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  1. I think this was my major in college........... THE SCIENCE OF SEXY
  2. PXG commercials are most interesting and fun to watch...love Parson's narratives. Like the olders ones also.......... KABOOM BABY!!
  3. Recoil PROTOTYPE shafts are taper tip.... Butt trim only. Recoil 110 Prototype Graphite Iron Shaft | UST Mamiya
  4. 5X FORGING PROCESS While the size of the heads differs, the basic geometry of each of the three models is the same. To hammer out the final shape is a complex process that requires a 5-step forging process to form the 8620 steel head into its final shape. If you’re looking for some justification for PXG’s costs, start here. When PXG says it uses a 5X forging process, it means that it uses five molds per iron. To be clear, that’s not 5 per model, it’s not 5 per iron set, either. It means five molds are required for a 4-iron, five more for a 5-iron, and on and on we go. It’s excessively expensive, and I’d ask anyone who wishes to belabor that point to remember that the reason why small brands invariably have limited left-handed forged options can be summed up in two words: Mold Costs. “I hope people realize we’re not here to price gouge or to be arrogant,” says Schweigert. “We’re just trying to make really, really good product, and what we do is expensive sometimes.” Costs for a single mold can run upwards of $10,000. PXG is manufacturing 3 sets of 9 clubs, with 5 molds each, and it’s doing it for both left and right-handed heads.
  5. PXG has in house club designers and sells direct.
  6. Here are the specifics for the seven club deal..... May not include 2 or more of the same club. Upgrade irons to Xtreme Dark for an additional $100. No upcharge for milled wedges – no limit. Max number of clubs is 7. Shaft/Grip upcharges apply
  7. I've just reshafted 19 new irons from PXG and every club measured exactly correct as stated in the specs! In fact they measured just the same as clubs from a pro builder that I have used.
  8. www.discountdansgolf.com forum sponsor at a discount pro shop in Oregon. Applies to all clubs not just pxg.
  9. I bought two sets of pxg irons...no shipping nor sales tax! Shipped to my home.
  10. Just finished two sets of PXG irons with PXG collared ferrules and brass shims...works perfectly. All purchased via GolfWorks
  11. Similar finish removal and contrast with underlying metal on the sole....from Ebay G2
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