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  1. Orange 60 TX in the driver, Blue 70 TX in the 3W would be dope! Thanks for the chance to win @GolfWRX and @MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL!
  2. Another vote for TM R7 TP. Burner 07 TP is also worth a mention. Heck, most TaylorMade fairways from 05-10 were pretty good. I don't care for their newer stuff. And another vote for Tour Edge CB2. Played one with an OG Blueboard 83x for almost a decade before stupidly selling it looking for newer and better. Still miss it.
  3. Have tested both of these shafts side-by-side in the same 7 iron head on the same day. $-Taper felt a little softer, a little lighter, could feel it flex around the center of the shaft. But not a soft shaft by any means. X100 felt heavier especially towards the lower part of the shaft. Wasn't on a monitor but my eyes saw the $-Taper launching a touch higher, apexing sooner, but reaching the same max height as X100. Felt like the $-Taper spun a little more if anything. My dispersion was slightly better with X100 on the 15-20 shots I hit with each. Overall, not too much of a difference and I cou
  4. Had one of my most accurate ballstriking rounds ever after trying out the no turn cast concept from Monte's original YouTube video. Just a simple thought of setting the wrists in the correct position on the way back and dumping those wrist angles on the downswing. Of course I ended up throwing away those feels in search of more distance and "compression" but I'll likely take a bite at this new video. I have Monte's Efficient Swing and it does a great job of explaining swing concepts so I'd imagine this one is also easy to digest.
  5. Titleist 907 D2. Thing basically flew like a 5 iron for me and felt like hitting a marshmallow on a stick. Cleveland Launcher 400. The one with the gold colored shaft, that thing was a POS. Ping S59 irons. Most unforgiving irons I've ever tried including multiple sets of blades. Felt like pure ass too when you hit them. Sold after one range session. No idea what I was thinking when I bought them. TaylorMade Speedblade irons. Very weird flights and would have some shots fly 15 extra yards for no reason. The irons with the slots in the bottom felt like crap and make a weird clicking sound. Thou
  6. Currently playing all CB set with KBS $-Taper 130. I also have a set of the previous version all CB in chrome with X100s. Great irons.
  7. Callaway X-Forged C-Grind MD 58° wedge. Favorite wedge of all-time. Tour Edge CB2 3 wood. TaylorMade R9 Superdeep driver.
  8. Started playing around '96-'97 Wilson Sam Snead Blue Ridge Some irons from a box set from Dick's Sporting Goods Titleist 990 Nike Pro Combo Callaway X-Tour Nike Original Forged Blades Cobra Forged SS Ping S59 Nike VR TW/Split Cavity Titleist AP1 original Titleist AP1 710 Nike VR Pro Blades Mizuno MP-63 Bridgestone J36 Pocket Cavity Cobra King Pro CB/MB Chrome TaylorMade Speedblade Cobra King Forged CB Chrome Cobra King Forged CB 2019
  9. Cobra F8+ with Aldila Tour Green 65x. Solid but I did enjoy the M5 during a fitting last year. Might try to pick one up since the prices have dropped with the SIM out.
  10. Hovering around a 9 these days. Cobra King Pro all CB with X100s.
  11. Yep, with gobs of lead tape on the toe. Ventus shaft.
  12. Definitely C-Tapers in his irons. If I'm not mistaken, he went back to them when he put the new prototype heads in play.
  13. It's fake, I've read that same story so many times with different people's names swapped out in it. Coolest thing I've ever seen following pros was a few years back at the PNC Father Son. David Duval walks up to the tee on a par 4 dogleg right with the entire right side of the hole being water. Dude whacks down on the tee box with his driver, drops a ball on the tuft of grass that he popped up, and rips a low fade that practically traces the shape of the hole and splits the fairway. Bernhard Langer who was in the group stared at him for a second, cracked a wry smile and starting shaking his
  14. Andrew Tursky did a WITB of David this week. Probably can't link here but is an easy Google to see the pics. M5 with Tensei Orange 60tx, 917F3 with Tensei White 70tx, Titleist U500 3 iron with KBS Prototype, Cobra King Pro MB 2019 with Tour Issue Dynamic Gold 120 X100, Cobra Raw 50, 54, 58 wedges, Scotty Cameron Timeless 340g SSS.
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