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  1. I say at first you should focus on speed..... then you will have to work on technique and speed. because it can mess with your swing so there should be a balance
  2. Got another session in. this one had some anger in it. I played probably my worst round in a while. A little "pro" tip: Make sure to work on your touch once you start getting stronger and working on speed I started going to the gym last week (after a year of not lifting) so i was painfully sore everywhere by my round on saturday. I forgot what happens to your feels when you are super sore and don't touch a club during that time . I had no feel, no timing in any swing... even the driver even though I hit 1 or 2 bombs but that's about it LOL. I had dead legs and cou
  3. Another session in this time post 1st dose of the pfizer vaccine! I was hoping for some mutant power speed but nahhh I started the session avg 121.67 and ended at 129.33!!! thanks to hitting a magical PR swing of 136! Probably an error! because i kept trying to hit 130+ again and couldnt LOL
  4. One thing i do is really focus on trying to get faster. that included different feels and different sequencing. for me the feel is a squat and jump... but i found that i would jump too early... so my new feel is squatting or staying down longer
  5. Hit the gym this week and my elbow is definitely tender. but after some work outs. Starting to wonder if the elbow tenderness is just some kind of muscle imbalance. While I am not instantly stronger the elbow is actually feeling a bit better after some massaging with a gun and being sore all over of not being in a gym for a year. I decided to do a session after the gym because i just felt good. (I am wearing a elbow brace for some protection). I am still on week 7-8 training but didn't finish all the way because the left side swing started to make th
  6. with gyms opening up in my area, i contemplating get back in. I use to do a lot of forearm work and never had issues with "injuries". I think its time
  7. looks like i need to take a a little break... getting some pain in the elbow (feels like golfer's elbow). Which I think is just from hitting range balls the other day (I rarely hit range balls). So going to rest it and not do anything trainings. Will see if there is a speed drop off from 1-2 weeks off (hopefully not 2 weeks lol)
  8. Seeing decent speeds while hitting range balls !
  9. Back from vacation and got another week 7-8 session in I still get winded through these sessions but good news it seems speed is being maintained I also switched to a Sim driver.... it feels fast LOL Began the session at 120 average and ended at 127 avg!
  10. For anyone feeling discouraged just keep at it and stay focused! Today I put a session in as I will be on vacation for a week. I was expecting higher speeds as last session i beat some PRs, but my expectations were definitely not met. I started the session 117.67 and ended at 121.33. Felt deflated but i just chalk it up as the body not having it all even though I felt fine. I may try again tomorrow as I wasnt satisfied and feel like I may lose some speed not playing golf at all during my vacation Keep on pushing!
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