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  1. Stroman - #HDMH (Height Doesn’t Measure Heart).
  2. My son’s group was put on the clock multiple times this weekend. On 17 they were put on the clock for the 3rd time. When my wife asked why (the group ahead of them were still in the fairway waiting) the rules guy apologized and said he was with the wrong group.
  3. 2021 year hasn't been good to him. He has gone T40, WD, T36, T64 and WD. The only thing propping up his 20/21 season is his solo 2nd in the US Open and his T2 at the Shriners but that was back in September / October of last year. Without those two events he has a whopping 45.6 FedEx Cup points which puts him between Nelson Ledesma and Mark Anderson in 181st place (losing your card territory).
  4. My son has played in groups as a 12 year old with kids that have driven themselves to the course and their only spectator is the girlfriend.
  5. Played with a 12 year old boy this past year that would shoot 110+ in every event. Now he shoots mid 80's a few months later. If he had given up on tournaments because of his scoring he'd be okay with giving up and only doing stuff he's good at.
  6. You gotta sack up if you're not prepared.
  7. Pretty weak excuse. Those that persevere are the ones that come out the other end stronger. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?
  8. Yes, I hadn’t thought of behavioral issues. I believe this is acceptable.
  9. Interesting, so your coach would never allow you to WD for poor course conditions or crazy weather?
  10. Other than an injury is it ever okay to withdraw your kid from an event?
  11. I just gave away an old orange set of US Kids clubs to a buddy.
  12. That likelihood of making a 10’ putt on the highest level is 41%. And that’s for guys that get paid to practice and play on perfect greens every day. Your kid, my kid or anyone’s kid is not going to be better than that UNLESS they get hot for a day or two. One day you can make every ten footer you look at and the next day you’ll miss every one. That’s just fact. Leaning on making 10’ putts as a strategy for future success is dumb. In your own words please explain to me how you can score better with good chipping and putting than hitting more GIR. If I have 12 putts for birdie in a ro
  13. First of all we all agree that the only people that care about any kid winning is that kid and the parents. It just doesn’t matter until later. Secondly, chipping and putting helps kids win when they’re young, not older. The older kids that are winning are making birdies by increasing their GIR from longer and longer distances. There’s a strong correlation between top earners on tour with SG Approach that has already been discussed ad nauseum. SG putting is so razor thin at the higher ranks that the difference in a good round and a great round simply comes down to “getting hot” for a day or we
  14. I'm glad I hadn't found this forum until my son was through the junior club phase and already in OEM adult heads through the bag. Guess I was just dumb enough to use US Kids and Flynn until a fitter put him in something else.
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