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  1. Looking to buy Tyson’s divot took with the two nuts welded on top of the divot repair tool. Picture for specific tool.
  2. Okay to provide clarity. The Buck Club is back on in Utah.. its going to be a muni that is going to focus on junior golf with a sweetens kind of destination public course vibe. So TBC is basically on hold until The Tree Farm is built. The Tree Farm is his property in Aiken that was going to be TBC, but his backers are willing and able to do both. A private club in SC that holds a max of 58 people a day. And the muni out in Utah that will be TBC. Very confusing, sounds like he has some real money backing him. The Tree Farm is set to break gro
  3. WOW. i am genuinely pissed that i bought irons yesterday LOL
  4. I just went in September, weather could not have been better. I paid under $2,200 for 36 holes of golf, my share of lodging, food, merch, caddies and airfare from the east coast. That is the first and only time I have ever been under budget on a golf trip!
  5. playing 36 at bandon is quite frankly a bargain. you can play pac dunes and bandon in the same day for $450 total.
  6. i am moving to fort mill this summer anyone have any advice for the southern side of Charlotte
  7. Are you available January 16th-18th for this event? YesCurrent driver setup? Ping G400 LST 9* 6x Graphite Design AD BBWhat excites you about the new TaylorMade SIM woods? More club head speed. Hoping to upgrade my 3 wood and 5 wood from the 2016 m2 and m1Are you willing to document your experience in the GolfWRX forum as well as on social media? ABSOLUTELY
  8. His customer service is AWFUL I sent him my putter almost 3 months ago. I never got confirmation that he received my putter, after 10 weeks i asked for an update and a snarky comment followed. I refuse to ever send him any more of my clubs (3 putters waiting to be redone). I don't care how good his work is, he is a total @$$h0le. If he would simply have said "my business has picked up and i am swamped, i appreciate your business i will have yours done by the end of January" i would not care.. Its not about how long he takes it is simply how bad he treats you as a customer. At the end of the
  9. Couple items that I’m looking to part with as I have too much stuff! Scotty Cameron 6m that has barely even seen the golf course. 35” $195 shipped CONUS
  10. The epic head i like a lot. I can launch it nice and low. I have played the apex for years but I just switched a few months back to the epic and have been pleased.
  11. To be honest, the insert is fine on putts that of a normal length. But it feels really weird when you have to hit one harder than normal. Its clicky.. if that makes sense.
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