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  1. These revival isn't asking a question, sounds more like a sales pitch.
  2. Insert a .370 and a .355 shaft into a head. If they go in the same distance they were reamed. If the .355 goes in more than the .370 then they weren't. Keep in mind that Pings are usually a very tight fit at the bottom so make sure you fully insert the shaft.
  3. Why not actually read the BST rules and regulations at the top of the For Sale forum. Here is the link to the forum. It’s not like they’re hidden or something. https://forums.golfwrx.com/forum/56-classifieds-for-sale-forum/
  4. I have played 85% of my golf the last two years with the Wilson Duo Pro
  5. I have the Tru Measure tool from Golfsmith and measure to the end of the shaft with no grip.
  6. I have worn Ecco Bioms for years but the Biom 3 model just doesn't work on my foot, the size 43 cramped my toes and the 44 are too big. Therefore I am selling this pair of size 44 which I have worn for 4 18 hole rounds of golf. They are a Goretex model. Shoes show very little signs of use and are still in vgc. $85 shipped from Canada.
  7. From golfchannel.com 2003 Masters Tournament - Mike Weir Driver: TaylorMade R580 9.5 w/ Fujikura 757 Speeder graphite shaft3 & 5 woods: TaylorMade 200 TourIrons (3-PW): TaylorMade 300Wedges: Titleist Vokey 54 & 60Putter: Scotty Cameron by Titleist Newport Mil-SpecBall: Titleist Pro V1Shoes: Footjoy Gelf
  8. Raise your hand if you believe this will have any impact on driving distance at any level of gold, especially high amateur and professional. Didn't think so.
  9. Course should have absolutely had the info top players that this was going on but the they are still tools.
  10. There have been sets with two gap wedges for 4-5 years. Titleist has had at least one set like that and I can't remember others but they are out there.
  11. Guys shooting the videos are tools.
  12. I've never seen that warning but I do find Winn grips are tougher to blow on which I think is due to them being stiffer than all rubber grips.
  13. I don't have an answer to that either, I just want to know how far I typically hit it.
  14. We’ll just have to agree that you guys are weird
  15. I get knowing your specs and making sure they give you consistent distances. But do you really think about the loft of the club while playing? Thats the part I don't get.
  16. Why do you think about the degree of loft while playing? Why not just know what you hit that 4 iron?
  17. The red SK Fiber Pure Energy or the Graman UL440
  18. The rubber one doesn't fit into the hole but can give you a tighter seal around the hole when the metal one doesn't work.
  19. I'd carry a 10 and 11 in lieu of a PW and GW as that's how I view/use them anyway.
  20. Having watched there for a few hours on in 2014 I can say its the craziest green I have ever seen.
  21. All I have ever used is an air gun similar to this and the nozzle next to the needle inflators. Occasionally I will need to use the rubber tipped one if a better seal is required. This is for install/removal of any and all grips for 20+ years.
  22. It will be fine. Some might chime in and say it will change how the iron plays but all the pro and actual club designers have said over the years its so little to be barely measurable. I have done clubs with that much and didn't notice any adverse affects.
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