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  1. 1. Ping G410 3 wood (14.5) w/ Tour 75 Stiff Shaft I bought this club brand new and have played maybe 4-5 rounds with it. It is in excellent condition. For some reason just not a good fit for me. Comes with headcover. Price: SOLD 2. FootJoy Pro SL (2020) Grey 10.5 Medium Played 2 rounds with these and hoped I would get used to them, but I think I bought the wrong size. They are in excellent shape. I took a picture of the only scuff on them. Price: $120 shipped
  2. 1) What size Claw Glove would you like to win? ML (for left hand) 2) What is your current golf glove? Titleist Perma Soft 3) How often do you replace your current glove? Every Month 4) What would you want to improve with your current golf glove? Sweat resistance
  3. My post count decreased to less than 75. It was about 80 before the update.
  4. Depends a lot on your PW loft. Mine is pretty low at 44. So I go 48 (50 deg bent down), 53 (54 bent down), and 58 in my wedges. But I love 4-PW - I think that's the way to go. 3 hybrid is a nice club if you want a little more versatility than the 5 wood - goes just as far for me.
  5. I like 58. Can open it up if needed and 60 seems to be to unpredictable for me. Also creates a little tighter gapping between my wedges.
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