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  1. ... I have 2 Abatross. I don't have a hole in one. The Golf Gods even had some fun with me at Boughton Ridge #3 when I hit my first shot in the water, re-teed and holed the next shot for par. As if they were saying you could have a HIO but we just aren't gonna let you. Some make the argument an Albatross is more impressive than a HIO but the truth is I am aiming right at flags on many par 3's but both of my 2's on par 5's were just aimed at the green, bounced down the slope of a mountain in Asheville NC and somehow found the hole. Good shots for sure but much more luck than a HIO on a par 3 when you are aiming at the flag in my opinion.
  2. ... Cog Hill was part of my normal rotation with Naperbrook, Carillon and Prairie Bluff. Especially on the weekend with the Mrs who loved #1 and #2. But in 2020 the conditions got so bad we stopped playing there. It is a real shame Frank let Joe's dream of a Country Club experience for public golf evaporate into thin air. It was never an attainable goal of course but Joe at least made the effort keeping cart paths off his course and I loved how he aereted 1/2 of the green putting the flag on the good side, then 2 weeks later coming back and doing the other half and putting the flags on the healed half. Frank lets big tines with no sand fill take months to recover, if it ever does. And lastly a strictly enforced pace of play with a "Please pick up the pace and c etc h the group in front of you" followed by "You will have to pick up your balls and move to the next hole" and the 3rd strike a request to leave the course with a full refund. All that disappeared when Frank took over. Such a shame.
  3. ... I have not played any of those. Sounds like I should keep it that way.
  4. ... A bunch of regulars usually get the first 3 tee times and finishing is not a problem, unless something earlier in the day sets things back a few tee times. But for Dec/Jan anytime after the first 3 tee times is hit or miss. And of course every now and then it is just a slow round and finishing can be a problem. But Mon-Fri 3:50 to 4:10 is pretty much standard. Sat and Sun are crap shoots.
  5. ... Thanks, I have played all of those with the exception of Sterling Grove and Longbow. I will check them out.
  6. ... After spending 3.5 months in the winter of 2019 and now 1 full year as a permanent resident in Phoenix I thought I would post my 5 least favorite and most favorite public courses. Not "best" just favorites. Basically semi retired I play 5 or 6 times a week and played lots of courses but I have soooo many more to play. I pretty much play twilite exclusively since my twice operated on back from college football makes mornings impossible. Plus I am just not a morning person. Obviously this is subjective and I expect some will feel very differently but hopefully I can find some of the courses to avoid and others that are a must play. In no particular order: Least favorite: 1. Lookout Mountain. I prefer walking and really don't care for homes on the course. Long distance rides in a cart are just not something I appreciate unless the views are spectacular. 2. Las Sendas. Played it with 3 out of towners and several times we had no idea where to hit our tee shots. Not a fan of blind greens either. 3. The Duke. I have not played it this year but when I did there was zero grass on the fairways. I could not believe the course was packed! 4. Ahwatukee. I am sure no comment is necessary. 5. Cave Creek. Just too goofy for me, especially the greens. Favorites: 1. Quintero. We didn't have courses like this in Chicago and both times I have played it was visually stunning. Played all par 3's from the tips. 2. Verrado Founders. Pretty wide open course with excellent views and elevation changes. I love a course where most of the holes you are on is the only one you can see. 3. Southern Dunes. Already talked about on this thread but I love everything about Ak Chin. From the range to the super friendly staff and a layout I enjoy that has always been in great shape. 4. Raven. During the summer the shade from the tree lined course was a real savior. I did a 3 month membership and grew to love the place for $25 a round. 5. Aguila. Playing 5-6 times a week the cost adds up quickly. I use a remote cart with a senior city card so $23.89 is a bargain for this fun and challenging course, especially when I factor in 1 free round after 10 paid for dropping the price to $21.70 in the middle of snowbird season. ... Courses that have been highly recommended but I have not yet played are We Ko Pa, Dinosaur Mountain, Troon North and Eagle Mountain.
  7. ... True dat. I have lived here one year now and played Southern Dunes several times but it took me a few minutes to figure it out.
