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  1. Prices are being impacted by global supply chain issues - e.g. the cost for shipping a container from China has gone up 10X … and the cost to unload and ship from port of entry to retailers has also gone up significantly. I would expect all OEMs who source their clubs or parts for their clubs from Asia will raise their prices quite a bit in the coming year.
  2. I almost never buy new - I have bought a lot from CPO and some from the WRX Forum ... Now that I am retired, I need to limit myself to ~ $200 for a driver, ~$150 for fairways and hybrids, ~$500 for irons, ~$75 for wedges, and $100 for putters. Good news is that I am mostly set and usually just make tweaks now. Side note - I used to work in Golfsmith Corporate so I know what the markups were 7 or 8 years ago based on PUD pricing ... the markups are likely off the charts now.
  3. If you are set on Titleist then AP1 or T300 ... I think Ping G30, G, G400, etc. fit the bill a bit better but either choice, while not forged, will serve you well until you are ready for AP3/T200 or AP2/T100.
  4. Consistent inconsistency ... sway on one, fat the next, hump the goat, bladed chip, three putt for a seven or eight on a par four ...
  5. Could be that the D5 weight helps you with an iron like digger swing vs. a wood like sweeper swing ... or it could be a placebo ...
  6. I really like the 2019 0211s with the less jacked lofts ... I also have a set of G410s and switch between them from time to time.
  7. I am a short hitter and I use my gap wedge for full swings (95 to 100 yards) and for greenside chipping ...
  8. Yup ... set gap wedge then 56 Glide. 60 Glide is on the bench.
  9. All ... driver, 3w, 3/4/5 hybrids and lead tape for the rest ...
  10. Lots of posers talking trash ... yet would trade their lives for his in a heartbeat ... social networking really sucks y'all!
  11. True, however due to their loft gapping differences between models, you could end up with 2 six or 2 seven irons ... also, your U wedge options could be limited.
  12. The eternal search for the forged SGI blades ... swing 'em if you got 'em ...
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