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  1. Such a great design. I'd buy it in a heartbeat if it had a site dot. GLWS
  2. Barely missed the release yesterday. Any length is fine, but must have a sight dot. Thanks
  3. As many have said, this was a sloppy, unprofessional hack job. I learned my lesson the hard way, too. Now I either send my Mizunos to Mizuno in Georgia (because they never leave a mark) or I tape them up myself before giving them to someone I trust. In this case, I wouldn't expect more satisfaction than an apology, but if Mizuno had done this in their repair shop, I have absolutely no doubt they'd replace them.
  4. Very good catch! The ferrules are BB&F Co "Purple Dream." To get them to work, I ordered the same number of PING ferrules from TheGolfWorks (item# BB9108) and cut the little collars off them with a sharp carpet knife to fill the extra space in the hosels. An extra step to the process, but I didn't want to take any chances.
  5. Three recurring dream sets (in order): 1. NCW DWs (due next month) 2. MP-32s with the Luke Donald grind (just like the ones sitting in Danny Lee's garage somewhere) 3. A set of Kyoei Duals (eyes peeled)
  6. Congrats on the new irons. I'll bet they make a big difference for you. I've been hooked on Mizzys since the MP-60s and still play a set of MP-60/32s most rounds. Mizuno really is amazing in the way they consistently turn out the best irons year after year. And the JPX Tours are special. Welcome to the club.
  7. I completely understand why half a dozen pros including Bubba, Mackenzie Hughes, Carlos Ortiz and Austin Cook are still playing these irons. I have a set in good shape that I reshafted with Obans and some fun ferrules. Sent them into PING to have the lofts strengthened a degree (as much for the bounce as the distance). Also to make the swing weights exactly what they should've been and give them some colorful paint. The specs are now absolutely dead on, and it's nice knowing I'll never have to do it again. As has been said, these heads are indestructible (and you have to love steel that has a memory). I only wish they'd made them without the chrome because they'd look good even longer. If I knew how to take out the inserts, I'd probably have them stripped. New project for this winter. 8i for the ages:
  8. Those are timeless classics. Had a set of the gunmetal color years ago and wish I still did. GLWS
  9. No matter what caused the accident or how it happened, I hope Tiger gets any and all help he needs to make a full recovery. Time and age catch up to everyone, but until he quits, I'll never count him out.
  10. without shafts, it's a little tricky. I'll try to figure something out
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