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  1. These Irons are in great shape. Used them for about 5 rounds and some range sessions. Comes with the limited edition box. 4-PW, Standard length/loft, 1 degree flat. Nippon Modus 130X, GP Tour Velvet +4 Not interested in any trades. $1400 pin 9/6
  2. rogue silver 70x has been awesome in my M2 would love to see if the Mamba 70x could kick it out of the bag.
  3. Tour only Atx Blue. Taylormade had to make them look like rogues for some reason.
  4. It's definitely lighter than my 815 DBD They're the same length & the DBD is 2-3 SW points heavier Is there weight kits to get it up to 200 or is hot melt/lead tape the only option.
  5. Did anyone else get a really light head? mine came at 194g and feels way too light.
  6. rogue silver 70x is my favorite . I would love to try the 2kxv 75x . thanks golfwrx and aldila for the cool giveaway.
  7. An Mc-2 acid etched would be awesome!. thanks machine and golfwrx for another incredible giveaway.
  8. Really awesome giveaway! I have been wanting to try this shaft out after reading all the rave reviews but didn't really want to spend 600 on a shaft. I would love to give the 60X a try. Thanks golfwrx and aldila for the cool giveaway.
  9. [quote name='TMBob' timestamp='1422769414' post='10860545'] [quote name='andy.o123' timestamp='1422758600' post='10859709'] Mine showed up today. Hopefully i get to try it tomorrow. [/quote] What shaft? [/quote] [size=3]Atx blue 85. I got mine from will peoples and he told me since the atx blue/green aren't available in the tour catalog that they have to make it look like a rogue.[/size]
  10. Mine showed up today. Hopefully i get to try it tomorrow.
  11. [quote name='awtryau89' timestamp='1420069183' post='10667803'] I got mine too. Pretty funny deal. The box sales 4-PW. I got 4-GW. C-Taper 120s with Adams Golf Pride White decades just like on the older CMBs. I thought I wanted the Iomics but very pleased with this as all my other clubs have decades and I got an extra wedge. [/quote] Could you find the serial number? i checked every iron heads hosel and didnt find any.
  12. Mine showed up today and had the c taper 120s but, i checked the 5 and 7 irons and cant find a serial number anywhere.
  13. the face milling really is awesome and it doesn't hurt that its an anser style putter either. would love to game this.
  14. both wasatch courses are fun if you have time for 36 while your there.
  15. previous blueboard in fairways was the best. would love to try the new version
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