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  1. @iteachgolf I just want to nip this in the bud. This conversation is about developing speed in junior golfers. This is not a conversation about an already developed golfer chasing speed.
  2. All those guys you mentioned with slow swing speeds but good SG off the tee need everything to line up perfectly (like Zach Johnson’s Major wins) to be competitive. Guys like Dustin or Tony can compete with their B game. If Dustin and Tony hit 75% of their fairways they’re going to be in contention.
  3. Posted 41 minutes ago by Golf Magazine. Quote from BK.
  4. And players that are longer are stronger which means they’re hitting a 9 iron from the rough versus a shorter weaker kid that would have to hit a 6 iron from the same spot. I mean, they didn’t Tiger Proof Augusta because he hit too many fairways.
  5. Huh, I thought dinosaurs and their way of thinking were extinct. Thanks for proving me wrong.
  6. I don't care what you say, a kid that hits a pitching wedge into a green is going to hit it closer than a kid hitting a 4 iron. And even Carl Lewis wants to know how you make the jump from a US Kids event to a Major because that chasm is huge. Here's the first article I haven't ever read that I found when Googling proximity to hole. I could also link about a thousand TPI articles, tweets from major winners, etc. https://shotscope.com/blog/stats/approach-shots-average-proximity/ Conclusion The statistics revealed in this blog, highligh
  7. Control vs. Speed should be its own topic. Parents that are proponents of control in junior golf are the same ones that are concerned with how your 10 year old places in a US Kids Regional event.
  8. A better gauge is 9 iron distance which is typically 1/2 your driver distance. Folks are better able to determine 9 iron distance because it’s shorter than driver.
  9. I thought we had figured out it was Jay Coffin and Rex Hoggard behind the TT account with this tweet posted to the wrong account. AUcW376.jpeg (509×765) (imgur.com)
  10. Home - Junior Tour of Northern California (jtnc.org) Junior GA of Northern California (jganc.com)
  11. This comes across poorly. I'd take it and move on... you can't force yourself into this situation however messed up it seems.
  12. Pretty good write up from MGS. Kids Golf Clubs | Not allowed because of spam
  13. It would be cheaper to buy an existing company already making Junior clubs and just put their name on it.
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