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  1. Hey guys, getting rid of some more extras here. Pricing everything to move, just looking to unload everything before dental school starts. Not looking for any trades as my bag is 100% set. If you have any questions or need any additional photos please don't hesitate to shoot me a message! Thanks for looking! First up, my Ping G 9* driver with a HZRDUS Yellow 76g 6.5. Playing at 44.5 inches and gripped with a red iomic sticky midsize. Head is stuffed with Polyfil(stuffing, equivalent to cotton balling) to get the SW to D4. Phenomenal driver, and the polyfil in the head improves the sound
  2. Focusing on consistency. Last couple years has been major for it, both in terms of equipment changes and swing improvements, but it has drastically improved my game. I always used to try and build my clubs to hit it as far as possible. Once I started realizing well crap, I hit the ball a really long way regardless, I could give up a bit of that distance for some forgiveness. Night and day difference. Also switching to a SeeMore putter. Putting used to be a dreaded part of the game for me. Just couldn't find a repeatable stroke and I always seemed to be offline. My SeeMore helps so much
  3. All prices have been dropped, let me know if you have any offers!
  4. Hey guys, just have a small shaft sale here. My bag is pretty much set and with my first semester of dental school rapidly approaching its time to start selling off the spares. All shafts were pulled by a professional. No trades please, if you have any questions or feel my prices are out of line please don't hesitate to shoot me a message! First up I have a Project X Handcrafted HZRDUS black, 76g 6.0 flex. I measured it to just slightly under 42.25", it played 44" in my Ping G. Phenomenal shaft, but the profile of the HZRDUS yellow fits my swing much better so this needs to go. No grip, in
  5. Im very interested in trying this shaft as well. Have a really good feeling it could kick the trusty HM3 out. Feel like the Tensei White 100TX would blend nicely with my C-Tapers.
  6. Hey everyone. So I have a question about refinishing some iron heads. I have a couple of old sets of heads just lying around, they've gotten into pretty rough shape. Now I've got some extra shafts lying around and I want to build a project set this summer. The main ones I'm looking at working with are some Adams Idea Pro A12. They're scratched and dinged up, with some rust in areas. Now I know stripping the finish isn't practical as I believe its a plated finish. However, I have access to a sandblaster in a workshop and was wondering if that may do the trick. Not to mention that a satin
  7. Reminds me of when I found my Ping Rapture DI in the used bin for $60. Couldn't believe my eyes. Great find OP!
  8. Play the G driver, G hybrid, and if I can snag a G or Anser 3 wood head for a deal that'll knock the Exotics out. Irons I'm gaming the S55's and couldn't be happier with a set of irons. I'd love some iBlades, but definitely not worth it to change for me. Glide 2.0 wedges just blend with the set perfectly. However, don't think any Ping putter will ever take the place of my SeeMore. Never used to even try Ping clubs. Then I hit the S55's, put em in my bag. Slowly but surely have converted to entirely Ping.
  9. The tip size on the giant series is much larger than standard. I don't know the measurements exactly but the RST lines are just about 1/2" apart. For comparison, the standard SeeMore uses a .370 shaft and the lines are .375" apart. I thought so. I know that there is a .422 Flare tip FF shaft which may work, but I feel like the giant is closer to a .395
  10. Just picked up a MiniGiant Deep Flange for $107 and I am BEYOND excited to start gaming it. I do have a question though. I had started using a UST Frequency Filter shaft and learned to love it for the feedback. If I wanted to throw one on the MiniGiant what tip size would I need?
  11. I absolutely adore my Ping Rapture DI. I tweaked it a bit and added lead tape, but when struck right it feels gorgeous, is forgiving, and goes a country mile. The looks at address are exactly what I'm looking for out of a utility iron as well. Not super common to come across now though, and only come in 18*, had mine bent to 20* though.
  12. Well, unfortunately my FGP Giant is looking to be a bit longer until it's finished. Took it to my club builder to have it put together real quick, shaft was too small for the hosel though. .370 diameter ust frequency filtered shaft with a layer of heat shrink tubing over the chrome. Going to put one more layer of heat shrink tubing on as it did add to the diameter of the shaft. If one more layer doesn't fill the space adequately I'll add one more to the tip and that will definitely fill the hosel. I have taken all the weight into consideration and am going to have a counter core grip so can fi
  13. I just switched to a more forgiving driver and am very glad I did. And I've been in the game for a while. However, like others have mentioned, highly recommend lessons. I was fortunate enough that I had 3 years of instruction with an absolutely wonderful professional and it taught me so, so much about the game. It's been a few years since then, but especially this summer a lot of his lessons are really clicking and I've never been striking the ball better.
  14. Now I have always been a mallet player, but preferred the look of a blade. I settled on the Odyssey Protype 7(330m) for quite a while, but on a whim this year I picked up a SeeMore Giant. Absolutely amazing. Instantly fit my eye. Not only that but it is the most stable, accurate putter I have ever used. Slight toe or heel misses hardly go offline, and I find it very easy to control distance with. The guy I had bought it from actually reshafted it with a black shaft that's .355 and did a terrible shim job. So to get proper contact I had to lean the shaft way forward, but it was still easy as he
  15. I can't wait to post pictures of my completed FGP giant next week. Gonna be pretty sick once I get it put together. Until then it's unfortunately back to the Odyssey ProType 7. Im going to eventually see if I can send the head to BOS or something to get it deep milled and see if they can possibly do something about a couple dings on it, but that won't be for quite some time.
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