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  1. I'm surprised by the hot takes on this thread. I think they look great. I'm not huge on the 221 lasered on the heel but hey, could be worse. They will set up nice and feel incredible. They are Mizzies, they will be great.
  2. When callaway bought Hogan, they kept some of the naming rights, so if I were them, I would use Apex for a ton of their clubs, why not. I feel like Epic or Maverick is their attempt at something catchy without going back to a letter and number FT-3, 5, 9, Tour, etc...
  3. As described Tensei Blue Raw 65 gram X-flex with Titleist adapter. Been filtering different shafts through my new driver and no need to hold on to extras. Has a Z-cord grip installed upside down, one wrap. Plays to 45 inches installed. $140 shipped CONUS. SOLD
  4. Wish we had more top line views, they look beautiful and I am already figuring out how I can afford a new set of irons when my current set of Callaway MB's aren't even old. Super curious how easy a 3 iron HMB will be to hit or if I should finally just get rid of the 3 irons altogether
  5. Shoot, remember Balatas? You could absolutely nut one and wouldn't go anywhere, but they should felt amazing to putt and chip with.
  6. Not sure how the spikes on the 1857's are off the top of my head, but they spikes on Adam's had the look of the old Classic Premieres with the rubber over leather and small metal threaded spikes. Classy pair of shoes for sure. I don't mind the pleated slacks except they were so ill fitting, haha. It's almost as if he asked Tiger for one of his old pairs.
  7. 2 grand for a cheap forging I bet whereas Tigers are Japanese forged. I'm sure they are a great iron, but the premium price tag for a cheap forging is pretty lame. I hit my old RAC MP TP compared to MP-69's and Callaway Apex MB which are endo forged and it's not even close on feel.
  8. I dated my now wife in college and she went to University of Oregon in Eugene, about 2 hours outside of Portland. There was NOTHING worthwhile on that drive to Eugene. If you have a late flight out of Portland back home, I would highly recommend checking it out as it has great coffee houses and restaurants. I agree with the previous posts, I would try to get to Bandon asap. Their driving range is open all day as well as the huge putting green. Bring your favorite golf books/magazines and saddle up at the bar once you are whipped from hitting balls or putting.
  9. anyone other than Michael Collins really. I don't know how that guy has a job.
  10. It's pretty simple, he didn't qualify. The masters lays out a very direct way to qualify for an invite. DLIII missed quite a few Masters as well during some years outside the top 50 that he could have easily been competitive in my opinion. The lifetime invite to past champions sort of ruins the tournament honestly. There's always at least 5-10 with no chance in hell.
  11. A lot of companies make a masters staff bag. They just don't usually release it to the public for sale. I'm surprised more companies don't. Callaway, Taylormade and Cobra have had some cool ones over the years.
  12. You hang that bad boy over a 3 story balcony? You crazy?
  13. Curious if Callway will make those irons the updated MB's...
  14. DLIII had a very upright movement for years and swung pretty darn hard. It's certainly possible to stay healthy and these days these guys have physiotherapists at every tournament stretching them out and snapping them into place. As long as he stays limber and doesn't try and get jacked up with muscle he will probably be fine.
  15. Feels like the TS's just came out... I finally tried them the other day and seemed like off center hits had big dispersion in spin rates. bizarre
  16. Interesting, wonder if Mizuno had new heads lying around still or if they dusted off the molds for a brand new forging. I certainly wouldn't mind a re-release of the 32's with their current forging process, maybe a slightly heavier head, different grooves, etc...
  17. I went to a practice round in 2010 and it's "fine." The course isn't really built for stadium seating so your best shot is to camp out at a tee box or two and avoid the congestion areas already described above. I had a good time but I also knew it wasn't going to be the viewing experience of a lifetime. Avoid Tiger at all costs, he moves a sea of people. If you catch a nice day of weather the grounds are beautiful.
  18. The tournament is only tough for a couple reasons really. The weather is normally terrible unless california is going through another record drought (which is about 25% of the time) and watching them play in a cold storm isn't really fun. Additionally, the first 3 days everyone is spread out on the other courses and they don't have the logistics to really cover the tournament very well. No shot tracer and there is large gaps in coverage of the star players. Attending the tournament those days is actually better than attempting to watch because if you catch nice weather it's really peaceful to walk the courses and you can get up close. In general it's an antiquated tournament that started out as a fun way for Bing Crosby to get drunk with his friends and play with tour players. I think they need to find a creative way to televise the event if they expect it to survive.
  19. I remember a story from my buddies grandparents down in palm desert that they saw Arnold Palmer at the bar after a round and he was sloppy drunk and being flirty with the ladies. This must have been around 1998. I remember thinking at the time that was funny as hell, but now thinking back it's kind of sad. I remember Haney in his book saying that the club pro persona was to teach all day and hit the club bar in the late afternoon for a few drinks. He did that for a long time I guess and finally one day said he was tired of waking up hungover. Cold turkey, just like that. I think golf being so cerebral lends itself to finding the desire to get out of your headspace and booze is so convenient.
  20. What is the no shoes thing? He wouldn't wear shoes on set?
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