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  1. ... Took a chance on The Raven and was pretty happy with the conditions. Shot 2 under with 4 birdies so while there is still some sand on the greens, they rolled true albeit a little slower than normal. Rest of the course is in good shape.
  2. ... If you are interested in playing Aguila where the greens are rolling the best I have ever seen, you need to play this weekend. They are aerating the fairways and greens on Monday.
  3. ... Congrats and good for you two! I went thru that this past winter in Phoenix and every offer was countered with "We have a $50,000-75,000 over the listed price offer. Are you willing to beat that?" I told my agent I didn't even want to pay the offer price let alone an extra 50k LOL. And these were homes selling for $325 - 375k not million dollar homes. I had to go new construction in early March and bad news: it is a 9 month build. Good news: already gone up $35k in 4 months. This housing market is insane so glad to hear you got what you wanted.
  4. ... That reminds me of the yardage books that say something like "long and straight won't hurt you here". LOL when does it?
  5. ... Yup nothing worse than a good golfer thinking they are on tour or a bad golfer thinking they are on the range.
  6. ... We live in a different era now. iPhones and a 6 foot circle of existence. Anything outside that simply does not exist. Not uncommon to mirror Argonnes experience of hitting to the green, chipping and putting only to find the group on the next tee still talking with the group in front of them on the green. I have been paired up as a single with these kinds of groups and almost universally when I tell them we are 1 to 2 holes behind and we are backing groups up behind us only to see them glance back with a blank look on their face like the idea of anyone else on the course just had not occur
  7. ... Late to this thread but just wanted to add another opinion. For me, the King Tour MIM irons are the best irons I have ever played. I hav not hit the Forged Tee other than into a net but the MIM long irons are just so good I could not imagine having a mixed set. I play mine pw-4 iron and my 4 I is a real go to for a myriad of shots. Off the tee, 2nd shots on par 5's and love it for approach shots. After playing P790's I thought I might still play the 4i with MIM in 5-pw but after playing the MIM 4i it wasn't necessary. The slight trade off is better feel and accuracy for a few less yards an
  8. ... Played a practice round at Aguila today. I probably played there 120 times this winter and I never saw it this lush. Greens are a little shaggy looking since they have so much grass on them but as you said they rolled nicely. I didn't start til 5pm but easily got in 18 playing multiple balls on most every hole. Pi$$ed me off that there were some ball marks on greens that were not repaired. When there are only 1 or 2 on the entire green it is VERY obvious and takes a real dick not to repair them. Still a little shocked at how lush the fairways are LOL. Certainly not getting the kinda roll i
  9. ... Bummer. I played there the 2 days before the aeration and it was in really good shape. I don't remember a problem with any tee boxes but I don't play the tips, fairways were pretty clean and greens were green and rolling nice, albeit a hair slow. GM told me should be about 3 weeks before it is back to those same playing conditions. Sounds like they aerated and then just stopped ALL maintenance. I really like Raven when it is 105 and above because there is so much shade on the course.
  10. ... Living in Bolingbrook that crook of a mayor declared we would get resident rates. We did for about 1 year. When it first opened I was impressed because it was in immaculate condition, they had fresh fruit with lemonade or tea with cups and a big tub of ice on the first tee. Within 2 years the greens started looking worse than a muni with ball marks galore and way worse than Naperbrook, which is saying something. With so may straight par 4's it doesn't have much character but enough good holes and again maintained like a CC so I played it several times a year. ... First they got rid of
  11. ... If any of you were jealous about Phoenix golf in the winter, payback is a bich. 115* yesterday and 116* today with close to 20% humidity. Just going into a Whole Foods and coming back to the car I almost burnt my fingers touching the door handle. I am amazed at the difference between 8% and 18% humidity. Couple more days of this and then back to a "cool" 106*.
  12. ... This is a HUGE pet peeve from OEM's. Order a club and it is on a 2-3 month back order. Take a close look at a sight like TM and you see : Head can ship 7/20 Shaft can ship 7/20 Grip can ship 9/25 ... WTF?!?!? Just let the customer know which grips you have in stock that can can ship on 7/20.
  13. ... I played there all winter with a remote cart, walking for $22 senior rate while everyone else was over $100-200. I agree it is hard to beat the views, layout and conditions for the price.
  14. ... So true. At 68 I am pretty long for my age, usually around 260 and of course every now and then really get one out there. But just like you, my HUGE drive of about 285 with everything in my favor from wind to fairway slope, the guys I am playing with think it is not just 300 but well over 300. To be fair, I can hit it 300 and over in the Phoenix winter when they don't water fairways adding in 1200ft of altitude so 50yds of roll or more isn't unique, but of course my carry of around 230 to 240 max is the same. I have found Phoenix to be about 25yds longer off the tee and about 1/2 club more
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