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  1. Thanks, appreciate it. You can always correct that mistake by buying these!
  2. Really amazing set that I bought on here several years ago and never ended up gaming. Time for these to go to someone that will use them. These have seen about 10 rounds total - great shape, no browning, no major nicks or dings, some light bag chatter. Great chance to get your hands on one of the nicest SB-1 - 5i-PW w/ AR-1 4i - polished finish, no paintfill D/S Grind PX Satin 6.0 shafts Blue Lamkin Grips Plays to a 39 inch 5i, and the 9i and PW play to the same length (I bought them that way and never changed it). Looking for $550 OBO shipped I have a ton of pictures, so happy to
  3. Selling two great Scotty putters today. Both gamed lightly but never kicked the Newport out of the bag: 1) Custom California Del Mar (2011 Version) - 35" $250 OBO Honey dipped finish removed for a satin raw finish Lime green paint fill Super stroke Flatso 3.0 grip California "The Art of Putting" Headcover Putter is in great shape - gamed probably 5 times and taken to the putting green another 5. All small nicks are captured in pictures below 2) Custom Satin Black Futura X7M - 35" $240 OBO Stainless top piece has been powder coated in a satin black to match the sole
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