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  1. ... I am pretty sure they are just available as a no upcharge option when ordering Titleist irons or wedges.
  2. ... Well Chuck, here is a pic of my graphite iron shaft journey. I forgot I tried to play VS Proto 85's and they were just too light. At 67 I am hanging on to them and in 10 years (LOL) I may start using them again!
  3. ... I played golf with John Oldenburg who of course developed the NV shafts. Way back then he said graphite has the ability to produce anything you want in an iron shaft, something not available to steel. Weight anywhere in the shaft, thickness, kick point, tip/mid/butt stiffness and torque can all be fine tuned to virtually anything you want/need with graphite. He envisioned steel being replaced by graphite in irons although it would be years down the road. But with the cost of premium steel going up and graphite staying the same, the difference isn't so great anymore. Like you, my first roun
  4. ... I had elbow tendonitis in the 90's and switched to graphite in my irons until I got the tendonitis under control. I have not played steel since. The first graphite iron shafts I used were Aldila NV Tours. With 1.3* of torque and 130gms they were even stouter and more accurate than the DGS300's they replaced. VJ Singh was playing them in Flex and they were a hair too much shaft for me. They came out with the NV Pro's and with around 2.2* of torque and 105gms they were much better for my swing. Since then I have played VS Proto 100's, Recoil 95/110's, Recoil Prototype 95's, Steelfiber 95's a
  5. ... I would add unique to the Chicago area is pretty much the only hole you can see at Aberdeen is the hole you are playing. I love that.
  6. ... I was playing at Champions Gate last winter and the David Ledbetter Academy is also there. I was warming up at the range and 3 young Asian girls (15ish) were hitting 7 irons to a specific green. In the most positive way, they looked like robots. Incredible text book swings hitting the green shot after shot. I played for a little over 4 hours and when I came back to my car next to the range they were still there hitting 7 irons to the green. Perhaps they started and ended sessions with that club or they were that dedicated hitting the same club for 4 hours. LPGA Pro's play golf for a living
  7. ... With a lifetime guarantee Tour Edge could (would?) go broke paying for return shipping. I have visited their headquarters and it is small compared to many other OEM's but streamlined and efficient.
  8. ... As stated earlier the 4/5 are one degree strong and the rest are standard loft and 2* up.
  9. ... They are very similar in performance but the KK's are just a little less dampened feeling.
  10. ... Looks really good to me. Good luck with them!
  11. ... I am with A69, that is a bit harsh with Augusta conditions. As is? I would not play it for free even with drinks and lunch included.
  12. ... Played Naperbrook yesterday and got paired up with an Army recruiter that joined right out of high school. I have never seen anyone drive the ball farther. As an example on #9 a 372 yd par 4 from the tips, he drove it in the green side bunker. Wind right to left so not hurting but not helping. On the 563 yd par 5 #14 he hit driver - 3 iron just over the green. Crazy thing was he had a very normal looking swing taking it to parallel but then just flash arm/hand speed thru the impact zone. The ball made a completely different sound than I have ever heard. He is gonna put in his 20 years then
  13. ... Yup, If I can't walk the course I am not playing.
  14. ... About a month ago Naperbrook/Springbrook sent out an email that they will start charging extra for single cart riders. The very next day I received another email apologizing for the previous email and "due to customer concerns" would not be charging more for single riders. Health concerns were of the utmost importance to both courses (a billion complaints cough) and they wanted every player to have access to their own carts.
  15. 4 Drivers ALL with upgraded shafts and in EXCELLENT condition:1. Tensei PRO Orange R-flex shaft with Cobra adaptor Very rare combination of a very stiff tipped shaft in R Flex. Perfect for someone with an aggressive swing that has lost a little swing speed. The Pro Orange sells for $450 alone. $199 and I pay shipping!!!2. Cobra F8 Driver with upgraded Aldila Rogue While 130 70gm shaft in S-Flex. Excellent combination of forgiveness, low spin and high launch. 44.5" Tour Length. Upgraded 16gm/6gm weights with 2gm blank and 12gm weight included. Head Cover and Wrench.$175 and I pay shipping!!!3.
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