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  1. Would you consider splitting the heads and shafts? I've been looking for some J40 DPC heads.
  2. UST Mamiya Recoils 125 F4 4-pw plus extra shaft(see side notes). Bought here and never used. -$350 Shipped (I paid $400 but my loss is your gain) Had another kid last year and all but quit golf so these are just sitting around. Cut from post that I bought the recoils from: Sidenote: The scratching shown on the tips will be covered completely by a standard iron ferrule like the 66TI from Golfworks. Sidenote #2: This set actually has EIGHT shafts, the 3i shaft was softstepped in to a 4i for fitting purposes, and then pulled. It is 1/2" short of Titleist standard.
  3. Good for you. I got FLAMED on here a couple of years ago for posting about me emailing and asking Odyssey to replace an insert. Glad they were willing to help you out.
  4. $49.99 + $5 Shipping http://sport.woot.com/offers/puma-mens-faas-lite-mesh-shoes
  5. willing to split the heads and shafts on the Clevelands? I would be very interested in the Aerotechs
  6. http://www.woot.com/...lf-shoes-galore http://sport.woot.com/plus/golf-apparel-accessories-for-guys-gals
  7. I already received my new dozen. I'll have to comb through them to see if there are any more BAD markings. If that is an internal marking, they need to change their marking.
  8. [quote name='Caesar Palache' timestamp='1374492509' post='7511854'] JDM [/quote] If he's on the Korean site, is it JDM??
  9. [quote name='drake47' timestamp='1374205676' post='7488178'] Too often, I found myself getting caught up in the adjustments, went back to an I20, hitting it great right now! [/quote] Exact same thing for me. I had a 910D3 and if I wasn't changing the setting, I was wondering if a different shaft would hit the ball further. I switched to an i20 and haven't looked back. Having the ability to adjust and change shafts just makes me doubt my setup.
  10. The paint is nail polish enamel (New York Color - High Line Green), ferrules are from Cell-Parts. Take a ferrule with you to the store to get your color matched. That's what I had to do, there were just too many shades of green to choose from.
  11. Carry a sharpie and write @$$h0le on their ball.
  12. whiners......at least they're showing golf and Chris Berman isn't commentating.
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