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  1. Awesome Thank You I will see what my numbers are this Friday, I am guessing my speed is down due to covid (thats me excuse LOL)
  2. I have a true spec fitting Friday. hoping to hit the G425 max unfortunately I can't bring my G400max with me to test head to head, but if I can drop a few hundred rpms of spin and keep it fade biased with the moveable weight I might be sold. I know I am giving up 10-15 yards with the G400max compared to my unicorn LTD Pro just because I haven't really experimented with shafts but launching and spinning the G400 max a little high 16-17* launch 2600ish spin hurts my ego LOL hitting more fairways though..... i hate golf
  3. I had the OG Reno putter and that was horrendous ! Mine pinged, clunked, Aluminum sounding. I have the 2.1T now and way better! solid sounding, feels better! in turn I think that's also making it better at distance control vs the original one I had! But this isn't saying this feels like a soft milled putter but when comparing to the original its MUCH better I am glad i got into the newer version 2.1T because i truly believe in the technology, I just could not get over how terrible the distance control was for me with the original Reno, and I normally play on
  4. I have blue and love it I had the blue OG and now blue 2.1 so I am a little bias
  5. Just got into g400max and love it curious about g425
  6. 1. City, State? San Jose,CA 2. Handicap? 1 3. Current driver setup? G400max 9* aldila Rip-x 65tx 4. What KBS TD wood shaft do you want to win? 60gram category 5 5. Why do you want to win a KBS TD shaft? I want to optimize my drives!!! 6. Would you be open and honest about your swing with an expert from KBS? Yes!
  7. Hi there I have both shafts: Aldila RIPX 65 TX Aldila Silver 130msi 70TX I am currently gaming a G400 MAX which has been working for me (keeping me in play) it has the RIP X in it now. on Trackman I was averaging 14-15* launch with avg 2600-2700 spin (bs average 168-169). I don't know what ideal #s would be but on course this has been very playable as my misses don't seem to get crazy however it is noticeably shorter. My Cobra LTD pro was a unicorn 16-17* launch 1900-2100 spin (Aldila Phenom Nasty Long) however the low spinner snap hooks re
  8. This is one of the reasons I want to go demo one. I don't think i can afford new. But for me I love the G400 max for its playability, but being a hooker the moveable weight can sucker me in LOL. Also if the 425max lowers spin a tad, I will probably hold on to the 425 for a few seasons! if not, g400max are finally coming down in price lol i can get a spare head
  9. I got to play some really pure greens last week, man the 2.1 shined a lot of confidence now. not to really test on my normal muni greens LOL
  10. Just played with my 2.1 I can confirm this is a “huge” upgrade from the OG 1.0 I was using. I can get back to trusting where I am aiming now!
  11. I bought some FAUX leather ones on amazon, and they are great!
  12. I do like the Upside Golf range finders and will most likely get one once my current range finder ever dies. It has a magnet built in (a really strong one) and all the features you'll want. They are local to me too so its nice to support. I do have a referral link if interested not sure if that's ok here though (black friday 20% off is happening right now too) https://upsidegolf.com/?rfsn=4769824.8f21cb8
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