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  1. 1. City, State? Rancho Cucamonga, CA 2. Handicap? 2 3. Current Wedge Set Up? Vokey 52, 58, PM Grind 64 4. What SMS Wedge Do You Want To Test? T grind 58 5. Are you able to test equipment on a golf course with one week of its receipt? Yes 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes
  2. Thanks. Didn’t know Vessel made a Sunday bag
  3. I know it’s not much to go on but can anyone identify this bag. Thanks
  4. Anyone remember what trendygolf usually do for Black Friday?
  5. 1. Roger Dunn Golf Shops, Rancho Cucamonga 2. Rancho Cucamonga, CA 5. 1.2 4. Callaway Mavrik 9* Mitsubishi Tensei Orange 7TX 5. No 6. TSi 3 7. Yes. I play at least 2 times a week and have access to a launch monitor for constant updates
  6. Pics back up. I didn’t know you can’t delete the pics from my attachments after they’ve been posted on an ad. My bad
  7. All prices include shipping CONUS Scotty Cameron Center Shafted Prototype. 35 inches. Includes headcover and divot tool that's never been used $550 OBO Scotty Cameron Studio Stainless Newport 2. 35 inches. Includes Headcover. $245 Sold Japan only Forged Vokey 58M. Standard L/L/L. $80 Sold
  8. I can’t update the listing but there is a typo on the Nike shorts. They are actually pants. Size 36x34.
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