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  1. He seems to be healthy physically, so I would say he has at least one/two good runs left in him. Too early to write him off.
  2. That is the ONLY way to watch golf. Surprised more people haven't caught on??
  3. My cousin who lives in Noblesville is interested in getting fitted. Would like some recommendations on who/where to go. Any help appreciated.
  4. I'm old enough I should be playing yellow tee's but Doc and Bob Cat make me play blues...lol. Unfortuanetly I think BC is about the same age...so I don't get much sympathy.
  5. Take and bake from a golf course! Makes me feel good with getting my wife a Pizza King pizza!! Lol
  6. Had good time as always! I also realized something on the way home. After #16 I took my blue tinted prescription sunglasses off....and put my regular glasses on. Then preceded to whif/bunt my tee shots next two holes..among other shots. Don't change glasses in middle of round!! Maybe my normal glasses suck?? Well...that's what I'm going with.
  7. I should be good after 3:00 Thursday if you want to make TT.
  8. Monday out/Thursday possible. Will see how week pans out.
  9. Will make a tee time at Tri County 4 ish unless someone stops me. Me, Dr. , BC and Rook. If more we should be able to get another tee time. Weekend is out for me Doc. It's in decent shape and plenty of room to knock rust off.
  10. Wherever Bobcat can make it to in time. If RH we need to call today for tee time. Tri County is open. I should have time to go about any course within hour of New Castle
  11. Friday is definite possibility. Worse case I work till 3:00 but can usually get out early.
  12. Like to but Monday is out. Definitely call for tee time at RH or anywhere. They have been packed. Called Friday but they were full. I too have some vouchers to use.. like 11 of them.
  13. Played a total of two times in the last month and a halfish. Played Tri County last Sunday..decent shape and flags are pulled. Played Winding Branch over by me the day before they where shut down. It's greens and fairways are pretty rough. Also tried to take my son to Hartley Hills on Monday but, we couldn't ride together sooo that was a bust. They can't let anyone ride two to a cart..in able to stay open...understandable as they need to abide by the health dept. guidelines to stay open.
  14. #11..then missed the hole on #12 by inches for eagle. Went eagle birdie...then double. lol.
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