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  1. As someone who had this surgery once, it completely blows my mind what he is trying to do. Keep in mind a SUCCESSFUL microdiscectomy procedure only fixes about 50% of back pain and 90% of nerve pain radiating down a leg. And range of motion is obviously affected every time you have a procedure. For those who have never been down this road, Tiger is living with some serious day to day pain without trying to play golf.
  2. Title says it all. They are XL trim fit. If I were a little more trim I would be keeping them. Bar none the best feeling and looking shirts out there. I absolutely can see why Phil was playing in them. They are a super high quality performance fabric. One is a blue w red. One is a green pattern. They are really really nice and a steal for $90 shipped for both.
  3. Need to stock up. What have you guys seen out there the last couple days? Thanks.
  4. I am getting one as a warranty replacement from Callaway. Currently playing the EPIC SZ. Has anyone hit both and can compare? Thanks!
  5. Title says it all. Club and shaft are both in super shape. GP NDMC grip. Long time seller on here, buy with confidence. Thanks GOLFWRX!
  6. Looking to regrip a couple sets. Anybody seen anything lately? Thx.
  7. Blew my L3/L4 about a year and a half ago. Had a surgery that went ok at best. I’ve gone from single digit handicap to.....well.....handicapped. Anybody not named Eldrick make it back from back surgery and have any advice?
  8. If you’ve never had back surgery, much less 4 including a fusion, you have NO CLUE. Gentleman, take care of your back at all costs. Best of luck TW.
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