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  1. ... Played Aguila today, the first day open after overseeding. This is my first overseed season so pretty interesting. Hardly no roll and shaggy fairways with slow rolling greens that were not quite as bad as I expected. We played behind the last group of 120 high school girls qualifying for State. Riding carts allowed in the rough or on cart path only but 120 girls rolling push carts down the fairway didn't seem like the best idea. This picture is just off the #9 tee box.
  2. ... After 4 rounds, all over 5 hours to play, I never went back to Springbrook. I was a little surprised to see 4:20 the suggested time so no wonder over 5 hours is the norm. Naperbrook was almost always under 4 hours especially during the week so when I wasn't playing Prairie Bluff, I was at Naperbrook.
  3. ... I had back surgeries in 92' and again in 95' and my Ortho told me not got carry or ride in a cart or I would be looking at surgery #3. Remote carts were just becoming a thing back then and I was all in. First 3 or 4 carts all fell apart after 1 year, replaced and then went out of business so I went to a non remote with the Mottocaddy S1 and it worked great so I invested in the Motocaddy S7 with remote and it was very reliable. The problem with many is they tend to wander and need constant corrections. When I found the MGI Quad with a gyroscope I had to give it a try and it worked as advertised, no more correcting as the gyroscope keeps it on track if it moves down a slope or the fairway slants. As 596 said "you don't even have to think about it. Just walk and play golf." It becomes like breathing and you don;t even notice you are guiding it with the remote. ... I ended up giving the Quad to the Mrs and bought the MGI ZIP because the battery is smaller but lasts 36 holes. One day I forgot I had used it 2 rounds and figured it would die on the back but it made not for 54 holes and I was impressed. Wouldn't try it again as dying on the back 9 is no fun but good to know it will always last 36. ... Kinda interesting you are the same age as me, 68 and I can't tell you how many golfers have said to me something like if they were in better shape they would get a remote cart, and I always reply "if you used one you will be in better shape". As a lifelong athlete, staying in shape and continuing to compete at a high level is important to me and walking with the MGI ZIP 5 or 6 times a week plays a big role in keeping me fit.
  4. ... We played behind a 2some that brought a case of beer in their bags and then put it in their cart with some ice there. They were informed they could not bring beer on the course and they were furious. They put it back in their car and at the turn tried to sneak it back on to the course, easily seen and they were asked to leave. They went on an unbelievable rant like 2 yr olds and said they would trash the course on line. Thankfully we got to play the back drama free as playing behind a 2some that wanted to consume an entire case is not my idea of a fun afternoon on the golf course. ... I will admit it was my favorite course in Chicago and I knew everyone that worked there. As you said, they make sure everyone keeps pace and for 90% of players they are applauded. But 10% are quite unhappy they can't back up the course playing at their own speed.
  5. ... I am guessing you are born and raised in the area? I was born and raised in the south so rarely saw s**w and then it melted in a day or two. I didn't experience "real cold" until moving to work at WZZD in Philly. 1.5 years later took a job at WEFM in Chicago arriving in June. I will always remember my first day when the temps were near zero for the first time in my life and showed up to work in fur lined boots, mittens, new down coat and a wool beanie and my Program Director said "Nice outfit. What are you gonna wear when it gets cold?"
  6. ... 40's brrrrrr. Gonna be only 70* tomorrow and I am sure I will need a jacket! As I post about beautiful blue skies and warm temps in Phoenix over the winter, I am experiencing my first fall Over Seeding season. All courses close down for 2-4 weeks and when they reopen it is CPO for up to 6 weeks. I understand even me walking with my remote MGI cart will be tough as they water religiously to help the new grass grow so it is gonna be a rough 2 months. "Rough" being relative of course.
  7. ... Just did the same and Clown Show sums it up. Just posted a long reply and it should be interesting to hear the closed minded replies. Used my favorite John Cleese video.
