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  1. One thing I wonder is how much does this Players championship REALLY mean to Tiger? It's called the 5th major, and arguably has a stronger field than all the majors. But at the end of the day it still isn't a major, and I bet Tiger would trade 5 Players championships for one major. Tiger looks great - it all is coming together at the right time and if he wins a major this year the roof will blown off the house. But if he just continues to pile up wins and not majors he is going to be accused of not "being back" and to be haunted by the number 14. I don't think that is fair, but that is how I feel the majority of the public thinks.
  2. [size=3]The thing that kills me is that Segio's act this weekend set him back years in my opinion of him – and probably for many others too. Lately I've been rooting for him because he is such a great ball striker, extremely talented, and most of the time appears to be a decent guy. I was giving him a pass on past complaints, and spitting into the cup, etc. But after this weekend he proves yet again he really is clueless, and has the victim mentality buried into his psyche. In a way I'm glad he spoke his mind because it provided great entertainment. However I immediately remembered why I used to root against him, and had no problem switching gears back into that mindset. I hope for his sake he matures a bit and stops blaming others for his failures. I do love that Sergio and Tiger hate each other and don’t tip toe around the issue. Golf needs more of that. I can't wait to see them paired up together again.[/size]
  3. Thanks so much! I'm dying with the shanks right now and Monte nailed it - probably caused by swinging too flat and trying to hold the lag. It worked really well ... for about a week. Now I can't hit the ball to save my life. Had to walk off the course tonight - so embarrassed. Going to give this a shot tomorrow as I'm running out of options.
  4. Totally agree with you guys - March just feels like it was better. Now, maybe I'm being influenced by having watched the replays on TGC in the last two weeks of Freddie and Davis winning (great stuff by the way - we need more replays and less Haney). That was better than any Player's championship in recent memory, and I believe that had a lot to do with the conditions - especially on 17.
  5. Love the way Tiger is rolling the ball right now. Haven't seen him putt this well in years. All thanks to fellow Wisconsinite Stricks!
  6. And there goes the 4 shot lead.... better climb the tree and identify the ball Tiger!
  7. I found the exact problem with the TP3 as everyone else. Fantastic golf ball with no wind - but almost unplayable in any type of breeze. I was originally going to choose this ball as my gamer over the Callaway Hex Chrome. But the Chrome is almost as good in normal conditions, and really dominates in the wind. I would say give the Chrome a shot for a better wind ball. There really must be something to those Hex dimples. Anyone else have any wind ball suggestions that play similar to the TP3?
  8. Just watched this on Inside the PGA Tour too and I really enjoyed it. I've never really been a Na fan, mostly because he so poorly thought of by other players - at least that is what I've heard. But I have to commend Na for his attitude concerning the situation. How many other players would come back and poke fun at themselves? He handled it the best way he possibly could. One thing that really stood out for me was when he went back to the hole and played it with just a 6 iron. He ended up making a 5. I might have to rethink my decision on a couple holes at my home course that usually lead to big numbers. Maybe teeing off with a 6 iron isn't such a bad idea. Hat's off to Na for handling everything with such class. Consider me a new found fan.
  9. Definitely agree with everyone else - this book is really worth the read. I've probably read it 4 or 5 times, and I will probably read it again at some point this year. Bob does a great job of explaining how great putters think. They try to make everything they look at (no such thing as "lag putting"), and they all have an unwavering belief that they are great putters. On the surface this doesn't seem like great advice, but after reading it you'll feel the same way about yourself. There are also some interesting stories about players he's worked with sprinkled throughout the book. Give it a shot - it can only help!
  10. I agree - this group is a terrible pick. I know the fans voted, but who was voting? I can't wait until the TNT simulcast kicks in and we get to watch some relevant golf. By the way - did anyone pick up the "F U" bomb that slipped through? I think it was AK.
  11. Here are a couple gems I heard this morning: "JB Holmes will plan to do what he usually does - absolutely murder the golf course from the tee." "Who was the famous asian golfer you were referring to? Nee Hi Hay?" Can't get away with that stuff in the US.
  12. I agree! I emailed GolfPride customer service and asked them if they had any plans to offer this grip in midsize in the future and they said "No", but that they would note my request. Anyone who wants this grip to be offerred as midsize email [email protected] and let them know. Maybe if enough of us ask they will grant our wish. Until then, new-decade midsize will have to do.
  13. awww come on how could anyone take 'Mr. Shouty' seriously, nor any of the products he pitched. I won't have to turn the TV down whenever that wierdy-beardy man pops up now. As I said in my previous post, not everyone appreciates Billy's approach to selling. And I am also saying is that a 50 year old man has lost his life in a tragic accident and deserves a little more respect than some of you are giving. I hope others aren't judgmental towards you if you ever experience this sort of loss in your life.
  14. First off, thoughts and prayers to Billy's family. I feel terrible for them. I don't know how anyone can laugh or joke about this. Billy may have annoyed some with his pitches, but he is a very genuine person. Anyone who has seen the show Pitchmen on Discovery knows this. He worked very hard his whole life pitching products to become as popular as he is. I was shocked and saddened when I learned of his passing. He will be sorely missed.
  15. THANK YOU!!! Finally someone said what I have been thinking after years of reading these posts of playing 18 holes in 3 hours. What is the hurry? For example: I played with my regular threesome this weekend and we were constantly being pushed by the group behind us. There was CLEARLY no where for them to go. There were at least 5 foursomes in front of us, and we were waiting on every shot. But we were trying to take our time and just enjoy the day. But a threesome behind us was in a big hurry. They drove up next to us on every tee box (while we were teeing off - another one of the rudest things you can do in golf). And stood in the fairway with their hands on hips acting like we were the only ones on the GD golf course holding them up. So what did that do? We ended up hurrying and waiting LONGER on the groups in front of us! It was so frustrating. And we played in 3 hours 45 minutes! I worked at a golf course for 5 years. If it is busy on a weekend, expect to play in 4 to 4 1/2 hours (and be glad it isn't 5 1/2). That's just the way it is. If you can't deal with that, play in the evenings. Thanks for the rant. I feel better now
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