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  1. TaylorMade's best selling iron is the P790, hence the P770 is more similar to it than the P760 was. It is difficult to find sets of either the P790 or P770 in stores, but there are still sets of band new P760 out there. So it is unlikely that they will revisit that design, but lessons can be learned, and improvements can be made to make feel/sound more pleasing, and turf interaction better. I see that Jason Day is playing the P7MC as of now. Since the P760 were developed with his input while with TMG, we can surmise that he feels the P7MC are the closest to what they were.
  2. They definitely make some questionable decisions. I’m not sure this would be their most popular, but it would certainly strengthen their competitive advantage. If they had the 1.0PT, 2.0PT and the Sergio inspired Ultra Slim 1.0P why would anyone choose GP or Winn grips over those? They’ve made one off styles in the past and many were odd choices. The SS Square, the original SS Claw, were poorly received, then the plan to sell all of their grips with weights in a tube when less than 10% of golfers wanted a counterbalanced grip and instead of a popular skull and crossed bones design someone thought that demon screaming skulls was they way to go. So to make a few variants of a pistol or paddle style grip would seem a minimal risk compared to what they’ve done in the past.
  3. I am curious if the 2022 version will be released in February or August. My guess would be the addition of Speed Foam Air that will redistribute weight where they want it. I would like to see them work on the soles to have them play a little thinner. Get in and out of the turf quicker. Like the soles they had on the P760 or like the Srixons. I have found my P770 to perform as expected. I was pleasantly surprised by the good feel and distance consistency of the 8,9,P. The 5,6,7 do have the hollow head feel, but not unpleasant, just not a forged iron feel. The shape and look are some of the classiest and clean out there. They compare more to the Titleist T100S, Ping i500.
  4. Ah, man! My Ultra Slim 1.0P is wearing out and looking for replacement options. As others said, their version of the Pingman grip, 1.0PT is too small for today’s mallet putters. The 2.0PT looks really interesting. The Lamkin and the Evnroll grips are contenders but I’d rather have a SuperStroke. The Pistol 1.0 and Pistol Tour are nice but the edges are too pronounced. Sell the tour stock 2.0PT to us GolfWrxers, and make some fans happy.
  5. Did you consider the 125 in the MMT? I am coming from Steelfiber 110i stiff, and just got the P770 in Modus 120 (114g). I want to go back to graphite, but am considering the options of MMT 105s (105g), 105tx (113g) soft stepped, or 125s (124g),
  6. I just got a TaylorMade SIM DHY 4, and really enjoy it. Easy enough to launch, confidence behind the ball. I had wished they did a SIM UDI in the 4 iron loft, but now don't mind its size. Used to have a Srixon, which I also liked, but the DHY is slightly longer shaft, which gaps to my hybrid slightly better.
  7. Why not sign a contract without the ball? Not as marquee a player, but Kisner plays Titleist and is Callaway all the way through. Finau does not play with a PING putter.
  8. Is the DI-7 comparable in feel? Is launch that much different?
  9. Both feature high bounce near the leading edge and relieved trailing edge. The V has the pronounced ridge along the sole, while the D has a C shaped relief area on heel to toe and trailing edge. The V should play with more bounce in the heel when opened, the D a little easier to slide underneath with the relieved heel.
  10. Arnie’s Army? The Army Men are cool. The USA is well done but the timing is odd.
  11. They kinda jumped the shark and should’ve rebranded years ago fantastic products, strangled distribution recognition and market share.
  12. Different profile according to their website.
  13. You’re already taking a penalty stroke, just place the ball and move on. Why double penalize someone? This will actually improve pace of play.
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