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  1. I was fit last year for a Marik Sub Zero/ Accra TZ5. To be honest, I think both myself and the fitter were chasing distance, as far as launch and peak height- they're both a little bit on the low side (SS 117 give or take, spin was 1900ish). Great for overall distance but not the most practical on course. For me, small misses don't exist with the sub zero- when it's good it's great, when it's a miss, it's a big miss. I've recently starting playing again after having shoulder surgery. I don't have all my speed back, but I do have most, yardages are pretty close to before surgery.
  2. I Stumbled upon an M7 tour offset the other day, and was absolutely amazed. The weighting, alligment, and feel were all excellent. I had previously only rolled an si and man, what a difference.
  3. with all the talk about the SIM being anti-left, i'd be curious if anyone can compare it to the whole Mavrik hybrid line.
  4. I've gone back and forth, but had the best results with a 23 degree apex and a steel shaft.
  5. Can anyone who's gotten a hold of these compare them to say the F7?
  6. Been using the +4s for some time and just installed a lamkin on one club to experiment. Some other posters on here have nailed it, size wise the taper (or lack thereof) is fairly similar in size, but the lamkins I feel like aren't as soft as the +4. I was actually surprised the tack on the lamkin seems great, too early to know how it holds up in hot/wet weather, as that's a big consideration for me. I've always bounced back and forth between std. and mid sized, but I've stayed standard with the +4.
  7. I have a split set, 4-5 HMB, 6-PW MMC. Most of the comments on here are pretty spot on. I've seen little difference between the two in terms of forgiveness and I don't have any issues with the distance gap between the 5 and 6. There is however a very noticeable difference peak height. In my fitting, I didn't see it as much comparing 7 irons, but once you get up into the 3,4,5 it's a big difference. If you need some extra lift in the long irons (which I did, and definitely got), go HMB, otherwise i'm not sure there's much else to be gained.
  8. I know it's a bit early to ask, but anyone had a chance to compare this to a mp 18 Fli-hi?
  9. I'm a high single digit handicap looking for a low lofted hybrid. Demos are hard to come by where I live, so I'm trying to crowdsource a short list. Driver SS 115 give or take, been playing a 17 Adams A7 for years. Don't carry a 3 wood, so the club primarily serves as a second option off the tee, very rarely a second shot club if I'm feeling brave. I don't have any major issues with it as far as launch or spin provided I put a decent swing on it, just have a tendency to loose it left a bit more than I'd like. Been looking real hard at the Cobra F6 2-3 (playing at 16-17 degrees) or an Exotics E
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