  8. ... Wow, reading this whole thread is beyond interesting. I have said this before but all of this boils down to people are either considerate or inconsiderate. That means ALL situations on a golf course are fluid as there are no "Normally I ...." because I have been behind 4 twenty somethings blaring country music, riding the carts next to tee boxes 3 feet off the cart path saving them 1/2 step and killing the grass while checking their phones and carrying on conversations with holes open in front off them and never saw a cart girl they couldn't stop. I have also been behind 4 old codgers just taking their sweet time because they are retired and in no hurry to get back to the house going to each tee shot as a 4some like ants unable to go to their own shots. The flip side is being behind 20 somethings that are + index playing the tips and looking to roll right over anyone in front of them and older players looking to break the tee to green speed record. Point being and referencing an earlier post ... people are weird. ... Considerate people recognize George Carlin was onto something when he said "You ever notice anyone driving slower than you is a MORON and anyone driving faster than you is a MANIAC! Same for golf as that is the mantra of inconsiderate people and explains many of the responses in this post. Considerate golfers know there are people both faster and slower than they are and play accordingly letting faster players through regardless of day, time or course and understand they will be behind slower groups at times and as long as they are not more than a hole behind they are playing at a reasonable pace too. ... I play as a single 80% of the time because I am an actor depending on auctions to make my living and find it difficult to schedule rounds in advance. I always prefer to be paired up with others and welcome pairing up during the round if I catch up to another single, 2 some or 3 some. That said some don't like the company and prefer I play through and frankly if they don't want me playing with them, why would I want to join someone that doesn't want my company? ... As a + index I have always hated the handicap system as it is solely designed to stop cheating but not give an indication of playing ability. Sure, if I belonged to a CC and it was the only course I played it might be reasonably fair but still doesn't represent a streaky player that can shoot 75 one day and 85 the next. Throwing out my highest scores makes little to no sense, other than stopping me from cheating by inflating my index with high rounds. Playing one of the two munis I spend most of my time playing I will shoot somewhere between 68 and 73 very consistently. Playing an unfamiliar course, not knowing the greens like the back of my hand or knowing where to place my tee or approach shots I can hit the ball similar to my home course but shoot 75-80. This same ridiculous thinking is behind singles cannot record a score for handicap purposes. The game is a game of honor when played seriously. I play strictly by the rules whether I am alone or with someone. And when paired with strangers I could "cheat" just as easily with them as they are paying zero attention to me or "cheat" alone so it just makes no sense at all, again other than the obvious. Seems if you want to cheat you could just fill out a scorecard and get a bogus signature without even playing if that is your goal. ... And lastly there are many reasons to play golf. I am 68yrs old, in good shape, an ex college athlete and enjoy the physical and mental challenge while attempting to beat a 66, my current low round. For me golf is a competitive sport. I don't have a phone open and there should be a rhythm to the round allowing me to physically perform at my best. 2 back surgeries from playing football means standing around is bad for my game and worse for my body. Constant movement is best so judging pace of play and adjusting my walking speed and pace of play on the tee box and green to the pace set that day is important to my performance. Playing behind guys in carts with loud music, plenty to drink, more interested in conversations than playing golf is also a legit reason to play as long was they keep pace and respect the course. This is right back to Carlin's observations "You ever notice that Word not allowedholes in carts enjoying themselves and not taking playing golf seriously are MORONS and anyone being serious [email protected] without drinking or listening to music and wanting to move at a constant and serious pace is a MANIAC! ... It's your choice whether you want to be a considerate golfer or an inconsiderate gofer. But it has been my experience that just like slow players don't know they are slow, inconsiderate golfers have no idea they are inconsiderate as evidenced in this thread.
  9. ... Playing 5 or 6 times a week and about 80% of the time as a single paired with strangers I have played with my share of slow groups. My two observations are people are either considerate or inconsiderate and that can be beginner or experienced. Although it happens more with the 20-30 somethings than older players, older players are not immune from being inconsiderate, but I am always a little amazed at how someone can play on a public golf course and be completely unaware of the people around them. Like someone in Costco talking very loudly on their cell phone up and down every isle unaware of the people trying to shop and talk to each other at a normal decibel or even think without their phone "conversation" drowning everything out. The second is most slow groups I am paired with never have to wait on others so they have no idea what it is like to be behind themselves. They tee off at their leisure on every hole because there is nobody in front of them.
  10. ... I remember a brisk fall day around 50* with 25+ mph winds dead in our face and we both hit driver from the tips on 14 with the tees almost off the back of the box and neither of us reached the green both landing in the barranca. Last time I played the tips there.
  11. ... I tried to play set of i10's years ago and although the performance was excellent, they felt dead and it was difficult to feel where on the face I made contact. I used them for 2 rounds and sold them. ... This year I played with 2 Pro's from Desert Mountain in Phoenix at Aguila, a really nice muni. They didn't want to run into any members on their day off so they were "slumming" LOL. One pro playing Titleist 690MB's shot an 83 from the tips at 7007 and the other shot a 64 playing Ping G410's. To be fair to the 690 player, he got stoned and was drinking more than a few while his pard had one beer on the front and one on the back and passed on the weed but datum an 83? I asked the guy that ended up shooting the 64 if he was under contract to use the 410's and he shrugged saying No but he doesn't get to play as much as he would like and can use all the forgiveness he can get. After watching him hit accurate towering iron shots with uncanny distance control over and over again that always found the green I didn't bother asking him about feel. Probably the best ball striker I ever played with.
  12. ... Tale of 2 courses: Played Aguila yesterday and the fairways are pretty shaggy as they probably aren't mowing until over seeding. No roll but the greens are decent and the course is playable. Complete opposite at the Raven today where they have shaved the fairways looking like dormant grass and the ball is rolling quite a bit. Already sodded some of the tee boxes that are thankfully nice and flat and again, course is very playable.
