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  1. [quote name='Thrillhouse' timestamp='1330908279' post='4436351'] [quote name='jtspectra2' timestamp='1330908058' post='4436323'] That won't be the case, i'm here defending myself, because i would like to keep a good reputation on a site that i browse on a daily basis. I have apologized to the seller and anyone else who feels offended by this. There is nothing more i can do , or say. Thank you for everyone who understands. [/quote] If thats a response to what I said I honestly think that it would be the case and you would get an apology, on top of that since you are here defending yours
  2. [quote name='chickenpotpie' timestamp='1330907932' post='4436301'] [quote name='1tondriver' timestamp='1330906612' post='4436125'] How about whoever pays first gets the item? To me promises are just that, promises. I am not taking sides, just making a suggestion [/quote] Exactly. I don't see any other way. I will take the original buyer at his word. I see no reason to neg him. Now, if he was never to be heard from again, that's a different story. [/quote] That won't be the case, i'm here defending myself, because i would like to keep a good reputation on a site that i browse on a
  3. [quote name='bmoss11' timestamp='1329196170' post='4281857'] Dang man! I really want the hybrid but how did you kill it so fast?!?!? You can't have had for more than a couple weeks right? [/quote] Terrible Lies with a mediocre swing will do that ... iv since touched it up with some GPI golf club paint.. [quote name='Zackerylec' timestamp='1329257097' post='4286383'] Do you still have the 3-wood if so how do you take payment? [/quote] PM SENT
  4. Up for sale i have a RBZ 3 Rescue 19 Degree with a stiff shaft and White/Black Midsize MC grips. Unfortunately the club suffered from a couple of pretty bad swings/lies that left the top line with a couple marks, otherwise this club shows normal ware. Asking 150 OBO Shipped in US Up Next is a Taylormade R11 3 Wood 15.5 Degrees. It has a Fujikura Blur 70 Stiff Flex Shaft, Black and Red NDMC Midsize Grips, headcover and tool. Couple marks on the top-line, and one minor chip on the crown. Other then that pretty normal ware.. Looking for 110 OBO Shipped in US C
  5. i played wind watch today .. and it was brutal.. took a cart, and drank close to 15 bottles of water..
  6. Great ball... have used it since they released it.. i have been toying around with the Callaway tour balls as well, which is another great ball to try.
  7. i understand exactly what your going threw bro. iv been in the same boat for the last couple of rounds.. a couple of bad shots can for sure ruin a round for me.. i just tell myself that i'm not a pro and that i'm out there to have a good time.. usually it helps calm me down. I have thrown a club a couple times in my day, but i try not to make a habit of it, as it makes me look like more of a hack. Just take one shot at a time.. leave the bad shots behind you and move on.. carding a triple or a double just gives me more incentive to lace a couple of good shots together on the next couple holes.
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