tell other players the yardage if they ask me? I know that I can tell them, but I want to know if I have to. Thanks
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