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  1. Right...the offset is already a lot more than a standard driving iron. With 2* strong it will look massive.
  2. Check with .... https://www.golfsellersdirect.com/product-category/accessories/stewart-accessories-spares/ They repair Stewart Golf carts and can supply parts..... And this parts supply... https://jpsmgolf.com/collections/stewart-golf-spares.
  3. 2019 Taylormade P790 4 iron with a Project X IO 6.5 shaft Condition: Like new! Standard length, loft: 22*, lie: 61* std Swingweight: D3 w/std grip...length can be increased as hosel weight was removed Has a MCC align plus4 midsize grip...can change to std size Price: $155 shipped CONUS, paypal.............SOLD Head only: $130 shipped No trades
  4. Both finishes available. Raw more difficult to find.
  5. Bob needs to use some persuasion and get Pat into the G4 woods as well as many others that game non-PXG woods. Should'nt be problems for Bob as it sure doesn't look good to see all these non-PXG woods in the bag and not just the TM either.
  6. Certainly looks like the G4 iron in the bag.....Extra points for which model! According to the PXG website, he is the only the 2nd male staffer with the G4 irons...Kokrak also. Only one female staffer listed with G4 irons. Now if he will dump the SIM2 woods for the PXG woods...lol
  7. Callaway Epic Max LS Driver VS Mavrik Sub Zero Driver
  8. I do not see the true temper dynalite gold s300 shaft listed by Taylormade as an option to order from their website? Was the TW box included in the sale? Would be valuable to have closeups of the serial numbers and the hosel Taylormade writing to check fonts. What about an order packing slip? Do a search in the Deal/No Deal Forum for details on what to check....several Threads in there about the P7TW irons.
  9. Project X IO (Individually Optimized) shafts Flex: 6.5, 115g; 0.355 taper tip Shafts: 5 - PW (six shafts) Length: Actual cut lengths shown in pics...standard length in Callaway irons Condition: No marks, etc with the exception of a small shallow dent on the butt of the 8 iron about 1.5" from end ...see pics (no idea how it got there and not a playability issue). Used only a few times on the range for testing. Shafts are clean and ready for install. MSRP: $49/shaft Price: $185 shipped CONUS, PayPal...SOLD!
  10. Generation 3 P790 in 2021? - Tour and Pre-Release Equipment - GolfWRX
  11. The TZ6 is very low torque and I find it works well in my Driver and 3 wood. I use the M5 65/75 and it is no problem with excellent control.
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