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  1. Looking to see if anyone wants to u load their maltby TE irons 4-PW (will do 3 iron if you have it) Xflex steel shafts (preference dynamic gold x100) just checking before just ordering them thanks
  2. I am still waiting something to be way better than my LTD pro
  3. I am the short of stature golfer lol My issue i have always played players clubs only because they are easier to bend. Ive tried game improvement irons bent 2* flat it didn't work without having to cut down the irons or risk breaking the irons. I dont play much golf anymore so some game improvement irons that can be bent easily would be nice. TEs seem to fit the bill too
  4. Just curious can the TS1 and TS2 be bent 3-4* flat.
  5. Been working on this Been hitting slight chunks over draws, pull draws and pulls in the beginning. Saw Monte's post that this may happen and to work through the process let the body react don't give up. Then started working on the transition things got better started to see nice push draws off the tee. but still hitting some pulls with irons and wedges. For me the transition seems to be everything when done right solid push draws, over do the transition I get steep and huge divots, don't zipper away at all and rotate only i hit weak wipes or save it with my
  6. Just curious to see if anyone has Ping irons either in gold or brown dot (3* and 4* Flat) Doesn't matter which model as long as it has conforming grooves Would love X stiff but could get away with a stiff My game sucks now so looking for point and shoot irons
  7. I still use Graphite Design PM902 shafts in my fairway woods and I keep back ups of the old UST Mamiya Tour Green shafts
  8. Looking for a cheap head to experiment. 9*
  9. Ive been laying down alignment sticks at 7 and 8 o clock kind of like the line thats in the video for 7. its been real helpful, and realize maybe i been going to deep (might explain why i get so stuck)
  10. I love the feel but I think I am now fighting dropping my right shoulder and dumping it behind the ball :(..... need to get that humerus forward lol
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