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  1. Ok... Let see what I can do... Rossie II clone Ping Pal 2 Ping Anser 3 (bought several of these) MacGreggor Bobby Grace MK3.5? (the one that looked like a brick on a stick) Ping Anser 4 Ping Piper Scotty Cameron Studio Stainless Newport ***Current Gamer*** Scotty Cameron Pro Platinum Newport 2 (DIY special - nickle removed and black ox'ed)
  2. I may be LATE to the party (and I am blaming my mental fog on the COVID-delayed tour pics). D.A. Points into the i210 and out of the i5 irons? Guess Ping ran out of fresh sets?
  3. What's the double sided tape on the sole for? I mean, not every putter is meant to stand up by itself like the S7K...
  4. Would love to get my boys (7 & 10) more involved with putting. Could definitely use a product like this for some fun competitions at home during cold months or at night. Ok... and I might use it too...Ease of use, multiple options (keeps it fresh), small footprint when not in useYes.
  5. Truss me. It's perfect.
  6. Do you own a putting mat? Yes. It is an inexpensive one I keep in my office. How do you practice during the winter? Either putt in spare bedroom, or make a little putt putt course to use with my kids... yeah, I make them for the kids... But lots of mirror work and practicing stroke and contact. City, State? Searcy, Arkansas Handicap? 2-ish? Maybe 5? I haven't kept up with it in years.
  7. Tour B XS! And his first Masters in 97. I had played golf some prior to, but that moment made me really want play like him. Still don't, but am WAAAAAY better than I would have been without the inspiration.
  8. Closest? Edwin Watts, Little Rock Driver Changes? Need tweaking to my launch and spin. Just a little lower on each. Ventus 6s
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