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  1. Show me what you got I’m lookin for any condition $-$$$$
  2. Hi I have for sale a Titleist 712u 3 iron true temper s300 shaft with golf pride grip. The face of club is in great condition the rest has typical bag chatter marks. $90 plus shipping
  3. Any condition prefer it to not be mint
  4. Vintage King Cobra blades 3-own with original true temper shafts from the late 70s early 80s era. Compete set Great condition $325obo note I also have a lefty set that I reshafted with modern shafts these are a fun set of clubs to play with or just hang on the wall
  5. The best guess i was able to find was 1977-1981. Came from this topic on the forums http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/548209-my-cobra-tour-model-irons-1977-1981/
  6. Selling my vintage set of Cobra blades in great condition. This is a very rare set 9-2iron I haven’t seen a left handed set for sale in a long time. Going off previous irons I’ve owned and played the feel is very similar to the Callawya prototype blades. Looking to get 450obo. If no one buys them I plan to put some kbs or projectx shafts in them. Let me know if you need more photos and I will email them to you
  7. Yeah probably should of put this in the clubmakers section
  8. I want to get some heads that I can Stamp myself and give as a gift not looking to spend more then 30 per head
  9. I got the two iron lefty custom order to match my shafts ordered sat came in to roger dunns Tuesday love it so easy to hit I actually find it easier to hit off the ground then the tee thinking of getting both the 3 and 4'it worked great for punch shots cuts and anything else I needed it for I kinda over used it the first day not using my 6 5 4 or 21 and just tried hitting a lot if diff shots with it and it worked out great
  10. I got my girl a 52 niblick chipper it's her everything club from 50 in really helps her score around the greens a lot less miss hits and tops too I say get the niblick at least it looks like a club and not a putter
  11. Can't be 100% sure unless lamont chimes in or until I have the putter I'd say its the camera take a Look at this pic I see other marks in this one that I don't see in the one above and I don't see the marks on the one below on the above pic
  12. No hard feelings here not sure how he did the finish or milling I'd like to say manual mill but hopefully lamont can chime in on all the details should have the black shaft and paint fill done soon
  13. Making a JAT was the plan never seen a lefty for sale thought i would see if someone could make one lamont was one of two that said they could I like his work the best so I had confidence in him that it would come out great
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