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  1. Keep in mind that most if not all fakes now have the AM&E tag.
  2. The price is right, definitely on the very low range of any Scotty so if it’s the same putter as in the pics, I’ll have it in my possession tomorrow
  3. Good tips, thanks and yes I will see it tomorrow. I also plan on testing the screws, to make sure they are functional.
  4. Same here, got another pic from the seller, face is I expect it
  5. I know, when I asked for the bottom, it came out clear, I'm thinking he has a bad phone. It's a short drive from me so I figured seeing it in person is the best, is there something I should look for other than making sure the screws come out. If it's legit, then it's worth the time and if it's not, I have no regrets
  6. Hey everybody, I found this putter on craigslist in my area and if it all checks out, I’m buying it. It looks like it checks most of the boxes. The grip has been replaced but other than that, it’s seems like the real thing. I know the pictures aren’t great other than the first one. Am I missing something? My concern is the insert on the face, looks crooked a bit but that could just be the camera angle, what do you guys think?
  7. Thanks guys, appreciate the input
  8. Well here we go again, the never ending question, is it real or is it fake. Custom paint on a Newport T22 2019 release, is it real or is it fake?
  9. Galvin Green has some of the best fitting polos if you want the slimmer fit, as do J Lindeberg and RLX. GG are also great a sweat wicking, better than most. My favorite
  10. The new squareback comes with 2X15g weights in the head. Does anyone know what weight the head is with or without any weights?
  11. the plastic wrap is a guarantee that it’s fake. Scotty never wraps them in plastic, only plastic stickers on the bottom between the weights
  12. Nothing UA, its baggie and fits horribly. Calvin Green, Nike are my top choices, they fit slimmer for the most part and usually have nice color options. Hate the boring tan color Hats usually Taylor Made, to match
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