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  1. I'm really struggling with the level of spin I produce on drivers. My current setup is the Ping G410LST 9 degree, set to 8, with a Ventus Black 6x. On several different trackmans as well as a skytrack my average driver spin is always around 3000. My swing speed is around 117 and ball speed around 170-175. Typical launch and AOA are 11-13 and +1.5-3. I've sprayed foot powder to determine if strike location is the issue and while I don't hit the center of the face every time there is not a pattern of low or heel side. I've hit several other drivers and low spin combos and nothing ever seems to b
  2. This seems to be the move I can never nail. My right knee likes to kick in early and if I try to keep it back my left hip rarely clears at all and my lower body is closed at impact. Does anyone have a good feel for how to rotate your hips properly without the right knee kicking in excessively?
  3. I've played a Scotty Circa 62 for a long time and want to try a mallet during the offseason. I tried the Toulon Stroke Lab #7 last offseason and didn't vibe with it but want to give a mallet another shot. Let me know your recommendations.
  4. Price is $350 shipped and paypal’d in the US Playing at standard length 45” Lead tape can be removed if wanted but used it to bring swingweight back up closer to D4 SW is D3+ with lead tape GP tour velvet cord midsize grip comes with head cover and wrench
  5. Switched from Atmos Black TS 6X to Ventus Black 6X. No distance gains really to speak of but dispersion was much better for me personally. I also find my ballspeed is more consistent, typically within 5mph over 10-20 swings vs the Atmos which I would have much larger variance in ballspeed. But overall, two good swings with each produce nearly identical results, perhaps if any difference the Atmos being slightly lower spin.
  6. Got about 9 people offering $200 so first person to offer me full price gets it
  7. Great condition 9/10 Odyssey Toulon Stroke Lab H7. 35 inches, everything is original from grip to headcover. $225 shipped and paypal’d within continental US
  8. Hi All, Up for sale is a set of irons I had put together earlier this year. Titleist 620 MB 3-PW Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100 +.5 Inch - 7 Iron plays 37.5 inches Standard loft and lie Custom BB&F Ferrules Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cord Midsize Grips logo down They have seen about 20 total rounds and probably another 20-30 range sessions. Overall condition I would give a 7.5 out of 10 due to the bag chatter and typical face wear from playing. If you are looking for an upgraded set of blades I'm not sure you can find a cooler lo
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