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  1. Great condition 9/10 Odyssey Toulon Stroke Lab H7. 35 inches, everything is original from grip to headcover. $225 shipped and paypal’d within continental US
  2. Hi All, Up for sale is a set of irons I had put together earlier this year. Titleist 620 MB 3-PW Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100 +.5 Inch - 7 Iron plays 37.5 inches Standard loft and lie Custom BB&F Ferrules Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cord Midsize Grips logo down They have seen about 20 total rounds and probably another 20-30 range sessions. Overall condition I would give a 7.5 out of 10 due to the bag chatter and typical face wear from playing. If you are looking for an upgraded set of blades I'm not sure you can find a cooler lo
  3. this is not from the fitting but about the lowest spin I’ve ever been able to produce with my gamer on trackman
  4. Gamer - Mizuno ST200G - Ventus Black 6x Swing Speed - 114-116mph Ball speed - 164-170mph Spin 3000-3500 I did find out my current drivers swing weight was around D0 which I was unaware of. Fit driver Swing speed - 114-116mph Ball speed - 166-172 mph Spin 2800-3200 I was fit into a G410 Plus and Oban Kiyoshi Tour Limited 60 gram stiff shaft. Accuracy was great but didn't get my spin down much overall, I did have some shots where the spin was down in the lower 2000's. I had no idea it was a $500 shaft the whole time and after the
  5. Ideally something like Mizuno JPX 919 Tour
  6. Trackman lets you select which club you are hitting (i.e 9 iron, 3 wood, etc.) and I was wondering if not making a selection or just leaving it on one club would effect the readings/accuracy overall. Is it best practice to change the selection as you move through the bag or does it not matter for accuracy? I am of the thought that the club selection feature is just for reviewing data after so you could easily verify which club you were hitting on each shot but is there more to it?
  7. So first off, the obvious answer is practice on the course but I'm a public course golfer who gets out once a week so that isn't really an option. My issue is these duck/snap hooks with my driver that show up incredibly frequently on the course that I can't hit on the range even if I'm trying. Has anyone been able to successfully diagnose and fix a miss that only shows up on the course and if so how?
  8. I grew up playing the game. I’d average 150 rounds a year from ages 8-16 and was a scratch golfer for most of my teenage years. I played competitively as junior and in high school. Fast forward ten years and I get out maybe 20 times a year. I play off of a 6 but I can go 75-95 on two rounds in a row. I know I can’t compare myself now to my teenage self who played every single day for 6 months but it’s hard mentally to cope with how inconsistent my game is. I’d like to get more joy out of the game regardless if I’m even or 10 over making the turn. I think my biggest hurdle is the guys I play w
  9. Yes you can golf in CT if you are from MA
  10. Would love to see a PGA tour player lose their ball after hitting a so-so drive because no one is there to find it for them. It happens to every weekend warrior golfer. Also can't stand 'grandstanding' so take that away and we'll see how many guys are still smashing 3 woods into par 5's on the back nine with grandstands directly behind them because they know their ball will go no more than 10 yards over the green. Before all the hate flows in, I know these guys are amazing and the best golfers on the planet but you can't tell me never losing a ball in play and being able to hit into a grandst
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