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  1. ... A friend of mine used to be the assistant GM at Fresh Meadows so I played for free. That is the ONLY way I would play that course.
  2. ... I have written club reviews for many years now and usually have new irons in my bag every year. Sometimes it is difficult to let go of irons I really like and embrace the new irons. The truth is when it comes to modern Players Irons, it is very rare for one to have much of a performance advantage over another. I was playing the P790's in soft midwest conditions and loved them but wintered in Phoenix and they just did not spin enough to hold the hard and fast desert greens and I picked up a set of P760's. Problem solved. Almost all irons have trade offs and in this case the 760's produced m
  3. ... I can't think of a more polarizing course than Big Run. I would not play it for free because it seems like it was designed as a senior class engineering project. I always walk and I really don't like the BR walk.
  4. ... Crazy huh? I spent the 2019 winter in Phoenix to decide if I wanted to move here. As a single I played lots of $200-300 courses on Golf Now from $39-59 all winter long when they had one slot to fill on the day of. This year thanks to Covid and the "whole golf industry boom/revitalization" those deals have completely disappeared. Tough to justify paying $175-250 for those same courses when I can play Aguila and Papago, the excellent muni's here for $22 and $30 with a Senior City Card. I understand after Spring Training and once May and the 100*+ temps arrive the price drop considerably ...
  5. ... I will experience my first 115+ temps this summer so there is that for perspective too.
  6. ... Ahhhh snow and some perspective. Yesterday in Phoenix it was in the low 60's with 20mph winds so everyone canceled their tee times. I play 5/6 days a week and Saturday/Sunday are my days off but had this happened on any other day I would cancel too. Too many mid to upper 70 days with sunshine and light winds to struggle in the "cold" weather. I was house shopping and the amount of people I saw in COATS, gloves and hats with sunshine and low 60's was just mind boggling.
  7. ... I hope you are right, last spring was crazy in Chicago. Phoenix is still in the middle of it. Not only is it the current Covid hot spot thanks to many idiots, demand for golf is so high that Golf Now really has no viable Hot Deals. When I spent the winter here in 2018 I played tons of nice courses for $39, $49 and $59 but this year all those same courses are over $100 and higher for "Hot Deals" and considerably more expensive for normal rates. Thankfully Aguila is a muni and I play with a City Senior Card for $22 walking, but pretty much exclusively my only course along with Papago to mix
  8. ... Nice! Putting is one on the strongest parts of my game and probably the only part I have never tinkered with. I had a fitting with Chris at Mistwood expecting loft to be adjusted and that was about it. There was so much more though. I had my eyes about 3" inside the line and have a heavy gate stroke. Turned out any tempo and stroke length was just about identical for every stroke. Chris asks are you a streaky putter and I respond no. He says how about this, you are an excellent lag putter but some days the 3-8 footers just don't fall as you burn the edges on both sides? And I say well yea,
  9. ... You guys would LYAO at the Phoenix locals. Yesterday was 58*, a light breeze and cloudy instead of the sunny 65+ it is normally. Golfers in long pants, jackets, beanies and some wearing mittens between shots LOL. Played with a local today that had a tee time yesterday but cancelled due to the "cold weather".
  10. ... Not to rub it in your faces but I played 8 days in a row and needed a break. The sky in Phoenix is usually cloudless and so blue it looks like it was painted. My favorite little muni is Aguila and with a Phoenix city card it is $22 to walk. Most are well over $100 in season so this is a bargain and then some. This is #12 a 430 yd par 4 but with the hard and fast desert fairways and downhill about 260 out I usually have a mid iron to the hole. Back in Chicago I would be hitting a hybrid for my second shot. Stay warm guys!
