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  1. lots of good membership options at FCC. https://www.framinghamcc.com. Challenging golf course. Great membership. Many members from Newton
  2. How in the world are some of you already playing these! I cannot believe i missed the boat this badly... PXG1000.....
  3. Guessing they will do something similar to the one Lydia Ko was using. Looks like some type of Hi-Toe.
  4. I've had the Gen 3P for a little over a month. Previously played Gen 1T and Gen 2P. Personally I feel Gen 3 is the prefect blend of feel and performance. Taking the best attributes of Gen1 and Gen 2 in a cleaner package. I always felt the Gen1 felt better than Gen 2. Will be in the bag until Gen 4 rolls out
  5. My Girl and Holiday are usually late fall. November/December
  6. Ordered mine Tuesday had them on the course Friday. Golfer's Warehouse
  7. Got my AP2's last Friday. Hybrids yesterday.
  8. Had a fitting at Manchester Lane last week. My AP2's and (2) hybrids are on order. The hybrids are a tremendous improvement and I cant believe they were able to improve the AP2 but somehow the feel and shape are better and slight off center hits flew further than my 716's. Titleist has a great line up this year !
  9. No better place to get fit than Manchester Lane. The experience is unbelievable and the staff is extremely knowledgeable. Every Titleist combo, Pyramids of ProV's, Trackman and an outdoor range that is better than most private golf courses....
  10. I just put a KB 3GEN on my PW to experiment. Cant speak to the longevity but it feels awesome....
  11. had mine stamped by https://squareup.com/market/egdew-turn-your-wedge-game-around-brad-hardan-pga They came out Amazing.
  12. Have played 4 rounds with the new 2016 TP. This could be the year I leave my faithful Titleist pro v. TP Ball feels very soft but doesn't seem to balloon like previous models. Spin with the irons is exceptional. Cover durability has been great.
  13. 9th hole at the New England CC. Brutal.....
  14. Framingham CC has a large group of members from Southborough. Many good membership options. New pool for the family. Recently completed a substantial bunker and course improvement project. Hard to beat with its location.
  15. played Grand Cypress many times. The New Course is fun once. NSE are fantastic layouts...
  16. Had XP105 in a set of AP2 714 could never get comfortable with the weight of the club. Felt very light overall. Installed a set of KBS Tours last week. New irons feel and fly great !
  17. [url="http://proquipgolfusa.com/index.php/all-products/men/men-s-knitwear/men-s-lined-lambswool-sweater-grey-mix.html"]http://proquipgolfusa.com/index.php/all-products/men/men-s-knitwear/men-s-lined-lambswool-sweater-grey-mix.html[/url] Size L for me. Good stuff. Thanks ProQuip
  18. I agree with Munstang. Might have to shelve the (4) doz. 2013 ProV's I have. Not a fan of the "Vintage" look after one round....at all.
  19. No flaking at all.....
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