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  1. Rachel Heck, for those not following college women's golf, just won the Fresno Classic event by six shots against a very good field.
  2. +1 on Simple Green. They make a foaming cleanser for grips.
  3. First sale on GolfWRX... please be gentle. $410 Takes them both but separating out so I don't get asked if I'll sell just the head or shaft. Tour Issue (serial number tells the story) 9.5° TS3 with optional +2g weight - $225 shipped CONUS only I'll throw in a new Titleist headcover as well. Graphite Design TourAD HD 6S Shaft with Titleist Tip - $OLD Measures 44 1/4" from tip to tip Grip is a standard Golf Pride Tour Velvet. If I'm a buyer I'm putting a new grip on when I get it but it's s
  4. When I was young I used to work with Tom House and Lance Parrish. Lance basically taught me as a pre-teen how to catch.
  5. Thanks @BloctonGolf11 we’re going to incorporate some of those hard knocks life workouts into our daily routine. I just sent him out with a five gallon bucket of water he has to carry in one hand around the block without spilling a drop. And since I’m low on gas I may have him push my truck to the gas station on the other side of town.
  6. Hadn't thought of that... Do they allow iPhones?
  7. So if I start looking into military academy's to build structure around education should I find one nearby or a few states away?
  8. On the back of the Junior Female Golfers thread I wanted to see how your boys are smackin' around the big dog (no pun intended). My boy is only hitting it like 280 (carry) at 13 years old. Should I be worried he's falling behind? The image is from a GC Quad he was on the other day. Spin numbers seem wonky but there were some normalized ones around 2200 with the same carry distance.
  9. I don't know @tiger1873 if a girl isn't hitting it well past 225 at 11 then there's few events she'll be able to compete in. Probably best to just play local stuff and focus on education.
  10. Instructions unclear... just sold my kid on Facebook.
  11. The ClicGear 4.0 has an adjustable upper strap that can go up and down to accommodate for smaller bags.
  12. I like it when my son tees off first on long holes because then the other kids try to hit it past him and end up spraying it everywhere.
  13. Girl we know from Texas came here to Cali in March of last year to visit and just didn’t leave. Does that count?
  14. She is playing the events and in her first one ended up top 10 out of 30+ girls. Had a real chance to get a top five but there was a big hiccup on 18 the second day. Next event is this weekend and in watching her play this past week she is well prepared!
  15. Going to a two day IMG qualifier this weekend. No practice round planned.
  16. Wait until you figure out why we have speed limits on freeways.
  17. You left out option C, John Daly. Don't practice at all, drink all the Diet Coke and smoke a pack in 18 holes.
  18. Have them put a dot in their yardage book where they hit the shot from during the round. They should be pulling it out anyway.
  19. The problem with spectating in golf versus baseball, basketball or football is that you are essentially on the field with them. Coaching baseball it always cracked me up when parents thought that Jimmy could hear them in the outfield to shift in or out. They can't hear crap out there... that's why we use hand signals for those guys. So back to golf, when you're on the field with them there is that support you are giving them when in reality you shouldn't be. Those kids need to learn to deal with their issues on their own. Giving your kid a pep talk because he flubbed a chip isn't going to
  20. I’ll concede that under 10 there should be a chaperone nearby to ensure safety but it shouldn’t be a parent of a kid in the group. I did this on a local tour during early covid... I’d be out there watching a group of 9-11 year olds while my kid was out playing in the same event sometimes two or three hours before I would head out with the other kids. If I knew the kids parents I’d send them text updates or catch them up at the turn. You’ve never seen the camaraderie a group of boys can create in 18 holes without their parents around. If you’re there then the kids are focused on pleasing you.
  21. > Look at Justin Thomas his dad is always there if he can be. First of all most teaching pros with or without kids will tell you to let the kids be kids and just let them go play. Secondly, Mike is Justin's swing coach so of course he's going to be there.... but Justin's first two wins were in Malaysia and neither of his parents were there. I'm going to steer away from the parenting advice but I will tell you that cultivating independence doesn't lead to anything negative. I work with both of my kids on making better decisions in life but I don't stop them from mak
  22. I'm glad you recognize that my kids enjoy their independence! Let me know how that codependency you are instilling in a young girl works out for you.
  23. I have a great life thank you. Sounds like you live yours in fear. The difference between you and me is that I don't underestimate either of my kids. If you thought everyone here was going to commiserate, huddle up and sing Kumbaya with you then you must be new to the internet.
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