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  1. I'll be watching to see if Pat Perez dumps the SIM2 driver and 3 wood for the new GEN 4 woods. As well as his Gen 2 irons for the Gen 4 irons. Not sure who's bag this is but (Perez see below)...well it speaks for itself.
  2. Leishman another Callaway staffer bagging the Apex Tour CB irons. That is about six that I have counted!
  3. Yeah right.....ah what is your friend playing currently? Does he not like the result he is getting? Why? Once we know what he is playing and any issues then we can provide a more intelligent response.
  4. Loss of distance compared to the old irons? Q. Did you hit your old irons along side the new ones in the same conditions? If not then you need to do that at the fitting to see what the actual differences are at the same time under the same conditions. Do that and report back on your findings.
  5. If you liked the Gen3 irons, look for them to be priced even lower than the current $199 once the Gen4 is released! That will be the bargain club to jump on.
  6. The chrome says dynamic gold spinner tour issue...?
  7. As Adam Scott found out, what works on the range hitting balls back to back does not necessarily mean the same results will be achieved on the course. I suspect timing is much more important with this type of shaft and as a result consistency will suffer, hence the reason Scott has now resumed the use of the Ventus Red. Lots of fun on the range though.
  8. Yeah...good to know as I am trying to compare the X Forged vs The TCB to see what the differences are between them. It appears that the microspheres are used in the X Forged UT... according to: Callaway Announces New X Forged CB and Apex MB Irons - Plugged In Golf I bet that the MGS writer got it mixed up and included it in their CB section.
  9. Not certain about the microspheres in which irons? Good question. Callaway X Forged CB Irons and X Forged UT Utility | Not allowed because of spam CALLAWAY X FORGED CB CONSTRUCTION Callaway is from the school of thought that believes hollow-body irons should be filled. To that end, the X Forged CB iron features a MIM’d tungsten internal toe weight. Weights range from nine to 14 grams depending on the iron. The primary purpose of the toe weighting is to offset the weight of the hosel by pulling the center of gravity down and away from
  10. It appears that the MP59 used Titanium in the center section which gives the toe/heel more weighting since the Titanium is less dense. The TCB uses Tungsten in the back plate of varying weights (for SW) which concentrates the weighting in the center more by comparison since the Tungsten has more density. Anyway, very interesting as it is different construction than the X-Forged which has a hollow center cavity filled with microspheres. Should be hearing more about it as time passes.
  11. Apparently, a solid head with the carved out cavity in the upper back. The back plate is solely for swingweighting the club...no cavity behind it. Say Semi CB head perhaps is a good descriptor.
  12. You can find many cast irons/blades on AliExpress directly from China even some of your favorites like the P7TW!....lol
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