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  1. Hybrids are terrible and most people playing them would be better off with a high lofted fairway wood. Better to play a shaft that is too flexible than too stiff. If you are playing bad, speed up your preshot routine. More people need to actually PRACTICE putting instead of slapping balls around a putting green for an hour.
  2. Perfect setup for your average WRXer. A set and an extra head to try all the new shafts before pulling apart your set. Callaway Epic Pro (2017) Irons 4-A with Project X LZ105 6.0 (stiff) flex - $SOLD shipped AND!!! an extra 7 iron head (unshafted). Great for testing shafts without having take apart a set that is working. All standard length and lie. Used a season. Any questions, let me know. pin 4/6
  3. After trying to make a 3 hybrid work for years, I have gone back to the 7 wood. I searched for a used 7 wood in stiff, but couldn't find what I wanted, so ordered a G425 7 wood with the Orange Tensei stiff. I played a Steelhead III 7wood when I played college golf and can't remember why I went away from it. Could hit about any shot with it (within reason), I wanted. My recent epiphany of going back was realizing I could never hit a "high" shot with my hybrid. It would go a "standard" medium trajectory or lower, but never give me that steep, descending shot I need for some spots and
  4. I think PR's biggest problem is being "perceived" as a cheater. Same thing with Matt Kuchar being thought of as cheap. If for the rest of the year, Patrick Reed needs to call a rules official for ANY question about a lie or a rule. Heck, tell the tour you are doing that to rehab your image and they will probably keep a guy with your group. Just like MK needs to be seen dropping a couple grand tips at a few places, he needs to have people see him trying to make the effort. Does he have to, no. Should he so he gets more money from his image/brand, you bet.
  5. Is there a reason to use the silicone and epoxy VS. just epoxy? I have done the "slip-it-all-in-together-thing" before and not had issues.
  6. Ok... Let see what I can do... Rossie II clone Ping Pal 2 Ping Anser 3 (bought several of these) MacGreggor Bobby Grace MK3.5? (the one that looked like a brick on a stick) Ping Anser 4 Ping Piper Scotty Cameron Studio Stainless Newport ***Current Gamer*** Scotty Cameron Pro Platinum Newport 2 (DIY special - nickle removed and black ox'ed)
  7. I may be LATE to the party (and I am blaming my mental fog on the COVID-delayed tour pics). D.A. Points into the i210 and out of the i5 irons? Guess Ping ran out of fresh sets?
  8. What's the double sided tape on the sole for? I mean, not every putter is meant to stand up by itself like the S7K...
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