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  1. His overall backswing isn’t that slow. He, like Im, start slow and build speed.
  2. The difference between high club speed and low club head speed for the year is often not more than 5 or 6 %
  3. Face on might tell us more but this will help https://www.instagram.com/p/CQtVHCrjUUK/?utm_medium=copy_link
  4. That’s often a part of omit, trying not to hit it fat, or go deep. Like most other things people stress about, it’s an effect and need to address the cause.
  5. You’re so right. Like the meaning of Snead’s “Hold it like a bird” and Palmer’s “Swing your swing” I have first hand accounts (Snead’s is second hand) on both. Swing myths as well. Too many to count.
  6. It could, but I prefer delayed versus slower.
  7. You’re addressing an effect. The handsy move at impact is like a cough. You can’t fix the cough. You address why you’re coughing
  8. I hear things like natural swing and it should be as natural as throwing a ball or walking. Most people’s natural swing is awful because so is their throwing motion and walk. I asked PT’s how many people walk correctly, the answer is almost none. I asked a D1 college pitching coach how many incoming freshman pitchers have mechanics that maximize their velocity and movement, while guarding against injury. His response was, “The next one I have will be the first.” These are the elite, imagine everyone else. Every college and pro team has a pitching coach an
  9. Earlier wrist set and flex lead wrist in transition.
  10. Not potentially, that’s what’s causing it. Forces radial deviation causes lead wrist extension…..in English that means when you down load, that cups the least wrist and that opens the face.
  11. Not OTT, bad camera angle. Still float loading.
  12. Right hip too active to start downswing….arms are very late in sequence. They have to start sooner.
  13. No Marshall’s have threatened to make me leave the course. The only club I broke is when my driver head exploded. >..and only one guy has tried to fight me.
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