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  1. Not playing good enough and not young enough for these clubs, so looking to sell. No trades please. 718 AP2 5-GW w/KBS Tour V 110 (S) +1/4" over Standard (38.25" 5 Iron), 2 Up, Standard Loft & MCC+4 Grips. Also includes new 4 Iron with AMT White still in plastic. Try finding a set in such good condition. $600 $550 Shipped TS2 3 Wood w/Evenflow White (X) 85G, Standard LLL & MCC+4 Grip. Used 2 rounds $175.00 $150.00 Shipped M5 3 Wood w/Fujikura Pro 2 (X) 80G, Standa
  2. Another round of clearing out items from the basement. Not looking for any trades. I think these are priced to sell. Modus Tour 125 Shafts (7-P) These were pulled from a set of Mizuno 850 Forged Irons (7 - PW) that played 1/2" over standard length (37 1/4" 7 Iron) . They did not work for me and I am trying to clear out my old experiments. $45.00 Shipped (CONUS) Modus Tour 125 Wedge Shafts (3 Shafts - 34 1/8" Length) Tried these with the other 125 shafts, but decided to stay with my DGTI S400 shafts. SOLD C Taper S+ Shafts (3-P) Another experiment with the Mizuno 850 Forged irons
  3. I am working on my basement and was instructed to clear out the old golf equipment I have lying around. I feel that these are priced to sell and will not respond to low offers. I am also not really looking for trades as I a set with my bag. First up is a Fujikura Speeder 757 Evolution II in an X Flex The length is a little over 44" with a TM M1 Adapter (See pictures below) I wanted to like the shaft but it did not beat the original 757 Evolution. I purchased the shaft as new for close to $300.00. I just want to get back some of what I have into this shaft. I am looking to get $129.0
  4. R15 Black 10.5 Driver Head with R15 TP Head Cover $75.00 Shipped Aeroburner 3W 15 Degree Head with Hot Melt Port $40.00 Shipped Speeder 757 Tour Spec S Flex M1 Adapter No Grip 44 1/4" Length $90.00 Shipped Speeder Evolution II Tour Spec X Flex M1 Adapter 44 1/8" Length $150.00 Shipped Speeder VC 7.2 Tour Spec S Flex 43 5/8" Length $80.00 Shipped Pro 73 Tour Spec X Flex M1 Adapter 44 1/4" Length $90.00 Shipped Speeder 757 Tour Spec S Flex M1 Adapter 44 3/8" Length $90.00 Shipped
  5. Well season is coming to an end for me and I want to clear out the items that did not make the bag. MP-15 7-P Project X 6.0 1/2" over Standard 2* Upright New Decade Grips (9 iron has Blue Mizuno and others are Grey & Blue) SOLD MP-H5 6-P DG S300 1" over Standard 2* Upright Winn Midsize SOLD Aeroburner TP 3 Wood Aldila Rogue 110 Silver X Flex iOmic Grip $150.00 Shipped
  6. Up for sale is a JPX 850 driver head with everything you need to play using your favorite shaft. JPX 850 Driver Head (Has two blemishes that do not affect play. One on the back of the club and one on the sole.) JPX 850 Mizuno Adapter (Original) JPX 850 Headcover Mizuno Tool Driver Manual SOLD
  7. I have the following shafts for the JPX 850 Driver available: Speeder 7.2 Tour Spec Stiff flex shaft tipped 1/2" and is the standard length for the JPX 850 driver. $100.00 Shipped - CONUS Speeder 6.3 Tour SPec X-Stiff shaft, unitpped. Standard JPX 850 Length SOLD The next driver was my go to driver last year. The Titleist 913 D2 9.5* Driver is a fairway finder and is truly a great driver. It comes with the Aldila Tour Green 75 Stiff shaft the driver length is 44 7/8" long. It comes with the 913 driver headcover and tool. I purchased the head here on BST and when I bought th
  8. Up for sale are shafts that I am not using. They are 913/915 Shafts Driver Shafts: Tour Green 75 S, Pro 73 TS Prices are shipped (CONUS) Fujikura Pro 73 Tour Spec (X Stiff) FIts 913/915 Driver (915 Tip) $95.00 Shipped Aldila Tour Blue 73 (Stiff) Fits in 913/915 Fairway 3 Wood SOLD Mitsubishi Diamana Whiteboard 83 (X Stiff) Fits in 913/915 Fairway 3 Wood. SOLD Aldila Tour Green 65 (Stiff) FIts 913/915 Driver. SOLD Aldila Tour Green 75 (Stiff) Fits 913/915 Driver SOLD Mitisbishi Diamana Whiteboard 73 (X Stiff) Fits 913/915 Driver SOLD Fujikura Speeder 72 Tour Spec (Stiff) Fi
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