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  1. There are two things at play here. 1. You will always be susceptible if your ingrained motor pattern tends to deliver the heel. 2. Most ams are too scared or not diligent enough to change their motor pattern. So you can look at it two ways. 1. You can in fact get rid of them forever. 2. The above 2 are why most don’t.
  2. Post a face on. The likely cause will be seen there. It’s causing right elbow to over bend.
  3. I’m not saying 2-3 is optimal. I’m saying it’s in the range of acceptability. I also said you shouldn’t chase that number. Make your swing better and you will arrive at your optimal aoa….which could be zero.
  4. That’s because the more up you hit, the more difficult it becomes to align face, path, sweet spot and target. Up 2-3 is fine if it’s the result of matching parts, but just plain trying to hit up 5, gets you in a dark place mechanically.
  5. Tour average is down 1 to zero. Trying to get a positive AoA as a direct pursuit ends well….never. You improve your swing and AoA takes care of itself. Your description tells me you have a root cause fault, that gets worse when you try and swing faster. You have to address that.
  6. As crazy as it sounds, it’s the same move.
  7. It’s easier on your body if you swing better. The entire video and drills are about accelerating your arms sooner.
  8. That should be posted at every range and course in America.
  9. Everyone who isn’t in the position has bad pelvis movement in the backswing and/or transition and their arms are late in the sequence….usually both. Have to address why you’re not there.
  10. If most of your practice is wedges and 1/2 to 3/4 7 irons, how you going to get tired?
  11. Doing things more efficiently by improving sequencing is always easier on the body.
  12. With a swing as good as yours, making some arcane equipment or swing change is just asking to falls down a black hole. Address the why in a simple way.
  13. This guy is 6-7, these are consecutive swings and he didn’t change clubs
  14. I’m 6-2 with shorter arms and a high waist, so I get it. It takes some trial and error, but it involves feeling that BDC arms and shaft in a straight line feel (won’t be reality) and getting pelvis more under you.
  15. Between too much forward bend at address (50*+) and not losing enough flex in trail knee causing some hip restriction, your hands are getting no depth. Thats leading to what you don’t like.
  16. This discussion is about a major issue ams have with getting better. This applies no matter what positive change you make with any instructor. You have a compensation in place for a root cause issue. That matches….most of the time. You make a positive change and now the compensation no longer matches. You have to be patient as your body/brain come to realize that move is no longer needed and adapts to the new pattern.
  17. Broom force will help you. Your arms are super late. That video is mostly about why people don’t sequence their arms correctly and how to do it.
  18. About 6 weeks ago I was on the range trying to ulnar deviate earlier. The guy next to me told me my rehearsal was terrible, that I was casting and I needed to hold lag. I thanked him for his advice, started rehearsing lag holding and he observed and gave me the thumbs up and directed me to hit some balls to show him I knew what he was telling me. Those that have been to my golf schools know of my entertaining ability to shank on command. I decided to have some fun and I shanked 5 balls in a row. He left me alone after that.
  19. His overall backswing isn’t that slow. He, like Im, start slow and build speed.
  20. The difference between high club speed and low club head speed for the year is often not more than 5 or 6 %
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