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  1. Just got home yesterday from our trip. Weather absolutely sucked except for Friday when we played Orange Tree. Man you weren't kidding with how tight the course is with all that OB! I hit 4/5 really good drives that ended up literally inches OB and was only like 10-12 yards off from the side of the fairway. The fairways were kind of thin which was surprising. Greens rolled great. Not sure I'd want to play that type of layout all the time. Felt like you were hitting to a single lane road on a lot of holes. :). Championsgate CC had the same thinning fairways and their greens were very good as well. Playing there in 42-46* temps with rain and 20+mph winds was not enjoyable. Hawk's Landing wasn't in very good shape overall. Some good spots/holes and greens rolled nicely but seemed like the greens in all 3 courses had patches of POA showing. We had to cancel our final round at Waldorf due to the frost delay (30-32* in the morning). I tried to get the guys to cancel and rebook for another weekend when the weather would be better but nobody listened. Was really a total waste of money...
  2. Yes, just inside the gates can take 20 min to get to the front gate if you are leaving depending on where you live. :). Just for clarification purposes- I haven't played DM in a few years but I have a couple of friends that live there. I don't know anything about a lawsuit. I'm just going by the 6-8 times I've played there and comments from the members I know. I personally love the Paradise Valley area but there aren't as many great clubs there compared to North Scottsdale. We've talked about moving to Scottsdale for many years. I love it there.
  3. DM is amazing! The courses are all usually in fantastic condition and the greens are some of the fastest and purest I've played. You get 3-4 clubhouses, 6 courses plus a new short course I believe. My favorite is Outlaw because its the only one with no homes around it. Absolutely stunning views in every direction. The only drawback with having so many clubhouses and courses is you lose having a central clubhouse/location where everyone congregates after their round to hang out and socialize. Plus since you don't know which course you will be playing each day I see most members take their clubs with them in their cars. That being said, it is an amazing place and pace of play is usually always quick. The courses are very challenging- I believe the slope rating from the tips of each course approaches 147-150. Every meal I've had there was great and the practice facilities are incredible as well.
  4. Plantation Preserve is a good layout and greens roll very nice. Emerald Hills is decent as well- was once much better but has fallen on some tough times. Range is terrible but there are some nice holes out there. Greens very undulating. Haven't played it but heard Jacaranda is very good now since the renovations. Not sure on price though.
  5. We made the switch and canceled Eagle Creek for Orange Tree. Is it as tight off the tee as some say in the reviews?
  6. pearls24

    TSi3 v SIM2

    I have the orig Sim and the TSi3. I didn't think Sim2 was any better than orig. Sim so never upgraded. I think the TSi3 feels and looks better overall. I think I may be a tad longer with TSi3 but for some reason the Sim has been my go to when it matters. I recently made some adjustments on the TSi3 and now it is performing better than before on course. There is something to be said for the Twistface because I think it def helps tighten up dispersion a bit. For now though I am sticking with my TSi3. Both have the Ventus Blue with velocore in them.
  7. I'm going to be staying at Longboat Key Resort 2/2-2/6. Thoughts on where I should play? I'm a single digit handicap playing solo. I believe the resort is getting $196/round to play there. Am I better off playing UP or Esplanade? Teetimesusa.com has access to those 2.
  8. I'm not sure about how expensive the membership is but the 3 courses there are fantastic. Only issue since Covid is that they get extremely busy and they have tournaments all the time. My aunt and uncle rent right outside the gates from the club and he used to have no issues getting tee times. Now if you aren't a member you can only get them a couple of days before and by that time only late afternoon times are available. We went there in Oct on a 4 man golf trip and the other 3 who had never been there loved it. The courses were in fantastic condition and they redid the range. Not sure of your age/demo but it is much quieter up there than other areas of FL (older I'd say too). Most good restaurants are around a 20-30 min drive to Stuart or Jensen Beach.
  9. We are renting there too in 2 weeks. Did it last March too. Great houses. I think Ritz is better than Waldorf personally. The lunch at Waldorf is the biggest rip off as well. All 4 of us had chicken caesar salads and a cocktail and the bill was $200.
  10. I've found my 19* off the tee to be amazing. Hitting it consistently 250-260 with baby draw. I was playing an old Adams Peanut 18* that I love but this is way easier to hit.
  11. It is private but teetimesusa.com has access to play there on certain days of the week I guess.
  12. I have a close buddy who is a member at both New Seabury and Sacconnesset. I personally don't care for NS at all. The back 9 doesn't match the front 9 and you could be anywhere in the state and wouldn't even know you are in the Cape near the ocean. They have had loads of issues with their greens as well. Willowbend is kept in prime conditions year round. I love Sacconnesst- one of my favorite courses to play in the area. Love the elevation, greens, clubhouse, etc. The lack of a proper range isn't ideal so that could be an issue for some.
  13. I would do Willowbend or Sacconessett before Cape Club of Falmouth. If you want purely golf and not a country club then Sacconesstt is your place.
  14. Anyone played Eagle Creek recently? Conditions? Also trying to get out on Orange Tree- anyone have any intel on it? Teetimeusa.com offers it but can only be booked two weeks prior.
  15. I just got back from the Hollywood/Ft. Lauderdale area. We played Plantation Preserve and Emerald Hills. Preserve was in better condition out of the two. Both decent layouts. You could see how Emerald Hills was once a very nice track but conditions are not what they used to be. Didn't get to play it this time but Deer Creek in Boynton is supposed to be a good layout as well.
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