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  1. Why not sign a contract without the ball? Not as marquee a player, but Kisner plays Titleist and is Callaway all the way through. Finau does not play with a PING putter.
  2. Is the DI-7 comparable in feel? Is launch that much different?
  3. Both feature high bounce near the leading edge and relieved trailing edge. The V has the pronounced ridge along the sole, while the D has a C shaped relief area on heel to toe and trailing edge. The V should play with more bounce in the heel when opened, the D a little easier to slide underneath with the relieved heel.
  4. Arnie’s Army? The Army Men are cool. The USA is well done but the timing is odd.
  5. They kinda jumped the shark and should’ve rebranded years ago fantastic products, strangled distribution recognition and market share.
  6. Different profile according to their website.
  7. You’re already taking a penalty stroke, just place the ball and move on. Why double penalize someone? This will actually improve pace of play.
  8. Most likely. From the picture it looks like two pieces. So either Forged face or body? Interesting.
  9. Callaway Apex. Basically an Adams Idea Pro with face cup. The new Apex adds jailbreak. Both are fantastic.
  10. Help us out. What else is in your bag? What are you trying to gain or replace?
  11. Fit for Oban shafts? Lemme guess, Club Champion? The shafts are good but not widely available through many OEMs. Thus hard to replicate outside of the fitter. Why get fit and then dissect it to get something that is only kinda like your fitting? You should get an option A and option B from a fitting.
  12. Interesting. When I’ve tried them I always thought they felt clanky, but I have not tried the 718. On paper, they are a fantastic club.
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