  8. Chip Beck has a degree in journalism from the University of Georgia. But even he has been surprised at the media's reaction to a decision he made during the final round of the Masters.The Fayetteville native was second - three shots behind the man who would win, Bernhard Langer - as the two came to the par-5, 15th hole that Sunday. Beck's tee shot left him with 236 yards to carry the pond, a total of 250 to the pin. Many observers, including several television analysts, felt Beck should have tried to reach the green in two in hopes of making an eagle. That, they said many times in print and on TV, was his only chance to win the Masters. But Beck - who went on to lay up, make par and lose a shot to Langer - felt it was too much of a gamble. He thought there were too many birdie holes remaining to make it worth the risk. The difficult decision nonetheless made, Beck has been surprised by the people who second-guessed him. ``It was like they didn't know anything about golf,' Beck said. ``It's an ego game (with them). People want that 'Hail Mary' pass. That's the way Americans look at sports. ``But I think it's pretty ignorant to throw it all away on one shot when you're playing well. If it had been my last chance, I would have. But the pins were open, and there were birdie holes left.' Complicating the decision were several factors. Beck's tee shot had landed on a mound, and he would be hitting into a wind. Not to mention, he had new woods which he had played just five days. I was 10 yards short of my go spot,' he said. It's hard to make something out of nothing.
  9. ... LOL, the amount of times I am paired up with a player that thinks they can hit a shot through a small opening in the trees after slicing/hooking a tee shot/iron from the fairway or carry water that would take their absolute best contact or continue to blade/chunk chips when they could be using a putter from just off the green is just mind boggling. It seems most recreational players are much more Tin Cup and less Chip Beck.
  10. ... Reminds me of my two favorite quotes: Davis Love Jr told DLIII never follow a bad shot with a great shot. Follow a bad shot with a good shot. Annika had to hit a cut around a tree for a chance to par and win, but just wedged it back into the fairway, stuck her iron close and made the putt to win anyway. After the round asked why she didn't hit the fade and she said she never attempts a shot unless she is positive she can pull it off at least 80% of the time. That was a game changer for me.
  11. ... Since I play twilight 4-5 times a week during the winter at Aguila they let me know there would be college tournaments Monday and Tuesday and most likely 5+ hour rounds so I booked Encanto for 2 days. Exactly the opposite with very shaggy, soggy fairways and slow greens and I mean S-L-O-W. I cancelled Tuesdays round and back to Aguila Wednesday.
  12. ... OK, enough Naperbrook and Prairie Bluff posts, you guys are making me homesick. Disease hit those trees a few years ago and sadly all of them removed. The mound was always there just more prominent without the trees. While it ruined the aesthetics and not in play for better players although those trees did provide some protection from hackers, most high index muni players slice and those trees were a real PIA on both holes so it improved pace of play. ... Ball marks were always hit or miss at NBrook but more often than not 20 or more was pretty normal. I joined a good player in his 40's that didn't repair his ball marks and after 3 holes of fixing his and others I asked him why he wasn't repairing his and I was not completely shocked to hear "there are so many, why bother?" and I hit him with some cliches of well then you are part of the problem and it is never wrong to do the right thing, fix yours and a few others and we don't have a problem. All I got was a shrug and he still didn't fix them. While he was the exception for better players I played with too many golfers of all levels that never fixed any ball marks. What sucks is like you, those of us that care would fix 5 or more every green but it felt like living in New Orleans and putting out 5 sand bags during a hurricane.
  13. ... Per Public Enemy lyrics "Don't Believe The Hype" it is always difficult for any course to live up to expectations unless it is an 11 on a 1-10 scale. Having Played Mistwood before the changes, I always loved the course and the changes made it even better. But I would not call it a must play. I made that mistake with John Oldenburg then the VP of Design at Aldila when I invited him to play there and he said he liked the course but it wasn't anything special. Of course he has played some of the best courses in the world. I do think playing mostly Cog Hill #1 and occasionally #2, Naperbrook, Prairie Bluff and Carillon as my normal courses, Mistwood seemed like a much better course.
  14. ... Played Aguila today, the first day open after overseeding. This is my first overseed season so pretty interesting. Hardly no roll and shaggy fairways with slow rolling greens that were not quite as bad as I expected. We played behind the last group of 120 high school girls qualifying for State. Riding carts allowed in the rough or on cart path only but 120 girls rolling push carts down the fairway didn't seem like the best idea. This picture is just off the #9 tee box.
  15. ... After 4 rounds, all over 5 hours to play, I never went back to Springbrook. I was a little surprised to see 4:20 the suggested time so no wonder over 5 hours is the norm. Naperbrook was almost always under 4 hours especially during the week so when I wasn't playing Prairie Bluff, I was at Naperbrook.
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