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  1. Yes, that is what I thought and I already have an Excel Spreedsheet to account for transactions involving a sale....all at a loss. Somewhat difficult when I buy a club and then sell just the head, ie driver head and keep the shaft. Must make some assumptions on cost.
  2. Click the upper right arrow in the box below for the post on that...
  3. No question these will eventually come down in price but Premium, ie 100% milled irons/wedges do not start out with a low intro price. Hopefully less than the msrp of $499.....any guesses?
  4. I have owned every Generation of the PXG irons, 1 - 4 and currently have the G4 in the ST, T and P. I have not witnessed the types of inconsistency that you are describing with my irons in any of the irons I have used. Here is a testing by Billy Horschel with the Gen3 T irons (bottom rows) along with the first gen ST milled blades (middle rows) and at the top the prior Gen2 T irons. The consistency in these tests is excellent especially the T vs the ST models.
  5. Nice to see that Taylormade made an improvement in their Stealth drivers and there is data to prove that fact!
  6. Beautiful precision! Appears these will once again be fully milled basis this report. $$$ Kinda wished they had gone like the G4 irons with just the back milled. The rear screw weight like the G4 irons is a big improvement in the building of these to get the swingweights correct.
  7. No chance to do a fitting where I am located, so I buy and fit myself.
  8. Good to see...mine is on order with the Stealth plus 9* @8.25* and the haz rdx red 6.5. I have five other shafts to see what works.
  9. Being in Oregon, DD has no sales tax!
  10. Similar to my bag with Stealth plus driver, 13.5, and 19 and then the black pxg g4 irons blackout screw...lol
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