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  1. I love both brands. I'm 45 and don't feel too old to be wearing TM. TM is a golf lifestyle apparel brand and you can wear a lot of their stuff on and off the course which I love. I wear a size Large in polos for both brands and size XL for pullovers from both. I think the XL in the pullovers are a bit bigger on the TM than the Millar. I do notice some color fading and snagging issues on some of the TM shirts. However, I also noticed some pilling issues on some of the real lightweight PM styles like their Featherweight and Dri-Release fabrics. I love how they fit/feel but don't like the
  2. 100% agree- I got the Vault center shafted Spider X in July and the headcover is trash. The velcro is all frayed and doesn't stick and I take exceptional care of my clubs. I called CS and they said they didn't have any replacements and I could bring it to a seamstress and they could fix it and they sent me 2 dz golf balls to help offset the cost. Nice gesture but not something I really wanted to hear after dropping $360 on a new putter. The velcro fell apart by Sept.
  3. I personally didn't think so but I've been playing blades for most of my life. The turf interaction with the 101's is awesome and distance control is great too.
  4. Can you show pics of those 501's? I have a set and I had to stop playing them because I hated the offset in the 7-PW. Was really strange that the 4-6 had less offset than the 7-PW. I love the look of the back of the club and the feel but couldn't get over the offset. I went wit MB101's and I absolutely love them.
  5. I haven't hit the 201's but the 101's are amazing. I absolutely love them and I haven't had any issues with digging. I tend to get a bit steep with my irons too.
  6. Any idea why the 270's are all gone on NDC? Are new colorways coming?
  7. Saw the US version on Ebay as well. Are these going to be released to the public on a full scale??
  8. This happens to my socks from the Jordan White/Navy's I got last year. So annoying. At their price point the materials shouldn't bleed.
  9. Adams had some of the best traditional looking forged irons until TM bought them. I have a set of PVD Pro Golds and PVD MB2's. They were both awesome. This year I joined a new club for me and due to gapping issues I replaced my beloved Cally UT with my old trusty Adams tour issue peanut hybrid with Matrix Altus hybrid shaft. Just an awesome combo and so easy to hit.
  10. Anyone that can compare these to Stinger Golf? I know Stinger allows you to customize the body of the tee and the cup whereas WB only allows you to do the cup.
  11. The hat he had on for Sunday was a Flexfit hat with what looked like some type of CC logo. It is the same fabric as the Travis Mathew B- Bahamas hat. https://www.travismathew.com/TM/HATS/Fitted-Hats/B-BAHAMAS/p/AA800BB_1WHT_
  12. I had been using a driving iron for the past 5-6 years and just went back to my old trusty Adams tour issue peanut 18* hybrid. For my new course, it is the perfect club for the distance gap I was finding myself in. Has the Ozik candy red hybrid shaft. Forgot how great that shaft was.
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