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  1. That’s is the issue with hitting up on purpose, you shift the path too far in to out and you get funny strikes and launches.
  2. LiKe throwing a frisbee or a left handed cross court backhand in tennis.
  3. Left arm needs to release away from your chest better and earlier.
  4. Agreed, but nearly 100% of people don’t do it right, they need to know what it is.
  5. Just to be clear, this is a feel drill to stop sucking the arms in....in reality the hands come in A hair more.
  6. Both. Some need to feel one, some need to feel the other, some need to feel both. UD is from between P4 and 4.5 on, trail wrist flex is from P6 on.
  7. If you do it correctly, just like a tour player graph.
  8. My experience is where people draw the line is not only in completely the wrong place, it has a negative affect on score. Many times I calculate people’s scores based on the expectation of every shot they hit. The average 8 handicap would break 60 regularly.
  9. Look like pelvis action in backswing is hurting that. A face on will tell more, but looks like right hip and knee don’t work right in the backswing.
  10. Don’t chase that. That one number means little unless you are involving it in several put together.
  11. In theory you’re supposed to physically do both. If you have to think swing down or swing through, there are Likely Mechanical issues In your swing you need to resolve. Otherwise, you’re likely swinging down or swinging through the wrong way and it’s contrived.
  12. The only people who don’t have bad range sessions are people that don’t play golf. The WORST thing you can do is make a change when you were doing well. Bad rounds and sessions happen.
  13. And ams thinking something is good for them because one tour player does it has failed since the time of William Wallace.
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