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  1. The refund seems to be contingent upon seller receiving back in condition he sent it. The problem is that they disagree on what that condition was-buyer says he received it with scratches and small dents and seller says those tings didn't exist when he sent it and implies he will not refund as condition is different.
  2. He just needs to change how he swings to accommodate the shaft.
  3. Is it fair/relevant to ask how Venmo came to be used as its specifically and strongly advised NOT to use?
  4. Kids misplaced your sw scale and weed. I'd bet they smoked the weed.
  5. Was this a deal with @leftyman? He posted about a refund issue and has been advised to post his issue in DND.
  6. +1. Wilson and especially Cobra started doing stronger lofts back in the 90's a few years before Callaway and others went down that road. The King Cobra 1 OS had a 43° PW in 1994
  7. Titleist for trying to pretend they didn't make big, game improvement clubs and the 822OS might be the worst irons I ever hit.
  8. If you paid by PayPal use their process.
  9. And in addition depending upon how the head is shaped most won't notice the difference in volume anyway.
  10. Cripes I hit 2,3, 6 on your list(poker chip ball markers being #1)
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