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  1. With some bath towels. No, the bills are not bent. Experiment with a sacrificial hat if you are concerned about your washing machine. I own a SpeedQueen with agitator.
  2. Wash your hats when dirty. I’ve used this method for more than a decade. In fact, I washed a load of hats last weekend. Coat stained areas or entire hat with Spray-N-Wash (green bottle). Use your normal laundry detergent. I’m a Gain person. Wash your hats with a few bath towels. Let hats drip dry. They will look new! I have some hats I’ve washed more than 5 times. Washing will not stop them from getting stained. The dishwasher method never worked for me. Fore!
  3. Consider changing to lighter weight shafts to get the total weight down if using over-length clubs. I play 95 gram shafts in my irons and it’s perfect for me. It’s the solution if you have found your best length and lie. Suggest you ignore any noise from those that say whatever equipment you are playing (or the specifications thereof) is wrong for you. Lots of well-meaning folks out there but they don’t know you, your physical limitations, or your game.
  4. I was able to reach Edel Golf via telephone today 4-29. Really nice folks and they resolved my issue quickly and professionally. And FYI, shafts are still back ordered and that’s holding up shipments of Edel products.
  5. Thanks for the reply dokodiy. I received the same email on April 13. My question was about Edel answering their phone, not about email. Sorry for any confusion.
  6. I’ve been trying to reach Edel Golf via telephone on April 27 & 28 to follow up on an order I placed on April 2. They don’t answer their phone and don’t have an answering machine. Maybe the Edel Golf shop is closed this week. Has anyone in our GolfWRX community talked to a live person at Edel Golf recently? Yes I’ve also emailed. Not what I’m asking in case there is any confusion about my question.
  7. Test post to my test post to see if I get another error message. Nothing to see here. Move along.
  8. Test post because my first few attempts I received an error message!
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