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  1. included in the Ocala area is On Top of The World, a 55 complex with 3 golf courses, plus many other courses available in greater Ocala area. Check out their stay and play deals.
  2. bought new on a whim a month ago with Atmos blue 6s for 149.00. a deal as a back up id say. love the shorter length and even though its lighter, i hit the center more often than i did with my rogue..10-14 yards shorter than rogue and TM M4 but havent missed fairway yet. Its a bit louder than the others but i can live with it. I find its perfect for shorter and more narrow courses. If i play a longer courses i revert to my M4 as i've since sold the rogue. For the price drop, a really good weapon ro take on the courses these days. and yes the DVD episodes were bad lol..
  3. oops, hit send button to soon..the website directing to authorized dealers is your best bet as alluded to by 3X a charm
  4. TM ventus are made for TM ...Not fakes BUT different spec than the aftermarket Ventus.
  5. Thats a pretty good set of irons to start with. glad you like them so well...i may get some V's at some point as well..
  6. Thanks..Yes i meant 3* up from Honma's std for these particular irons (Honma website). I do know Ping doesnt cast their clubs in all different lie angles, at lweast when i saw their operation in AZ. Thanks for your reply. Gotta find a good repair guy in NE Fla area
  7. so a question as to bending the lie fangle or the TW 747P..since these are not forged, anyone have experience with bending the lie angle for these cast irons..due to back back, i now play irons more upright than standards. Need to know if clubmakers here in Fla can do this easily ori will need to return to Honma to have this work? Any thoughts/experiences out there? Thank you
  8. what shafts are you playing with your 0211s? trying to decide between the two sets.
  9. HI 11.3 Have been Playing 2014 Cally Apex 4-AW with Steelfiber I95 S. Am now 65yo, thinking about either softstepping them 1x or even 2x or replacing with Reg I95 sf. Dont quite flush them as i did 5-6 years ago. but when i do, they still fly.
  10. My wife started playing when she retired at age 48...former college bb coach, can shoot the heck out of free throws/3 pt range; but a sport such as golf was quite foreign initially. she started with my old TM MCG 5-PW and TM woods reshafted for her length and SW. started at 30hc index..stuck with it (never thought she would). shes now a 14.5 index and moved on to: Callaway Fusion 13.5 45.5 Recoil 450 F2 Callaway X2Hot 15 43 Aldila ATX 55 SR flex 3,4,5 Callaway 2018 Big Bertha Hybrids Recoil ES 460 F2 (1* lie up) Callaway 6-AW 2018 Big Bertha Irons Recoil ES 460 F2 (1* Lie up) Callaway Mack
  11. TM Burner irons. Never knew how far (or short) the irons would travel. Most inconsistent irons Ive ever played. Even reshafted with KBS 120 and same result. Hard to score when 7 iron travels 190 followed up at 165. and I'm pretty sure i hit center of face..at least in my mind LOL
  12. I still have my 14s shafted with steelfiber i95. best set ive had in a very long tme. Went to the 16s but kept going back to 14s with cup face. Finally sold the 16s. The XR line may be a tad more forgiving but the more you play and practice with the 14s, the better the 14s will feel. These 14s are good enough, its slowed my hoing days to a slow halt ...as retched as that may sound..390 might be a bit much, negotiate!!! but they are worth it imo.
  13. Anyone have the 410 paired with aerotech steelfibers? In particular, the i95 stiff or regular? I've played them in callaway apex (14 and 16) and love the feel and ball flight. Am assuming the lowered flights of 'fibers play well with 410 heads. I really liked the hugs sweet spot on the 410 but love the steelfibers. any experiences out there? Thanks
  14. rogue sub zero..project x evenflow blue. best ever played
  15. not to detract but my pinseeker finally died. was looking at PP Nx7 (slope) and callway 300. Besides customer support and free battery..whats pros/cons of these two? Thanks
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