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  1. I just went from a tour issue m2 8.5 to a 917 d2 8.5 and it has changed my driving completely my accuracy has been substantially better and haven't noticed a difference in distance whatsoever
  2. I agree 100% I had X100 last year and x7 this year and the best part is it's all the same performance just some extra weight which i love
  3. Just Tested mine today 913 d3 9.5 ad bb 7x against my 910 d3 8.5 with a speeder 7.2 X T.S. Had about 6 more mph ball speed and about 12 yards more on average have never had a change of clubs make such a huge difference will be a game changer for me!
  4. [quote name='DickieThon' timestamp='1352260114' post='5901747'] FWIW I'd say it depends on what ball flight/feel you're looking for. With the same 6.5 shafts you have I was hitting my 6 iron about the same distance and went with S400 instead of X100. I swing hard enough to use X100's, but I don't think they feel very good- might be a personal thing but for me I don't notice a big difference between an S300 or S400 and a Rifle/PX 6.5 except in feel. Loft & length being equal they're all the same, except I have an easier time shaping a shot with DG. [/quote] I do like most people find the project x to be a bit stout feeling so basically your saying I will get close to those same numbers with better feel?
  5. Hey guys I have the 712 mb's right now with Project X 6.5 here are some numbers from hitting some today with my 6i. 97 club speed 129 ball speed 13 launch 5850 spin Avg height 35 yd. 202 total I was not overly happy with my iron game this year I am looking to go to ap2 for a little more forgiveness and also to help get my launch up and to put x100 in them or are those numbers good and should just keep going with what I have. Thanks!
  6. [quote name='gbh00' timestamp='1351469358' post='5859609'] Can anyone who has tried it give me their thoughts on the Graphite Design AD-DI hybrid shaft? I have the chance to get one on the cheap so I'm kinda curious. I know that I love the way the DI-6 feels in a driver, but have heard the hybrid version plays fairly stiff. Any feedback would be great. Thanks. [/quote] Using a 105 X in my 17 910 hybrid have used it for about 10 months now really like it great ball flight gives same characteristics as driver have a ad di in my 3 wood as well and find they match up perfectly.
  7. and honestly guys that is the whole story I would not be upset over getting disqualified for something I did wrong I have played in a ton of competitive events and know the rules well and have always been honest.
  8. [quote name='teejaywhy' timestamp='1344259087' post='5415158'] Something going on for sure. Rvgolfer makes a good point about etiquette. Another thing, you seem to be unaware about your handicap. Is it possible that you are new enough that you don't have a score history that accurately reflects your skill level? Not that it should justify the other stuff going on but the new guy winning comps with a suspect handicap is going to raise attention. As for the rules, I don't think there is any requirement that the marker must witness every stroke you make. Also, the marker is supposed to sign your card before you turn it in. Did he do so? Finally, there is no penalty for playing out of turn in a stroke play event. So I don't see a legitimate DQ violation and it would seem that you could dispute it. Long term, if you want to remain a member at the club, you need to figure out the real reason you are being "treated unfairly." [/quote] yes he did sign my card like I said this was long after the round was over i got disqualified
  9. [quote name='rvgolfer' timestamp='1344257794' post='5415044'] Trying to visualize the situation on the last green,,while your scorer was looking for his ball, ( I assume it was somewhere near the green), instead of assisting him in locating his ball, and since yours was on the green, you decided to putt out. And while he was looking for his ball, you expected him to also be watching your putt so he could score your hole correctly. Additionally, you also expected the third member to be watching your putt, instead of watching the player searching for his ball, whose turn it was to play. I cant say that you should be DQ's or not, but it seems as if your etiquette is certainly in need of improvement. There was no hurry to finish, no reason to putt out of turn, and also to expect players to be watching you putt, when another player cant even find his ball and when all players in the group are not on the green. I assume you also removed the flag to putt out, which by itself is rather rude when another player who isnt on the green hasnt requested that you do so. [/quote] This was on the 3rd hole of the tournament where he was looking for his ball was in thick bush we already helped him look for his ball and if he found it there was no chance in him playing it. It was a hazard so he eventually dropped they told us on the first tee to play ready golf if we were falling behind and since there was people waiting on the tee already i thought I'd try to speed things up. It seems you would fit in at the club..:P
  10. [quote name='rvgolfer' timestamp='1344255780' post='5414870'] I think there is more to this situation than presented. [/quote] I can honestly say there is no more to the story I just wanted to compete in my club championship thats all..
  11. Have had this shaft all season in my 910 d3 love it!! First combo in years i haven't even thought about messing with.
  12. Just want some opinions on if this is normal to deal with at a private club. I am a 21 year old member at this club and I am consistently the low score at mens night and so on I am a +3. We had our club championship this weekend and a couple of times it felt like the older members were trying to find something to bring to the staffs attention that would allow me not to play. The member who is head the of the handicap committee said I did not enter in enough scores to have a official handicap and told me that I would not be able to play in the event. I then called the director of the course and he said that it wouldn't be a problem they will just enter in my highest score they have on file. It turned out there was nothing wrong with my handicap in the first place. Then on the day of the club champ after the first round I was in 2nd and i ended up getting disqualified for finishing out of turn and having my scorer not present when finishing even though the third member of the group was standing on the green while my scorer looked for his ball with people waiting on the tee. The third member of the group claims he never saw me putt... I was disqualified well after I signed my score card I didn't even get a call until later that night. I assume both of my other playing partners complained after I had left and since they are long term members convinced them that this wasn't right. A lot of the members give me attitude and now things like this are happening and making it impossible to compete in member events. Is this uncommon or is it just because I am a younger guy at what it seems to be a older mans club?
  13. My club championship is about 3 weeks away and the course is links style with heavy fescue and the course is drying out and they are saying they will leave it dry. So to stay out of the fescue more often I am wanting to get a driving iron. Do you guys think the ap1 or ap2 would be better bent 2 degrees strong and .5 inch longer and I use project x shafts so would maybe look at the pxi for this club.
  14. [quote name='Kurtomac' timestamp='1340658754' post='5165726'] Knock the lie flat a touch...should help with over cookin your draw [/quote] thats a great idea actually didn't think of that. thanks!
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