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  1. Shackmangolf, message sent regarding the Ping shaft. Joe
  2. Rewster66, My recollection is that older Hogans had a single number on the shaft enclosed in a circle that indicates flex: #1=Ladies; #2= A-flex (senior); #3= Regular; #4=Stiff; #5= XStiff. I could be wrong and if so, someone here is sure to correct me. Anything like that on the shaft? Joe
  3. Do you have both the neutral and draw/fade weight cartridges for the Titleist?
  4. When you place your repair order with Ping, you have the option of having them send you a shipping label. You will still pay for shipping, but you will pay Ping's discounted shipping rate which is significantly less than the rate you will pay if you just take them to UPS or Fed Ex. I placed my repair order via phone with a Ping rep and he offered to send me a shipping label at the end of my transaction.
  5. Over the winter, I've been working with a pro to finally rid myself of my steep, out-to-in downswing. Mission accomplished. My pro then checked/refitted my irons and said I now need to have them bent flatter, from a yellow to black lie angle. This will help throttle back the very hard draw/hook I'm now hitting. I contacted Ping and the rep confirmed that they can adjust the G 15's to a black dot, but also confirmed they could bend the lofts to power spec lofts while they are in being adjusted. I'm a short hitter (63, 7 iron carry=130 yds) so I like the idea of getting a little more carry dist
  6. Does anyone know of a replacement putter grip similar to the shape/geometry of a Scotty Cameron Matador putter grip? I'm looking to replace the grip on my Ping Nome putter with a grip as close as possible to the shape of a Matador. Thanks
  7. Home made stiff arm made from an old hardhat, leftover PVC pipe and pipe cap. Fits under bag's rain cover. Cost $0.00 Wrap an old bath towel around the clubs below the hardhat. Has never failed.
  8. Short answer- yes, they are beneficial. I wear a size cadet small glove and use ping aqua grips (undersized). I get a better grip and control on the club. Give it a try.
  9. Robert, are they standard L/L/L? Are the grips standard size, i.e. not oversized? Are you firm on the price or is there some wiggle room?
  10. Pete's Golf Shop in Mineola. I had a fitting 2 months ago and it was excellent.
  11. Pete's golf shop in Mineola does custom fitting; they do a pretty nice job. It's indoors. They fitted me for a set a few years ago. The Golf Stop in Farmingdale on Rt. 110 also does custom fitting. It's indoor but next to a driving range, so you can take a club from the Ping cart, for example, and try it at the range. Good luck Joe
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