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  1. Waiting for the G425's to fund a lightly used G410+ Driver, G410 5 wood and G410 5 hybrid ... Have to sell my back-up G700s and G400 Max first though ... gotta love it!
  2. Prime selling season (at least at Golfsmith Corporate) was Master's Week to Father's Day ... probably has not changed much ...
  3. Recent Ping G SFT driver - 12 degree Recent Ping G 5 and 7 woods, and 5 hybrid Ping G30 or G700 6 - PW Cleveland Smart Sole Chipper and SW Odyssey Mallet Putter I've used all of these over the years ...
  4. Would love to see a single progressive set of irons ... g/i/s ...
  5. Irrespective of the physics of the golf swing (I am not an engineer, I work in cyber security and am a 63 year old hi-capper who would be happy with a 100 MPH driver swing), I feel Malaska presents a good path to more easily getting more speed ... I actually watched the whole 57 minute video. The "how to swing faster with arms, wrist, gravity, combined with the body" is really well presented. Then at about minute 40, he discusses using a swing speed monitor - real evidence ... he says get one of those, now take easy swings, little faster swings, little more gravity look at your swing spee
  6. I have G-700s on the bench ... wanted a progressive set and went to PXG 0211s rather than building a Ping only progressive set ... if you can find the pieces maybe consider a mixed set with G-400 5, 6, 7 and i200 8, 9, W. Happy hunting!
  7. Gross margin on TM clubs is not high - and manufacturers are struggling. One way to close the gap is to soften quality standards which means more substandard stuff will make it through (less inspection - more sampling) ... not saying that is what is happening here, just a consideration. The TM stuff that pros get is special spec, closer inspected ...not the same commodity stuff that the public gets. I do recall gaming a Super-Tri driver and an R9 4 wood 9 or 10 years ago ... super solid build quality back then. This quality deal may be the case for other OEMs ... anybod
  8. I am a high capper who is getting the swing down after 12 + years ... I have been playing G700s for a year and change ... I picked up PXG 0211s just before COVID - have only gottent a little range time and a lot of in-the garage swing training ... still have not taken the PXGs to the course ... maybe in September ...
  9. How I miss PUD from working at Golfsmith HQ ... Ping was the best ... Cleveland, Cobra and Callaway were pretty good ... Taylormade did not give such a great discount ... Titleist however was not available to employees though (or I would own a bunch of Scotties) ...
  10. Circa 62 no. 6. Bought it off a GolfWRX'er, had it cut down from 35" to to 33", added a new Scotty Matador grip, and had it refinished by The Golf Ranch in Georgetown, TX. So smooth!
  11. Have been in IT for many years, the failings of a SW development company delivery invariably go back to the Client, the requirements, and the service agreement or contract for services ... and to things like user stories and proper User Acceptance Testing before final payment ... I do acknowledge that was yesterday and we have what we have today ...
  12. WRX Classified was based on community trust - the feedback system provided that assurance. I bought and sold a lot of clubs and a few bags, balls, rangefinders, headcovers, etc. the first 8 or 9 years of my membership. The decision to eliminate the feedbacksystem fundamentally changed WRX Classified. I really reduced buy/sell activity since the change. Whomever owns the decision owns the demise.
  13. Someone just stole them a Scotty ... good for you!
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