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  1. Have a few pulls pictured below. All prices in USD and includes shipping. Any AD or BB $150 Others $110
  2. Had a few of things stashed away but I haven’t been able to get out much past few years so rather see them put to good use. All prices in USD and are heads only, please add for shipping. Will be shipping from Canada. Epon 302 3-P $sold! Epon 302 4-PW $500(Please not the rock dings on irons 6 and 7) Epon AF 501 $450 Miura CB 57 4-PW $650(Small bruise on PW sole) Titleist VG3 5-PW $435
  3. Will be closing this up. Please message if you are interested in any of the non sold items. Thanks
  4. 009m sold. Lets move some more. Very reasonably priced on some rare high end gamers!
  5. Sorry about that. Proper picture attached. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
  6. Thinning down the collection. All information and specs below. All prices shipped from Canada. Please PM with any questions. Thanks. Piretti GSS stealth model. I believe only 2-3 were ever made. Upgraded black out PT shaft. Putter does show signs of use common with this finish and is priced accordingly. Comes with Piretti headcover. Plays to about 33". $550 shipped. MACHINE Tour M1A Fixer The head is 1018 Carbon steel, the hosel is the stainless 1st gen round barrel design. Superstroke 1.0 slim Black Plays to 33" $500 shipped Machine Tour copper with tongue flange. White leather stitch
  7. They seemed more limited than expected. Size 9.5 were sold out but I managed to get size 8 and 10. Anyone looking to trade size 9.5 for either 8 or 10?
  8. According to who? You? I can name 30 guys just as steep all who are long players. With that much speed they don't wanna hit it 165' high. Guys with a lot of speed hit much more down on it to control the trajectory and limit curve. Brooks is with a 6 iron and he is hitting more down with less dynamic loft than Xander. Vegas is hitting down -12* with a 9 iron. The point was that many of the best players in the world hit way more down than you think. Dan, can you explain why hitting down more limits curve?
  9. Just wanted to say goodluck. I think many people have given very sound advice. its great to have the financial freedom to do what you want. so what do you think of BTC and ETH now? you still see growth?
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