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  1. Wading through the paypals and such the following are sold the hulk shaft ,the pxg,the ping , the cure putter
  2. These are some items that I would like to move for another purchase...lol I keep my stuff in great condition and priced fair First to PayPal gets the item no trades unless perhaps for a tp mills putter. Lol Prices are shipped to CONUS Ping g400 17 degree hybrid mint head only. 65$ SIM 3 hybrid mint head only. 115$ PXG gunboat H putter head 100$ all these have headcovers HZRDUS Hulk small batch 6.0 in perfect shape at 45 3/8 has 1 inch extension ( failed longer driver experiment) this club work was all done by a
  3. This is for the SIK Pro model it’s an early version of the production model and is stamped on the sole as such, they make quality stuff but I’m not a plumber neck guy, this is 35 inches un gripped I pride myself in the condition of my clubs and my prices are fair first to PayPal gets it at. [email protected] it comes with non SIK headcover 275.00
  4. My trick lol is Rock Rosin bag. Get it at sports store , you will thank me. Better than the bowling rosin bags...
  5. Bethpage has single carts. All good
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