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  1. Fanboys are something else! It’s actually kind of sad they will pounce on anything he does even if it is objectively bad.
  2. How can they butcher the Titleist stamping so badly? It’s incredibly off centred. If this was done by anyone else they would be roasted but with Scotty it’s “unique and handcrafted”. I own some Scottys so I’m not a hater just an observation. Some of his stamping looks like the work of a 7 year old. How hard is it to measure twice and cut once?
  3. Looking to get a pushcart. I’ve decided on a non motorized 3 wheel version. Not sure if I should go with a swivel or fixed front wheel design. Any suggestions on which is better? I see caddytek makes both kinds and has favourable reviews.
  4. Birdie ball mats are just a piece of foam that get torn up like a pool noodle. Kids or pets will destroy it instantly.
  5. Is this the stock shaft on the spider x?
  6. Vokey S (Steve Stricker) Grind. This grind was designed with his input for him. He’s known to be a shallow swinger especially with chips (no wrist hinge like Jason Day). /close thread.
  7. J9293

    please lock

    Waiting for you to buy them then put them on the BST 2 days later.
  8. I doubt that even the top PGA tour players noticed a difference between the SM7 and SM8. It’s all marketing jargon. The natural differences in between shots make more of an impact than the 1 mm of CG movement by Titleist. Even swing robots don’t land shots on top of each other so how can you reasonably think a human could discern such a minute difference?
  9. What other putters have had any writing in that spot since the original Anser in 1966 haha.
  10. The “Milled in the USA” placement is a dealbreaker for me. There is a reason no other putter has anything written in that tiny space.
  11. I wish there was an American flag or eagle on the bottom of the putter. There’s lots of empty space there. I love me some Murica! The more stars and strips the better is what I always say! Right boys?
  12. How do those ping knit head covers compare to the other brands non OEM brands?
  13. What is the purpose of a den caddy? Is it purely a decorative piece?
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