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  1. All prices include shipping to Con. US. and is obo. PIng i210 4-W with Nippon Modus3 105 stiff shafts. Stock length, Black dot lie, Power Spec lofts. BB&F "Darth Fader" ferrules. Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips, logo down. Played for a few seasons and tried to capture the wear as best I could. To be honest, the light is making them look more worn. SOLD Dimana D+ 50 shaft with Ping G400 tip, stiff flex. Lamkin UTx cord gray grip. No tipping. 44 3/8" from tip to grip. Ping Tip can be pulled if needed. SOLD Dynamic Gold 120 stiff pulls, S300, 4-W, taper tip. 7 iron is 35 1/2" and shafts play 1/2" increments. Wedge shaft is uncut and new. Purchased new from a TT Authorized dealer as an experiment, only to find out the Nippons fit me better. SOLD Rose & Fire Blade Putter Cover, USA Stars, Olive Drab with Khaki/Gold Stars. Like New condition. $35 obo DM me any questions or requests for pics of anything. pin 11/12
  2. Titleist iron fitting yesterday at my club's range. Walked in and assumed I would order the T200, but wound up loving/ordering the T300. Longer, better overall numbers (spin, launch, decent angle), but for me the feel was better. Not as clicky as the T200. If you can handle the offset and you are looking for something point and shoot, the T300 are definitely worth a look. And yes, after checking the wait on the shafts, they will be here in November, but, hey, I am almost out of golf season anyway...
  3. Got fitted for and ordered yesterday. 4-W w/ PX LX 6.0 Was FULLY expecting to order T200, but these just fit/felt better. Can't wait to hit them... In November.
  4. Geez. Might add a NSFW tag to the subject... and to echo what others have said, ridiculous collection there.
  5. 1. Searcy, Arkansas 2. Where do you practice? 95% outdoors 3. Have you used a personal launch monitor before? Personal, no. I have used a Trackman on occasion. 4. How could a Rapsodo MLM help your game? Would love to try to groove yardages and work on my wedges more extensively. 5. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Absolutely. Would love to share on course as well as practice. Plus, it would give me a FANTASTIC excuse for me to play and practice more.
  6. Recently fitted for three wood. Thinking I would end up with the 425LST or SIM. Walked away with the Sim2 MAX. It is stupid easy to hit and flies. I think the profile is shallow-ish?
  7. I think you would be better off finding a par 3 course or just playing 9 when possible. You will never be able to imagine the weird shots that show up on a course and derail really good rounds unless you are playing.
  8. Hybrids are terrible and most people playing them would be better off with a high lofted fairway wood. Better to play a shaft that is too flexible than too stiff. If you are playing bad, speed up your preshot routine. More people need to actually PRACTICE putting instead of slapping balls around a putting green for an hour.
  9. Perfect setup for your average WRXer. A set and an extra head to try all the new shafts before pulling apart your set. Callaway Epic Pro (2017) Irons 4-A with Project X LZ105 6.0 (stiff) flex - $SOLD shipped AND!!! an extra 7 iron head (unshafted). Great for testing shafts without having take apart a set that is working. All standard length and lie. Used a season. Any questions, let me know. pin 4/6
  10. After trying to make a 3 hybrid work for years, I have gone back to the 7 wood. I searched for a used 7 wood in stiff, but couldn't find what I wanted, so ordered a G425 7 wood with the Orange Tensei stiff. I played a Steelhead III 7wood when I played college golf and can't remember why I went away from it. Could hit about any shot with it (within reason), I wanted. My recent epiphany of going back was realizing I could never hit a "high" shot with my hybrid. It would go a "standard" medium trajectory or lower, but never give me that steep, descending shot I need for some spots and par 3s on my home course.
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