  11. ... I played this course a lot with a gentle dog leg left and trees guarding the turn, so the right side was the smart play. Often I would be just off the fairway and say 5 yds short of the 150 marker. Back left pin would add another 10 yds so I figured about 165. I came up short way to often and was always a little perplexed by this. Got my first rangefinder and found the yardage to the back left pin was closer to 190. My guess is it was a combination of the fairway moving left, a large green that was slanted a bit right to left and perhaps the 150 marker was off by a few yards. But that is a
  12. ... I am packing up to move to Phoenix and I have too many electric carts. 3 remote and when push behind. I thought I would give you guys a shot at one of them. It is a Mottocaddy S7 Remote controlled cart that sold for $1899 new. Comes with everything including the original box, remote, battery and charger. US Service center for Mottocaddy is in Aurora so if something ever goes wrong they are right here which is very convenient. It is 3-4 years old but I have not used it much because I prefer the Zip Navigator. It is in great shape. I would like to sell it for $499. Local pick up in Bolin
  13. Home | Book A Tee Time | Contact Us Springbrook and Naperbrook will remain open, weather permitting, this winter! Off-season rates continue through March 31, 2021 All green fees are discounted Twilight rates begin at 12:00 PM daily Weekday afternoon rates as low as $15 Senior rates as low as $12
  14. ... I will be long gone but kinda surprised to get an email saying Naperbrook/Springbrook will be open all winter this year. No carts but I am guessing nobody would ride in the cold when walking is the only thing to keep you warm. Might be good info if you guys get one of those 45-50* days unexpectedly.
  15. ... Good point, very dark show. Especially if you have anyone dealing with mental illness in your family.
  16. ... Yup, as an actor I think Better Call Saul is one of the best shows ever made. The cinematography is mind boggling every single show. I have never seen anything like it. Of course it is also very well written with great performances. I agree Ozark is also a special must show. Those 2 alone can keep you busy for quite awhile.
  17. ... Thanks. Phoenix forever. I grew up in the South but moved here in 78 expecting to stay 1 maybe 2 years max, so I am finally getting back to a warm climate.
  18. ... Played my last round at Naperbrook before moving to Phoenix next month. Had the pleasure of playing with an Asian Dad and his 12 yr old son, an only child. I mention only child because he interacted with me right from the first tee like I was someone he knew, completely comfortable talking with a 67 yr old stranger. He was big for his age, more like a 15 yr old but a really nice game for a 12 yr old. I am guessing he shot somewhere in the low to mid 80's and only because he hit a few pop up drives working on a swing change. Just a really solid al around game and he out drove me twice playi
  19. ... I wish I could say I am shocked, but of course I am not.
  20. ... Exactly. When I spent the winter there in 2019 I could usually book a single twilite rate at Aguila on the day of Mon-Fri and sometimes Sat/Sun with enough time to finish. Mornings are probably a different story but I never play in the morning.
  21. ... Amen. I play 4-6 times a week and Prairie Bluff is just a left turn on Renwick instead if a right turn and I play there so much they give me resident rates so I can play there 3 times for the cost of 1 round at Mistwood. Naperbrook is even less expensive. But like you, I also make it a point to turn right and play Mistwood at least once a year too.
  22. ... When I first played Carillon there was that one Condo being built at the tee on #11 and a trailer in a gravel parking lot. NO house anywhere and we walked, several times thinking we took a wrong turn but got through a cornfield and finally found a tee box on the other side.
  23. ... I don't think I would enjoy playing Mistwood with 21 mph winds like expected Thursday. Friday looks much better with 8 mph winds but no tee times til 2 pm.
  24. ... Com'on Argonne don't tell vacationers about Aguila. For the money it is a hidden gem that most people don't know about and since I am moving to Phoenix in December I would like to keep it that way!
  25. ... I agree that a reachable par 5 or short par 4 should have difficult greens. I have no problem with the undulations and depending on where your second shot lands, you can have a difficult putt. Say you are back right or back left and the pin is 2 feet from the bottom of either slope a really putt will go 2 feet past the hole but you have a straight uphill next putt. My complaint was if that pin is literally on that slope, a really good putt will roll 4 feet past and your next putt will have to navigate the slope the pin is on which sometimes rolls just left/right/short and then rolls back a
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