  13. ... I was paired with a group like that Saturday and by hole #4 a long par 5, the group in front of us were leaving the green as we approached the tee box. On the green I said to the 3 guys I was paired up with that we haven't waited since the first tee, we had the par 5 open and there are now 2 groups playing the hole behind us. As usual they turned around to look as if this thought never crossed their minds. The interesting thing was they did nothing egregious to effect pace of play but a combination of a little of everything like talking just a hair too long before hitting, taking 2-3 practice swings each and riding to each others ball instead of going to their own or taking a club and walking to their ball while their pard hit. ... Nice enough guys and we finished in 4:10 so again not brutal for a weekend but if they just paid attention to their pace of play we would have stayed with the group in front of us. We finished in almost complete darkness and I felt for the 2 groups behind driving past us by on the 18th tee box and giving us that look of "nobody on the green and you guys are still on the tee? Don't f*****g play twilite!"
  14. ... Here is my cache of Lost but not Found balls. I usually give them to my playing partners but if playing alone or if they don't want them, I end up giving them to a local kids golf association. Pretty good amount of crappier TaylorMade and Callaway balls too:
  15. ... Yup, while I do find a surprising amount of Kirklands, the Titleist's are waaaaaay in front. Why someone pays for Tour Soft or Velocity balls when others are comparable and much cheaper is a mystery, other than wanting to play a Titleist of course. But finding ProV1's sliced on the right side of the fairway in woods, weeds or water is probably the clear winner.
  16. ... You guys should play in Phoenix. Most bunker have very high lips with zero and I mean ZERO sand in the bunkers. They are like compacted cart paths. They claim high winds cause the sand to get blown out of the bunkers but after living here a year, Chicago gets waaaaaaay more wind. I have been disappointed in bunkers like at Cog Hill #1 but would love those bunkers now. ... On another note after the last 4 months with 100-118* heat every day, it was 68* with some drizzle today and I needed a jacket. I remember playing in Chicago and 68* in March/April was almost hot LOL.
  17. ... It was better than I originally thought. * means all tee boxes are being played G = gold, W = white, S = Silver and B = black: 1. G only (par 4) 2. G only (3) 3. * 4. * 5. B, W, G (4) 6. * 7. G only (3) 8. * 9. * 10. * 11. W, G (3) 12. * 13. * 14. B, G (3) 15. * 16. * 17. * 18. S, W, G (4)
  18. ... I am playing there tomorrow (Thursday) so I will see if they have done more tee boxes and will let you know which tee boxes are torn up now. Irony being I played Dobson for the first time today and not a fan of tricked up greens. Only a few silly difficult pin placements but unnatural slopes and tiers just ain't my cup of tee.
  19. ... I was shooting a commercial as a spokesman for bathroom fixtures and the CEO hears me talking about Dubs and asks if I would like to play a new course he built that wouldn't be ready for another year but was playable now and would like my opinion. I figured what does a guy that sells toilets know about golf courses and since it was on the lake I knew it would be very windy. Thanked him but said I only had my suit and no clubs or clothes, although I did have sneakers. He said he had clubs and shorts and shirts he could provide and again I am thinking I am not interested in playing a windy goat track with Tour Edge (guessing) clubs. So again I passed on Herb's invitation. ... Had he said he was building a championship quality course and was hoping to attract a Major I would have taken him up on his offer. But the flip side is I didn't ask and just assumed so I deserved to miss out on one of the 2 best opportunities in my acting career. The other was in my late 20's I did a live show for Hitachi at McCormick place and at the conclusion I was invited to a closing party at a hotel near OHare where the CEO was flying in his personal Sushi Chef with an all fresh Japanese catch that morning. I thought "Raw fish? No thanks".
  20. ... Here is a picture from a Snakebite gap wedge divot yesterday from an upscale semi private course Club head with a thin sole and and pretty sharp leading edge can't even get cleanly through the wiry Bermuda producing an exploding divot. (I filled the other idiots divot too).
  21. ... Played Aguila today and it was in pretty decent shape. High schoolers on the front so I started on the back and by the time I got to #9 (18 for the day) I saw a big tractor tearing up the 10th fairway. Seems more than a few courses are getting a jump on course maintenance before over seeding. I thought I would have right up to the start date but evidently not...
  22. ... I played Raven twice last week at 3pm and we saw nobody in front of us or behind us all day. Other days it is sporadic at best although a slow 4some can grind things to a halt. So I get it, they are inconveniencing a few to serve the many snowbirds about to descend on their course with much fatter wallets. Moving here last December this is my first fall as a second class citizen.
  23. ... While The Raven is in really good shape, especially the greens, they started tearing up tee boxes yesterday with several having only the forward box open. Too many crowned tee boxes so this is desperately needed but I wonder why they didn't wait until over seeding starting Oct 4th? I joined the Arcis Players Club for Aug/Sept mainly to have the shade in the summer heat so I will continue to take advantage of the $25 afternoon rate through Sept 30th but disappointed in this early maintenance.
  24. ... Just a quick anti bad golfer post. Playing in 105* heat today as a single behind a twosome. Caught up to a slower 3 some on #7 and after #9 I noticed they let the twosome play through. So I grabbed some ice at the clubhouse and went to the tee figuring they would be gone but they were waiting for me and said "we figured you would probably like to play through and since nobody was behind you we just waited". I was pleasantly surprised.
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