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  1. I agree about her putting. Its almost as bad as I see with Thompson-you almost know she's going to miss most 3-5 footers.
  2. C'mon man be more positive 75 to 67 is better. Of course she did miss the cut by one.
  3. PXG heads are .370 or universal hosel (takes .355 and .370) and PXG provides the spacer and ferrule for assembly of their clubs with .355 shafts into .370 hosel.
  4. Why not just send it back when you got your refund? I really don't get keeping an item(and paying for it a second time) that you thought was unacceptable and asked for a refund. And in lieu of coming to some kind of agreement you should have sent him the $70 previously agreed to not $60. At this point you know about the damage and are accepting it by keeping the wedge. Again if he actually communicated it would help.
  5. Did you put as much effort into dealing in the NVS as the Autoflex?
  6. Who knows if she makes the cut but Brooke put on a charge today.
  7. If its just 1/4" I would have kept the wedge and moved on. It's not much work to clean up the end of the shaft and install an extension which he was going to do anyway before he cut the grip off.
  8. Unless its a glitch the entire ad copy was deleted on May 10 by bam3352. His previous ads have not had their content deleted other than pics which is pretty standard practice.
  9. 1/4" is generally not meaningful, especially on a wedge but you imply that you think its more than 1/4". That little of a difference could easily be explained due to measuring method differences. That said no where are actual measurements mentioned so none of us can actual give any kind of informed opinion, too many facts are missing. However long he orders his clubs I don't believe that is a factory cut shaft so I wouldn't be surprised if it is shorter than it should be. Taking a month to respond to you is bad form regardless.
  10. My GPS gives front, middle, back, automatically.
  11. Bad9

    PP Echeck?

    I have PP linked to my bank account not a CC, rarely carry a PP balance and as far as I know I have never sent a payment as an echeck. If I have none of the hundreds of sellers I have sent money has ever mentioned or complained about it. I have never noticed it as an option to send a PP payment. Maybe it works different in Canada?
  12. Not to go sideways from the OP but even measuring your foot for shoes doesn't always work. Different brands are different but so are different models from the same company. Based on my foot measurement I take size 10 in Trues and is accurate for the OG models but is a half size too small on their other models. No where on their site is this mentioned. Ecco is the same, different models fit totally different even with the same foot measurement. There is absolutely no way I will buy shoes without trying them on unless it is an exact model of what I have worn before.
  13. Yup just be up front with people and most will understand.
  14. If you have an offer for all three I think you can feel free to do that unless you already said to the buyer of the one that you would sell him that club. If you did accept the offer of selling one club I believe you should honour that.
  15. You last post and leaving the forum lasted a whole 2hrs . Well done.
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