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  1. 2nd Swing review tested stock Stealth Fairways and they were very neutral in results.
  2. I wondered the same thing a couple months ago and received a pm saying...yes it is gone. I suppose the hole in the toe is for hot melt?
  3. Accra TZ6 Proto shaft FW model 75 Flex: M5 (xstiff) Weight: 80g Tipped: 1" Length: 41.5" w/adapter; 41.25 w/o...played 42.75 in a SIM2 FW I can remove adapter Price: $165 shipped CONUS; paypal Very low torque!
  4. NO...depending upon flex/steel or graphite there are options.
  5. I have a Cally Mav SZ and it is great...not leaving my Winter bag. Might be interested in the Cally Rogue ST models.....BUT I also want some FW clubs and the Cally bonded FW are a big oversight...can't change shafts, lofts, depending upon needs winter/summer. TM wins on that and so Stealth it is!
  6. The Gen4 irons aren't fully milled but have the backs milled and that is what the point is...they are cheaper by comparison to the fully milled head. The SD II wedges may be forged with the backs milled also....cheaper to make.
  7. Did it look like this? Totally expected and killer looks with the weight screw like the Gen 4 irons.
  8. I can see another Thread coming from this member once the PXG items ship via Fedex! ...And they arrive several days late from Fedex...lol.
  9. Man that Stealth is so BAD! Can't wait to get my Stealth+ Driver, Stealth+ Rocket and Stealth+ 5 wood.
  10. BINGO! As expected they have the large SW weight on the back. Perfect. Looks like a big release coming from PXT with new Drivers and wedges.
  11. I am sure the measurements are recorded by the tour truck, so they can be had if interested. Again the TI head is of no value if not accompanied by the sticker that provides the measurements...that is the important part of it being TI. And no the ct is not maxed out on all heads. ..And now back on topic!
  12. I cant measure ct, etc. Those come from the tour truck...I would say.
  13. I doubt the guy on ebay is going to make any such measurements for me....lol
  14. That is what I said in that the value of a TI head is having the data from the sticker...w/o and it is no better than a regular head.
  15. I had the Gen 2 0311 P in xtreme dark finish. They performed just fine...guess the newer gen models are a bit hotter due to the dual core or xcore internals. Have the gen 4 now. Just make sure they are authentic...have seen many counterfeits and difficult to distinguish the differences.
  16. No plus sign under the Arrow in the listing. Normally if a Tour Issue the sticker will provide the stats on the specific head that a non TI head does not have. That is the only value of a TI head. If it is gone then its value is no greater.
  17. You can probably cancel it since it hasn't shipped! Make an offer...lol
  18. Tour Issued normally have the stickers....none on these. New Stealth Plus TaylorMade driver head only 8 degree carbon 2022 in hand | eBay
  19. If it were me, I would pull the head add a 5 - 6 g tip weight to the shaft and reinstall the shaft. Not sure if the toe weight can be changed?
  20. Will be interesting to see what PXG has done with the crowns in this Gen.
  21. Been that way for months.
  22. I have a TRONO 65X that will be one of 6 shafts I will be testing in my 9* Stealth Plus.
  23. ?? The 0211ST blade is $88! How cheap do you need?
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