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  1. its from last jan and and a ts3 with a evenflow t1100 buy there u go
  2. yep thats what ventus blue did. ended up being a bit spinnee because i didnt square the face as often
  3. thanks guys. ball is normally old model pro v 1x . pro v1 or tp5. prov 1x goes a little further. problem is greens are so hard. im in australia similar conditions to royal melbourne president cup when it was last played there just not as extreme. ive come from park courses where flying it high and far was the go. i will try the ball. tensei white pro and ad xc are similar or feel very different. cheers
  4. hi fellow members read a few threads on forum. im looking for a new shaft in my ping g410 lst 9* i play it at 7.5* launch it around 14 and spin it around 2300. with an ad tp 6s. 100mph swing. all good numbers but at the new course i play at its very hard fast and windy some looking for a flatter flight. i can get this by teeing the ball down but that increases my spin. ive tried ventus blue 6s it was a bit stiff for me. miss was a push. tensei pro white 6s is lower and a little left. feels softer and i need to time it rather than swing. tensei pr
  5. wow nice deductions but who are you lol.
  6. anyone compare ad di to ad iz hybrid or ad di to hzrdus black. recoil and ping tour 85s tour
  7. thanks. im in adelaide getting fit only shaft options they have are stock oem's thanks for wedge info. unfortunately the xp line has been discontinued so its been hard to find any here in adelaide australia. ill keep looking though
  8. thanks guys really appreciate it. canuckgolf my misses are pull draws some verging on hooks but not snappy. pushes. tops. chunks like you said low point. and short irons i get scared of shanking them. i hit longer clubs better than shorter clubs. is it this position you want me to change so the shaft is more vertical? this was my swing yesterday. https://youtu.be/_HtBJBfgYa0nearly all my misses were left as a pull draw. my right low back was sore in extension which happens. cheers
  9. hi all any constructive criticism ps im right handed just had front camera on for one of those swings. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DxaadCQlatMthanks
  10. hi all been a long time member love the forum just havent posted in years... atm im gaming ping g410 lst 9 set to 8 with ad tp 6s epic flash sub zero 15 set to 14 ad tp 7s ts2 17 set to 18 hzrdus smoke 80 6.0 and 19 set to 21 ad di 95s cf 16 5 to pw xp 105 st s300 1/2 inch long 3 degrees flat md4 50 56 and 60 s grind 115 tour issue s300. question i love the ad tp and xp 105 s300 feel but i struggle with the hzrdus and tour issue 115 not kicking enough and ad di kicking a little to much but ad di its closer. so recommendations for wedges tappered tip and hybrid shafts that are similar to a
  11. does it display metres and yards?Hi all, have looked around on the net and cant find anything. i'm in australia just wondering if i can use skycaddie sg 3.5 in metres and no yards. thanks, steve
  12. current set up is 9* driver 14.5* 3 wood 18* hybrid 21* hybrid 24* 4 iron 27* 5 iron 30* 6 34* 7 38* 8 42* 9 46* pw 52* gw 58* lw i have no sand. any other thoughts?
  13. mizuno mp 52 changing loft.hi all, trying to make way for an extra wedge in my bag. so wondering if changing the degree in my irons. making a stronger 4 and 5 iron and taking out my three hybrid. this is the set up i would like to play will it work? driver 9* 3 wood 14.5* 2 hybrid 18* 4 iron to 9 iron 22* ,26* ,30* , 34* , 38* , 42*, and pw 46*, 50*, 54* , 58*. at the moment have a 52*. (also is it better to bend the 52* to a 54* or a 50*?) the 52 is a 8 bounce. just would like views on the better way to go. my main concern is... will changing the 4 and 5 iron to a strong degree leave
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