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  1. I think they use the App along with Quintic. Rumours have it that there are a few tour pros that have rolled the ball off the edge of that indoor green.
  2. I think a few fellow members have gone through a fitting. It seems a crapshoot to get one, it should be something available through their site. They could start off with a handful of shapes and go from there. But they could alleviate a lot envious eyes by having a milled line-up with classic lines and head-shapes.
  3. I think they're about $1,300+ if you want one.
  4. Don't folks mention that the Toulon's go a bit far in the other direction? I seem to remember comments about that they're too hard.
  5. Hopefully no PGA Tour pro uses one of the AERO markers, they generally have to be discs under Local Rules. I remember Feherty getting DQd because he used his hotel key (back when they were still keys). It's designed to be used with a line on the ball, you line up the arrow (or AERO) to your aim line then see if the ball line is straight to that (the angled lines tell you how off you are). The disc is intended for when the giant metal thing distracts your playing partners, it's a magnetic ball-marker you can swap the AERO for.
  6. Personally I haven't minded the Odyssey branding or Red Swirly, but I get that some folks want something more exclusive looking when paying for a more premium priced putter. Just having the Swirly would be okay, but I'm not a huge fan of Scotty style Cherry Bombs.
  7. The masses aren't buying Toulon putters. These do look lovely.
  8. I think it's probably just the case of OEMs trying to provide similar clubs for contracted players and 14 club 1 OEM customers. If a staffer picks up a TaylorMade, PING or Scotty and likes it they'll ask for it to be emulated. I'm sure these guys can come up with wacky new designs, but they just don't sell, even if they provide benefits (like the Truss), this looks safe and offers a familiarity.
  9. "NICK AND FANNIE'S FAIRWAY ANTICS"! https://goodr.com/collections/golf-sunglasses/products/nick-and-fannies-fairway-antics My browser thought that page would lead somewhere else ...
  10. It's generally so they don't snap when they whack them with their big rubber hammers at the factory when they changed the lofts/lies. The i59s look nice, but I think the i210s will go down as serious classics (get them whilst you can!).
  11. The 2015 model? that's some delay!
  12. You're lucky to get "Assembled" in the USA ...
  13. They basically are (but some will use different wedges for distance but use the same swing/shot), but as different players have different lofts at the short end of their bags they cater for those different lofts (they generally don't go into pitching wedge lofts). There's also the issue that some see the look a bit jarring so they can get a complete-ish set of wedges.
  14. He used one in the 2003 Master, the one Mike Weir won. Finished with a 68. Also had the Odyssey 7CS as well, most weird was the PING Anser in his hands.
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