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  1. Not always, but most of the time, physical manifests itself into mental, so you have to work on both issues. Just working on one of them doesn’t help much.
  2. I have helped several people with the yips. Most rotated their hips too much.
  3. Chasing AoA is quixotic. Adjusting your swing and/or setup that’s only purpose is to increase AoA makes controlling face/path/sweetspot more difficult. The lower the spin the more offline shots go. Very few golfers know those two things, all they know is hit up 5, which often turns into more. You improve your swing and your AoA aligns itself. You can achieve better launch and spin numbers with a different club fitting aligning with your best swing.
  4. Elite players tend to move the right hip more in the backswing and the left hip more in the downswing….for a right handed golfer. Most ams move the left hip in the backswing and the right hip in the downswing.
  5. What GLK said is caused by poor pelvis movement. Your right hip doesn’t move in the backswing and moves too out in downswing. https://www.instagram.com/p/CMFW-xPFdLf/?igshid=18ggkeqes6hpe https://www.instagram.com/p/CQtVHCrjUUK/?utm_medium=copy_link
  6. It should. Left hip needs to move around, behind you and away from the ball.
  7. You don’t move your left hip enough in the backswing. With driver, you don’t move it at all and actually add flex to your left knee. In proper pelvis rotation the lead hip comes out and the trail hip moves back. You only do the former and none of the later….and the driver the situation is worse.
  8. Side by side with a pro serves only one purpose. When you’re given a realistic goal of achieving a proper movement or setup, you need to know what it looks like. It’s a guideline, not a goal and the difference is not a fine line. “Here’s Tiger’s swing, copy this.”
  9. Damn, I left a few out. Let me not forget ams trying a risky flop shot from a place that Tiger and Phil could not get close because the conditions won’t allow it. The equivalent of taking off from the 3 point line and dunking the ball.
  10. Golf is strange. No one sitting at a desk who plays rec softball wants to know how to or thinks they can hit an Oraldis Chapman 103 mph fastball. No 5’-10” lawyer playing in his New York City fitness club basketball league wants to be able to dunk on a 7 footer like Lebrun James. No anesthesiologist playing in a flag football; hospital league cares or wants to attempt to tackle Derrick Henry. …but everyone wants to get open like the pros, have shaft lean like the pros and spin the ball back with their wedges like the pros….especially mortifying when not all pros get very open, have excessive shaft lean…and most balls that spin back are a mistake.
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