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  1. I would buy them if I knew they would fit in my Adams A4 Forged irons, but it doesn't look like there is any agreement on the forums on what the actual tip size is...
  2. Hello, I just sent the payment but received your message that the it has already been sold? Could you please return the payment
  3. Great post, I would pay to read this stuff if I could afford to buy the gear..
  4. To each their own. I like the look of the irons with the brass plugs. Perfect match with a bettinardi bb41...
  5. If the deal on the grip falls through, I would love to pick up the grip
  6. are those maui jims "light house" ?
  7. PM sent on the NS Pro Putter shaft. If it fits in a Circa 62 #3, I would like to purchase it. Thank you!
  8. [quote name='JanKo ' timestamp='1299630260' post='3038221'] I simply used nail polish remover: [attachment=741161:BC4 stripped small.JPG] [/quote] That looks very clean! What did you use to put the nail polish remover on? Toothpick? Paper towel? I am about to receive a BC 6 and really want to remove the ring around the face...
  9. It would take the place of my BB41 and bring tears of joy everytime I bring it out to putt...
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